File Title
1 Amazon launches grocery service for Prime members
2 Google, Apple settle high-tech workers' lawsuit
3 Ancient flying reptile from China fills evolutionary gap
4 Study links California drought to global warming
5 Internet co-creator Cerf debunks 'myth' that US runs it
6 Internet industry seen as winner at global conference in Brazil
7 Scientists want to breed fish to be better biters
8 Web conference in Brazil calls for multistakeholder approach
9 Energy Secretary Moniz praises Oak Ridge projects
10 Swiss lab 'nano chisels' world's tiniest magazine cover
11 Disease attacking bats is on the move
12 Computer science lessons land in Mass. classrooms
13 SpaceX sues US Air Force over satellite contracts
14 Homeland Security struggles to tempt, retain cyber talent
15 High school academies prepare students for jobs
16 Maker faire: Make a thing, anything
17 Scientists create take-home fertility test for men
18 Web conference in Brazil calls for multistakeholder approach
19 California drought threatens animals and trees
20 Gov. urges lawmakers to fund KU's institute
21 Indiana students get chance to touch moon rock
22 Sky no limit for brothers pursuing astronomy
23 Alabama students compete in automotive contest
24 Governor orders more actions on California drought
25 Egypt discovers first case of potentially deadly MERS virus
26 Organ donations impact more than just recipients
27 Mass. officials: clean out medicine cabinets
28 Anne Arundel collects 200 pounds of meds at event
29 Ohio puppy dies in suspected antifreeze poisoning
30 Kansas man gets a second chance at life
31 Project to bring fresh vegetables to soup kitchen
32 Brother is boy's perfect bone marrow match
33 Indiana man realizes dream of flying plane
34 Hospice hosts teen's graduation so mom can attend
35 Pa. officials warn of bottled water contamination
36 85-year-old Ohio firefighter plans to stay on call
37 Czech police arrest man over Islamic book
38 State approves plan to restore land damaged by oil
39 Anglers might find some icy northern Wis. lakes
40 Lawyer questions decision to jail transgender girl
41 Free dental clinic treats 2,300 people in Hartford
42 Many Wyoming parents question childhood vaccines
43 Poachers slay six elephants in Kenya
44 Funding will help 2 endangered Nevada fish
45 Va.'s James River reels in Richmond anglers
46 Biologists see good outlook for Lake Erie fishing
47 Park rangers say bear sightings could increase
48 Del. officials: Refinery releases sulfur dioxide
49 Kenya: 4 tusk-less juveniles among elephant kill
50 Rich nations' greenhouse gas emissions fall in 2012, led by U.S.
51 French energy minister promises 100,000 green jobs
52 Sego Canyon road: Path to prosperity or harm?
53 Texas ag commissioner candidate sees money in hogs
54 Groups ask EPA to enforce pollution plan deadline
55 Nokia, Microsoft complete $7.5 billion cellphone deal
56 U.S. appeals court revives Apple patent lawsuit against Google
57 Texas cotton gin still working after 100 years
58 Audit: Iowa hospital worker sold computers
59 Court weighs police use of cellphone tower data
60 Netflix working way onto US cable company boxes
61 Diggers find Atari's E.T. games in landfill
62 New Mexico dig uncovers 'E.T.' video games buried after 1980s flop
63 Md. officials urge caution with virtual currencies
64 Researchers Discover How the Kissing Disease Virus Hijacks Human Cells
65 Planaria Deploy an Ancient Gene Expression Program in the Course of Organ Regeneration
66 Iconic Boreal Bird Species Declining in the Adirondacks, Study Says
67 Researchers Bolster Development of Programmable Quantum Computers
68 Researchers Determine How Mechanical Forces Affect T-Cell Recognition and Signaling
69 Enzyme 'Wrench' Could Be Key to Stronger, More Effective Antibiotics
70 Finding the Target: How Timing Is Critical in Establishing an Olfactory Wiring Map
71 Fruit Flies, Fighter Jets Use Similar Nimble Tactics When Under Attack
72 'Body Hack' App by Math Researchers Shortcuts Jet-Lag Recovery
73 Expert Pitch: With Heartbleed, Time Is Not on Your Side
74 Odds That Global Warming Is Due to Natural Factors: Slim to None
75 Amino Acid Fingerprints Revealed in New Study
76 New Electric-Powered Bus to Shuttle S&T Students
77 Fish From Acidic Ocean Waters Less Able to Smell Predators
78 New Technique Takes Cues from Astronomy and Ophthalmology to Sharpen Microscope Images
79 Novel Technique Developed by NUS Scientists Opens Door to Better Solar Cells, Superconductors and Hard Drives
80 Efficient Analysis of Small Quantity of Cells Improves Chances to Understand Disease
81 Revolutionary 'Metamaterial' Has Potential to Reshape Neurosurgery
82 Attacking Cancer Indirectly: Penn Researchers Generate Immunity Against Tumor Vessel Protein
83 Wildlife Response to Climate Change Underestimated
84 'Tis the Season: Be on the Lookout for Brown Recluse Spiders
85 Two New River Turtle Species Described
86 Cougars' Diverse Diet Helped Them Survive Pleistocene Mass Extinction
87 More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Support Mandated Coverage of Birth Control in Health Plans
88 Researchers Link Aging to Cellular Interactions That Occur Across Generations
89 Rutgers Gets up to $26 Million Grant to Lead Development of New Antibiotics
90 Blue-Footed Boobies' Survival Threatened
91 Shade Grown Coffee Shrinking as a Proportion of Global Coffee Production
92 N/A
93 Patient Honors Surgeon Who Reattached His Severed Arm
94 Increasing Daily Coffee Consumption May Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk
95 Researchers Pinpoint Protein Crucial for Development of Biological Rhythms in Mice
96 Fruitfly Study Identifies Brain Circuit that Drives Daily Cycles of Rest, Activity
97 New Type Of Protein Action Found To Regulate Development
98 Neuroscientists: Brain Activity May Mark the Beginning of Memories
99 Device Turns Flat Surface into Spherical Antenna
100 Making Dams Safer for Fish Around the World
101 UT Dallas Cybersecurity Researchers Roll Out a New Heartbleed Solution
102 The Mechanism of Short-Term Memory
103 Nano Shake-Up: Routine Handling Can Affect Nano Drug Carriers
104 Dead Wood Alive with Management Information in Old-Growth Iranian Forest
105 Man-Made Particles From Asia Affect Global Weather
106 Study Suggests Targeting B Cells May Help with MS
107 Researchers Build New "Off Switch" to Shut Down Neural Activity
108 Keim Lab Pathogen Research May Open Pathways to Precision Medicine
109 Bizarre Parasite May Provide Cuttlefish Clues
110 Moth Study Suggests Hidden Climate Change Impacts