File Title
1 Study Strengthens Link Between Neonicotinoids and Collapse of Honey Bee Colonies
2 Rising CO2 Poses Significant Threat to Human Nutrition
3 Nix the Ticks: Expert Has Tips on How to Protect Yourself From Summer Pest
4 Babbling Brooks Adding to Climate Change?
5 Wildlife Conservation Society Captures First Video Documentation of Fish Migration in Bolivia
6 Researchers Profile Active Genes in Neurons Based on Connections
7 New Glasses May Increase the Risk of Falls in Older Adults, Suggests Review in Optometry and Vision Science
8 New Drug for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Passes Early Test
9 Untangling Whole Genomes of Individual Species From a Microbial Mix
10 American Academy of Dermatology Statement on Drinkable Sunscreen
11 Failed Dwarf Galaxy Survives Galactic Collision Thanks to Full Dark-Matter Jacket
12 American Academy of Dermatology Statement on Drinkable Sunscreen
13 Boy Meets Grill (and Loses Weight)
14 Early Alzheimer's Blood Test Co-Developer to Discuss How the Test Could Be the First Step in Developing Treatments to Halt or Slow Alzheimer's at 2014 AACC Annual Meeting
15 HIV-Positive Children More Likely to Develop Drug Resistance
16 SLU Virologists Harness Adenovirus to Kill Breast Cancer Cells
17 Wound-Healing Role for microRNAs in Colon Offer New Insight Into Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
18 Patients with a Certain Form of Kidney Disease May Have a Reduced Risk of Cancer
19 Clinical Trials Designed to Block Autophagy in Multiple Cancers Show Promise
20 Signals Found That Recruit Host Animals' Cells, Enabling Breast Cancer Metastasis
21 Researchers Identify Key Mechanism in Metabolic Pathway That Fuels Cancers
22 Hot Topic: A Potentially Deadly Virus Comes to the U.S.
23 Minnesota Becomes Eighth State to Ban Indoor Tanning for Minors Under 18
24 Evaluating 'Acquired Immunity' May Improve Estimates of Infectious Disease Risk
25 Lewy Body Dementia Assoc. Says a Penny Paid Today May Be a Memory Earned Tomorrow
26 Late Pulmonary Function Abnormalities are Common Among Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans
27 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find an Unlikely Stress Responder May Protect Against Alzheimer's
28 Healthy Diet Linked With Better Lung Function in COPD Patients
29 New Study Finds Inhaler Reminders Dramatically Improve Asthma Controller Adherence
30 Bacterial Adaptation Contributes to Pneumococcal Threat in Sickle Cell Disease Patients
31 Compound Reverses Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
32 Casey Kasem Diagnosed with Little Known Dementia
33 Can Anti-Depressants Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?
34 Antidepressant May Slow Alzheimer's Disease
35 Nasal Bacteria May Be Predictor of Skin Infections
36 Failed dwarf galaxy survives galactic collision thanks to full dark-matter jacket
37 Fruit flies show mark of intelligence in thinking before they act, study suggests
38 A glimpse into nature's looking glass--to find the genetic code is reassigned: Stop codon varies widely
39 Violent stellar explosion: Stellar behemoth self-destructs in a Type iIb supernova
40 Humpback whale subspecies revealed by genetic study
41 Promising discovery in fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
42 How the 'gut feeling' shapes fear
43 Nature inspires drones of the future
44 Devastating human impact on the Amazon rainforest revealed
45 NASA's WISE findings poke hole in black hole 'doughnut' theory
46 New 'T-ray' tech converts light to sound for weapons detection, medical imaging
47 Ancient DNA ends Australia's claim to kiwi origins
48 Blocking pain receptors extends lifespan, boosts metabolism in mice
49 First broadband wireless the moon: Record-shattering Earth-to-Moon uplink
50 Top ten new species for 2014
51 Wound-healing role for microRNAs in colon offer new insight to inflammatory bowel diseases
52 Breakthrough method for making Janus or patchy capsules
53 How Alzheimer's blood test could be first step in developing treatments to halt or slow disease
54 New glasses may increase risk of falls in older adults, suggests review
55 Poor diet before pregnancy linked with preterm birth
56 Mapping atherosclerotic arteries: Combined approach developed
57 Body clock and its biological impact: Fruit fly research to provide new insight
58 Many mental illnesses reduce life expectancy more than heavy smoking
59 Women with diabetes 44% more likely to develop coronary heart disease than men with diabetes, study of 850,000 people shows
60 New sensor could light the way forward in low-cost medical imaging
61 Personal judgments swayed by group opinion, but only for three days
62 Disaster Planning: Risk assessment vital to development of mitigation plans
63 Repeated sexual assault victims report more psychological problems than previously thought
64 One-third of all brain aneurysms rupture: size is not a significant risk factor
65 Pattern of cognitive risks in some children with cochlear implants identified by researchers
66 One molecule blocks both pain and itch, discovered in mouse study
67 Genes discovered linking circadian clock with eating schedule
68 Screening for autism: There's an app for that
69 Safety in numbers: Moderate drinking in a group reduces attraction to risk
70 Aggressive behavior observed after alcohol-related priming
71 Low-carb vegan diet may reduce heart disease risk, weight
72 Inexpensive food a key factor in rising obesity
73 Are your kids at risk for a growing health problem? Pediatric hypertension threatens children, brings long-term health risks
74 Vitamin E in canola, other oils hurts lungs
75 Adults who lose weight at any age could enjoy improved cardiovascular health
76 Chronic insufficient sleep increases obesity, overall body fat in children
77 Physical activity can protect overweight women from risk for heart disease
78 Pregnant women respond to music with stronger physiological changes in blood pressure
79 E-cigarette use for quitting smoking associated with improved success rates
80 Harmful bacteria can linger on airplane seat-back pockets, armrests for days
81 Tiny muscles help bats fine-tune flight, stiffen wing skin
82 Straw from oilseed as a new source of biofuels
83 Electricity use slashed with efficiency controls for heating, cooling
84 New phase in iron-based superconductors discovered
85 Kidney dialysis machine invented for babies safely treats newborn with multiple organ failure in world first breakthrough
86 Not all diamonds are forever: Researchers see nanodiamonds created in coal fade away in seconds
87 Safe alternatives to BPA: New technology may help identify
88 Atomic-level protection for drivers
89 Liquid crystal as lubricant
90 Pulsed electrical fields destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria infecting burn injuries
91 NASA Mars weathercam helps find big new crater
92 Very distant galaxy cluster confirmed
93 Astronomy: Revealing the complex outflow structure of binary UY Aurigae
94 Microsatellites: Making light work of orbit and attitude control
95 A star cluster in the wake of Carina
96 Mars mineral could be linked to microbes
97 Analyzing sun-like stars that eat Earth-like planets
98 Earth organisms survive under Martian conditions: Methanogens stay alive in extreme heat and cold
99 'Smoking gun' evidence for theory that Saturn's collapsing magnetic tail causes auroras
100 Giant telescope tackles orbit and size of exoplanet
101 Computer models helping unravel the science of life? How cells of the fruit fly react to changes in the environment
102 Drug-target database lets researchers match old drugs to new uses
103 Fossil avatars are transforming palaeontology
104 Circuits and sensors direct from the printer
105 Potential speed bump in quantum computing eliminated: Global symmetry not required for fast quantum search
106 Understanding biomechanics behind amazing ant strength opens door to advanced robotics
107 Improved computer simulations enable better calculation of interfacial tension
108 Little exercise, heavy use of electronic media constitute a significant health risk for children
109 Improved supercapacitors for super batteries, electric vehicles
110 Liberating devices from their power cords