File Title
1 First ever consultation of countries with highest newborn death rates underlines urgent need for more investment, medicines, and health workers
2 Action plan will provide blueprint for progress, but preventable newborn deaths will be eliminated only with political commitment
3 New studies highlight benefits and risks of testosterone therapy
4 Sports-related trauma and its impact on isolated high-grade renal injury
5 Just one binge drinking session may harm health
6 Scientists foresee purer, safer drugs with help of 'twisted light' and nanotechnology
7 Women with diabetes 'less likely to breastfeed'
8 During childbirth, serious anesthesia complications are 'very rare'
9 Canadian First Nations people less likely to receive coronary angiography after heart attack
10 Reducing resident hours may have unintended negative effects
11 Canada should adopt universal screening for infant hearing
12 Online game helps doctors improve patients' blood pressure faster
13 Nintedanib significantly slows progression of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)
14 Phase II trial of antibody treatment for mild asthmatics reports success
15 Stroke recovery should include exercise prescription
16 Increased risk of birth asphyxia in babies born to overweight and obese women
17 Lifestyle interventions are better than genetic tests for preventing type 2 diabetes
18 Risks involved in experiments that create potential pandemic pathogens are too great
19 Confusion about smear tests lies with both patients and doctors
20 Two thirds of healthy American adults 'infected with HPV,' study suggests
21 Favorable phase II data announced for investigational C. difficile vaccine
22 Outcomes not improved by public reporting of ICU mortality
23 Asthma risk in children affected by intake of dietary methyl donors in the first trimester
24 Ginseng can treat and prevent influenza and RSV in mice, researcher finds
25 Adverse vascular effects of air pollution may be ameliorated by olive oil supplements
26 ICU patients at high risk for PTSD
27 Shortness of breath (dyspnea) increases long-term mortality risk
28 Quality of life in COPD patients improved by an internet-mediated exercise program
29 In phase III trial, novel pulmonary hypertension drug proves safe and effective
30 A child's asthma risk may be increased by exposure to air pollution in the womb
31 In patients with severe pulmonary hypertension, higher BMI associated with lower mortality risk
32 Promising drug therapies identified for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
33 Vocabulary held together in memory by keywords
34 Montessori pre-kindergarten programs benefit low-income Latino children
35 New approach for sampling gut bacteria to illuminate bacteria's role in disease
36 For older men, robot-assisted prostate cancer surgery as safe as but more expensive than open surgery
37 Olive oil on your salad may ward off hypertension
38 High cholesterol linked to infertility
39 Angina has fallen over past 2 decades 'among white--but not black--Americans'
40 Anal sphincter lesions due to episiotomy during labor may be prevented by new technique
41 Potential for 'electroceutical' devices to treat illness, alleviate pain
42 New biopsy method more accurately identifies men at low risk for prostate cancer
43 Sense of taste may affect length of life
44 Study of prematurely aging children may help explain effects of normal aging
45 Implantable device 'lowers blood pressure' through electrical brain pulses
46 Special dogs deter gulls, reduce beach contamination
47 Chemicals produced by gut microbiota may affect children with autism
48 Kawasaki disease may be triggered by airborne aerosols from northeast China
49 Cardiac screening guidelines for survivors of childhood cancer may need revision
50 Existing and experimental drugs active against MERS-coronavirus
51 Recruiting more Hispanics to cancer clinical trials crucial to reducing health disparities
52 Diffuse optical tomography goes where other brain scanners can't
53 Study of EEGs in the ER Improves seizure diagnosis, Care
54 Comparing effectiveness of duloxetine and fluoxetine in treatment of pediatric major depressive disorder
55 How antibodies cluster in solution revealed by neutron beams
56 Participating in sports reduces risk of hazardous drinking in adolescence
57 Structure discovered of cancer drug candidate
58 Technique can predict which stroke patients will be helped--or harmed--by clot-busting treatment
59 Ability to understand speech improves when 6-month-olds hear less distortion
60 Breakthrough: scientists use ear implants to regrow auditory nerves
61 Brain steroids in bluebanded gobies make for good dads
62 Physical therapy for hip osteoarthritis does not appear to provide greater improvement for pain or function
63 Antibiotics continue to be prescribed at high rate for bronchitis, contrary to recommended guidelines
64 Research identifies genetic alterations in lung cancers that help select treatment; may improve survival
65 Comparison of newer and older antipsychotic medications for schizophrenia finds similar clinical outcomes
66 Metabolic syndrome disorders, diet may boost prostate cancer risk
67 Dose of measles virus destroys woman's incurable cancer
68 Scientists identify way to target drug-resistant cancer cells
69 Scientists identify mechanism underlying health benefits of red wine, blueberries
70 Kids behave better when given food to chew rather than bite
71 Increased coffee consumption may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
72 Can coffee protect our eyesight?
73 Does food taste better the more expensive it is?
74 Efficacy of diagnosing, treating and managing febrile urinary tract infections in children with vesicoureteral reflux
75 Genes play key role in brain injury risk for premature babies
76 4 new microRNAs involved in regulation of BDNF levels found
77 New approach to Alzheimer's treatment found in novel class of compounds
78 New UK study will investigate whether mobile phones and wireless technologies affect children's cognitive development
79 Mass gatherings medicine--international cooperation and progress
80 Study shows dementia patients benefit from holistic exercise program
81 Artificial intelligence lenses for the blind created in Mexico
82 Battle of the bulge may be linked to body clock in immune cells
83 Scripps Research Institute chemists discover structure of cancer drug candidate
84 Little exercise and heavy use of electronic media constitute a significant health risk for children
85 Physicians urge action on violence against women and girls
86 Post-traumatic stress disorder: We need more awareness about events that trigger it
87 Prolaris test predicts mortality risk in prostate cancer biopsy study
88 Olive oil, greens explain Mediterranean diet's beneficial effect on blood pressure
89 Invention powers wireless medical implants deep inside the body
90 'E-cigarettes help smokers quit,' new study says
91 Researchers 'reverse symptoms of Alzheimer's' in mice with novel compound
92 Workplace solvent exposure linked to later-life cognitive decline
93 '37 million deaths could be prevented by reducing 6 risk factors'
94 Eating more fruits and vegetables could lower worldwide stroke risk
95 Lots of fruits and vegetables, but lots of high-fat snacks: Home food environment of overweight women
96 A childs spirituality likely affected by outdoor play
97 Banning chocolate milk has surprising consequences
98 How should society address the problem of female genital mutilation?
99 Dogs 'sniff out prostate cancer with 98% accuracy,' study finds
100 'ENose' that sniffs out prostate cancer shows promise
101 Breakthrough artificial pancreas study
102 Paving way for virus-like DNA nanodevices that diagnose disease and make drugs
103 Water pipe smoking is 'less safe' than commonly thought
104 600,000 Americans may have 'commonly misdiagnosed' Alzheimer's subtype
105 Potential stroke therapy: stem cells from teeth form brain-like cells
106 Vitamin E could prevent or reduce brain damage from stroke
107 Daily aspirin to prevent first heart attack does not get FDA backing
108 Narrowing of the carotid arteries may lead to memory and thinking problems
109 MS mice regain ability to walk after stem cell therapy
110 Stem cell therapy 'could reduce death from heart disease'
111 Heart muscle damaged from heart attacks regenerated by stem cell therapy in primates
112 MS symptoms improved in combined therapy trial
113 People with MS benefit from low-fat diet