File Title
1 Kiwis don't have Aussie roots
2 Dancing bees reveals environmental tale
3 Mars' minerals could be microbe made
4 Superbug threat as grave as climate change, say scientists
5 Physics panel to feds: Beam us up some neutrinos
6 Kiwi DNA link spurs rethink of flightless birds
7 New vaccine approach imprisons malaria parasite in blood cells
8 Little kiwi, huge extinct elephant bird were birds of a feather
9 Dino skeleton to go on display at Creation Museum
10 Chelyabinsk asteroid crashed in space before hitting Earth: scientists
11 NASA unveils Earth Day 'global selfie' mosaic
12 Doctors design mini dialysis machine for babies
13 Students 'blast off' after space program saved
14 Is cat litter to blame for nuke dump leak?
15 North Dakota students mull problems of oil boom
16 Union Gap students release salmon fry they raised
17 Citizen scientists can take over 36-year-old satellite, NASA says
18 Exotic bugs get new home at Houston Zoo
19 Twitter to take India election innovations global
20 Tackling poverty: DC community tries new approach
21 Workers in tech case likely to get average of $4K
22 Israel welcomes tech-hungry Chinese investors
23 House passes curbs on NSA phone surveillance
24 Expert: Climate changes likely mixed for moose
25 Signatures rejected in Maui anti-GMO ballot effort
26 More whales being hit by ships along US East Coast
27 Volunteers help dig up dinosaurs in Utah
28 Robot takes western Pa. stage in experiment
29 Fla. releases 3rd grade reading, math FCAT scores
30 WSU, Beechcraft team to 'insource' aerospace jobs
31 New England editorial roundup
32 Crocodile experts gather at McNeese
33 Young Virginia Tech Scientist Counts African Predators to Help Save Them
34 Hubble Shows that Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Smaller than Ever Seen Before
35 Nizar Ibrahim Joins Ranks of National Geographic's Emerging Explorers
36 The Color of Blood: Pigment Helps Stage Symbiosis in Squid
37 The Brain: Key to a Better Computer
38 Wildlife Conservation Society's Christopher Golden Named 2014 National Geographic "Emerging Explorer"
39 Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise for MS in Mouse Model
40 Mice With MS-Like Condition Walk Again After Human Stem Cell Treatment
41 Detailed Studies Reveal How Key Cancer-Fighting Protein Is Held in Check
42 UAB Researchers Use Roundworms to Unlock New Information on Fertility
43 Hitting a Moving Target: AIDS Vaccine Could Work Against Changeable Site on HIV
44 Making Money From Lignin: Roadmap Shows How to Improve Lignocellulosic Biofuel Biorefining
45 Quantum Simulator Gives Clues About Magnetism
46 New Battery Test Center Adds Power to New York Innovation Economy
47 Contamination of Pet Food and Treats Must Not Be an Afterthought for Owners, Veterinarians
48 Growing Camelina and Safflower in the Pacific Northwest
49 Take Precaution When Spicing Your Foods
50 Use of Air Conditioners Increases Nighttime Temperatures, Escalates Demand for Air Conditioning
51 Improved Gloves Enhance Safety of First Responders
52 Searching for Drugs in Dirt, Researchers Call on Citizen Scientists
53 Watching HIV Bud from Cells
54 Clarkson University Researcher Pioneering Method for Water Purification
55 Meeting the Global Need for Clean Cook Stoves
56 The Young Sperm, Poised for Greatness
57 Renewables, Other Energy Issues to Be Focus of Enhanced Sandia, SINTEF Collaboration
58 Keywords Hold Our Vocabulary Together in Memory
59 Earth Organisms Survive Under Martian Conditions
60 Liberating Devices From Their Power Cords
61 Panda Restoration Efforts Look at Digestive Systems
62 Leading Space Experts Chart Out Roadmap for Finding Life Beyond Earth
63 Drought in the Amazon Rain Forest
64 Analyzing Sun-Like Stars That Eat Earth-Like Planets
65 Instantaneous Cosmic Growth: Have We Found the Smoking Gun? Three Theorists Weigh In
66 Planting the "SEEDS" of Solar Technology in the Home
67 Water Caged in Buckyballs
68 Researchers Sequence Genome of Primitive Termite
69 New Lithium Battery Created in Japan
70 Next Wave of Research: Ecology, Super-Sized
71 Climate Change Brings Mostly Bad News for Ohio
72 N/A
73 A Better Bedbug Trap: Made From Household Items for About $1
74 Shrub Growth Decreases as Winter Temperatures Fluctuate Up
75 Nine Young Scientists Awarded by the Genetics Society of America for Research Presented at Fruit Fly Conference
76 Researchers Test Whether Red Queen Hypothesis Makes Species Resilient
77 Biology Professor Gets $2.5 Million MERIT Award To Study How Body Breaks Down Fat
78 A Quicker Way to Determine Who's Faking It on the Internet
79 More Than 12 Million Pounds of Trash Collected During International Coastal Cleanup
80 Studies Show Different Types of Vinegar May Benefit Health
81 Superfood Chia Seeds May be Potential Natural Ingredient in Food Product Development
82 WCS to Manage Key Wildlife Reserve for Elephants in Nigeria
83 Scripps Florida Scientists Wins $2 Million Grant to Study Impact of Early Nutrition on Lifespan
84 Women in Science Tackle World's Complex Food Issues
85 Institute of Food Technologists Student Association and Partners in Food Solutions Announce Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition Finalists
86 Soil Bacteria May Provide Clues to Curbing Antibiotic Resistance
87 JHU Biologists Identify New Neural Pathway in Eyes that Aids in Vision
88 Coffee Bean Acoustics
89 Tethys: A Robust Source of Information on Marine Energy, Offshore Wind Projects
90 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find an Unlikely Stress Responder May Protect Against Alzheimer's
91 Osteosarcoma Immunotherapy Study Has Potential to Benefit Both Dogs and Humans
92 Molecule Acts as Umpire to Make Tough Life-or-Death Calls
93 University of Maryland Researchers Identify Mutation in Fat-Storage Gene That Appears to Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk
94 Temperature Influences Gender of Offspring
95 Researchers Develop Composting Program with Used Coffee Grounds
96 Grilling Tips So You Don't Get E. coli
97 European Farmers Face Uncertainty in Adapting to Climate Change
98 Genes Discovered Linking Circadian Clock with Eating Schedule
99 Supportive Tumor Tissue Surrounding Cancer Cells Hinders, Rather Than Helps, Pancreatic Cancer
100 Growing Inequalities Make Science More of a 'Winner Takes All' Field
101 Collecting Biological Specimens Essential to Science and Conservation
102 Ancient DNA Ends Aussie Claim to Kiwi Origins
103 Great Lakes Researchers Gather at McMaster to Discuss Lake Levels, Pollution, Invasive Species
104 Failed Dwarf Galaxy Survives Galactic Collision Thanks to Full Dark-Matter Jacket
105 Researchers Profile Active Genes in Neurons Based on Connections
106 The Science of School Lunch
107 Electricity Use Slashed with Efficiency Controls for Heating, Cooling
108 Untangling Whole Genomes of Individual Species From a Microbial Mix
109 Babbling Brooks Adding to Climate Change?
110 Olive Oil Supplements May Protect against the Adverse Vascular Effects of Air Pollution