File Title
1 NASA Engineers Prepare Game Changing Cryotank for Testing
2 Advancing the Technology Readiness Of SLS Adaptive Controls
3 First filament winding operations on new Ariane 6 motor structure completed
4 US to seek licence for domestic production of Russia's RD-180 rocket engines
5 NASA reveals hovering prototype planetary lander Morpheus
6 Boosters for Orion's Launch Vehicle Arrive to Cape Canaveral
7 Sierra Nevada Completes Dream Chaser Flight Profile Data Milestone
8 US considers launching production of Russian rocket engines
9 NASA's Next Prototype Spacesuit has a Brand New Look, and it's All Thanks to You
10 Orion Undergoes Simulation Of Intense Launch Vibrations
11 US sanctions against Russia's space industry affect Europeans
12 Russia-US Space Launches Unaffected by Sanctions
13 US wants to drive Russia out of space launch market by sanctions
14 Russia to Launch Coordination Center for New Space Center by May
15 Soviet space capsule up for sale in Belgium
16 Russia investigates top space official for abuse of office
17 Putin Hopes For Further Cooperation With Committee on Space Research
18 ESA to continue space cooperation with Russia unlike NASA
19 Russian Lawmakers Approve Satellite Navigation Hub in Nicaragua
20 Russian rocket crashes in Kazakhstan
21 Russia's Roskosmos to study Armenia's space exploration capacity
22 Russia Moves to Reinforce Space Ties With Kazakhstan
23 ILS Satellite Launches Remain on Schedule Despite Sanctions
24 ISS research shows that hardy little space travelers could colonize Mars
25 Health risks of Mars mission would exceed NASA limits
26 Mars One building simulated colony to vet potential colonists
27 Calculated Risks: How Radiation Rules Mars Exploration
28 Amazing 45 kg medieval-armor-inspired spacesuit to help people walk on Mars
29 NASA Mars project: radiation risk of highest concern
30 Dutch researcher says Earth food plants able to grow on Mars
31 Astrobotic Partners With NASA To Develop Robotic Lunar Landing Capability
32 John C. Houbolt, Unsung Hero of the Apollo Program, Dies at Age 95
33 Russia plans to get a foothold in the Moon
34 Russian Federal Space Agency is elaborating Moon exploration program
35 Parallel Ariane 5 and Soyuz mission campaigns keep Arianespace on track
36 NASA Invests in Hundreds of US Small Businesses to Enable Future Missions
37 TED turns 30 with new chapter of 'ideas worth spreading'
38 Global patent filings jump 5.1% in 2013: WIPO
39 Under shadow of spy scandal, Merkel, Cameron head to tech fair
40 DARPA Open Catalog Makes Agency-Sponsored Software and Publications Available to All
41 Is truth stranger than fiction? Yes, especially for science fiction
42 Tech products can turn uncool when they become too popular
43 Report: U.S. science and technology lead diminishing as Asia competes
44 New scientific field looks at the big picture
45 New patent mapping system helps find innovation pathways
46 Kids coached to pitch world-changing ideas
47 Some corals adjusting to rising ocean temperatures
48 Philippine Airlines quits flying shark fins amid outcry
49 Long-term predictions for Miami sea level rise could be available relatively soon
50 Declining catch rates in Caribbean green turtle fishery
51 Study resolves controversy over nitrogen's ocean 'exit strategies'
52 Coral reefs of the Mozambique Channel a leading candidate for saving marine diversity
53 Longer catch-and-release time leaves largemouth bass nests more vulnerable to predators
54 The Atlantic Ocean dances with the Sunday and volcanoes
55 Oxygen depletion in the Baltic Sea is 10 times worse than a century ago
56 Deep Ocean Current May Slow Due to Climate Change
57 Bucking Conventional Wisdom, Researchers Find Black Sea Bass Tougher Than Expected
58 Dolphin pod dies trapped in ice off Canadian coast
59 Global powers sign declaration on sustainable fishing
60 Stephen Hawking says threat of artificial intelligence a real concern
61 Programming the smart home: 'If this, then that'
62 Pentagon scientists show off life-size robot
63 Robonaut from the ISS gets new legs for Easter
64 EO May Increase Survival Of 'Uncontacted' Tribes
65 NASA Sees Earth From Orbit In 2013
66 First radar vision for Copernicus
67 China preps satellite to help detect quakes
68 Sensors and satellites deployed to save Pompeii
69 Tourism main topic at annual Antarctic Treaty meeting
70 Antarctica, a dream destination for tourists
71 Good pay, no crime: life is good in Chilean Antarctica
72 New study shows major increase in West Antarctic glacial loss
73 Computer model predicts vastly different ecosystem in Antarctica's Ross Sea
74 Back to life after 1,500 years
75 Global warming a concern at Chile's penguin paradise
76 Study projects big thaw for Antarctic sea ice
77 Current ice melt rate in Pine Island Glacier may go on for decades
78 Study predicts Antarctic ice melting will endure
79 China's Antarctic explorations peacefully intended, cooperative
80 Chinese sailors throw bottles into Antarctic Ocean: report
81 China opens fourth Antarctic research station
82 Disappearing snow increases risk of collapsing ice shelves in Antarctica
83 North and Tropical Atlantic Ocean bringing climate change to Antarctica
84 Mantis Shrimp Stronger than Airplanes
85 Better thermal-imaging lens from waste sulfur
86 Thinnest feasible membrane produced
87 Repeated Self-Healing Now Possible in Composite Materials
88 Quantum superconductor-metal to glass transition observed
89 Cork trees offer greener source of polyester
90 A new twist for better steel
91 Math modeling integral to synthetic biology research
92 Chile quake pushes copper price to three-week high
93 Shock-absorbing 'goo' discovered in bone
94 It looks like rubber but isn't
95 Getting rid of bad vibrations
96 Novel membrane reveals water molecules will bounce off a liquid surface
97 Heat-Based Technique Offers New Way to Measure Microscopic Particles
98 Researchers Describe Oxygen's Different Shapes
99 Squeezing light into metals
100 Waterloo physicists solve 20-year-old debate surrounding glassy surfaces
101 Silver gone astray
102 In the eye of a chicken, a new state of matter comes into view
103 Nanomaterial Outsmarts Ions
104 Nano shake-up
105 The Motion of the Medium Matters for Self-assembling Particles
106 Nanosheets and nanowires
107 Fabricating Nanostructures with Silk Could Make Clean Rooms Green Rooms
108 Researchers Grow Carbon Nanofibers Using Ambient Air, Without Toxic Ammonia
109 A new concept for manufacturing wrinkling patterns on hard-nano-film/soft-matter-substrate
110 Nanoscale optical switch breaks miniaturization barrier
111 Chelyabinsk meteor to help develop nanotechnology
112 World's thinnest nanowires created by Vanderbilt grad student