File Title
1 Human 'Albino' Gene Found in Dogs
2 Quickly Rising Antarctica Suggests 'Runny' Earth
3 Mistaken Identity: 'Sea Anemone' Is Actually New Type of Animal
4 Dracula's Castle Up for Sale
5 What Happens to Shipping Containers Lost at Sea?
6 NASA's Asteroid-Capture Mission May Test New Method to Defend Earth
7 Jupiter's Great Red Spot Shrinks to Smallest Size Ever Seen (Video, Photos)
8 Wreck of Civil War Ship Commandeered by Slaves Rediscovered
9 How Robots Are Blazing a Trail for Manned Mars Missions
10 Mysterious 'Spokes' in Saturn's Rings Are Still There
11 The Accuracy of Fitness Bands: How 7 Trackers Stack Up
12 Ancient Chinese Tea Bowls Hold Rare Iron Compound
13 New Name Wanted: Federal Agency Backs Away from 'Alternative Medicine'
14 Migrating Birds Could Inspire New Military Tech
15 500 Right Whales Could Face the Wrong Fate (Op-Ed)
16 5 Strange Facts About the Pentagon's Anti-Zombie Plan
17 Whirling Flames: How Fire Tornadoes Work
18 Tiny Magnets Pose Dangerous Risk to Children, Study Finds
19 Withings Pulse O2: Fitness Tracker Review
20 Found! New Underwater Volcano Discovered in Hawaii
21 Reference: Vaginal Birth vs. C-Section: Pros & Cons
22 A Big Hand for Biofilms
23 Human Evolution 'Definitely Not' Over, Expert Says
24 3rd MERS Virus Infection in US Reported in Illinois Man
25 Human-Robot Relations: Why We Shouldn't Fear Intelligent Bots
26 Greenland's Never-Before-Seen Valleys Could Prolong Melting
27 Christ on a Cracker! Why We See Faces in Everything
28 Scientists at Work: Designing the Fastest Car on the Planet (Op-Ed)
29 Five Brain Challenges We Can Overcome in the Next Decade (Op-Ed)
30 Recycling the 'Unrecyclable': A New Class of Thermoset Plastics (Op-Ed)
31 Spiritual Power? 18th-Century Artifacts Unearthed in Caribbean
32 Scary Fanged Cannibal Fish Washes Ashore...Alive!
33 Moore Rebuilds to Be More Resilient and Tornado Ready
34 Lost 'Nightsnake' Rediscovered on Volcanic Island off Mexico
35 Future of US Warfare: Drone Deliveries & Vertical-Flight Planes
36 Record Greenland Melt Got Boost from Forest Fires
37 Sweet! Certain Tastes Help Fruit Flies Live Longer
38 Genetic Match? People Marry Those With Similar DNA
39 Pancreatic Cancer May Become No. 2 Cause of Cancer Deaths
40 Rare Clouded Leopard Cub Welcomed to Denver Zoo
41 How Einstein's E=mc^2 Works (Infographic)
42 Deadly Heart Disease May Hitch a Ride on Dust Storms
43 Olive Oil and Veggies May Combine to Lower Blood Pressure
44 Trouble Brewing for Coffee Crop, Thanks to Fungus
45 In Women with Gestational Diabetes, Exercise Lowers Type 2 Diabetes Risk
46 Bay Area's Future Earthquakes: Knockout Blow, or Combination Punch?
47 Turning Light into Matter May Soon Be Possible
48 24-Year-Old Poppy Is World's Oldest Living Cat
49 Reference: Who Were the Druids?
50 The Next Big California Earthquake May Be Spread Out Over Years
51 Why Scores of Fish Went Belly-Up at Los Angeles Seaside
52 Airplane Seat-Back Pockets Germier Than Toilet Handles
53 Termite Genome Reveals Secrets of Insect Sex and Society
54 'Vicious' New Praying Mantis Discovered in Rwanda
55 70% of Americans Infected with HPV
56 Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?
57 Stolen Skull of Long-Clawed, Ostrichlike Dinosaur Recovered
58 Schmacon, Anyone? Company Unveils All-Beef Bacon Alternative
59 'Byzantine iPad' Found in Ancient Shipwreck
60 Olive Oil Could Protect Heart from Smog
61 Island life makes plant seeds bigger
62 Spicy plant cuts the mustard as nerve gas fighter
63 When wild animals encounter an exercise wheel
64 Suppressing prostate cancer progression with MicroRNA
65 Scientists report breakthrough in HIV/AIDS research
66 Animal model may help improve understanding of omega fatty acids' impact on human health
67 Middle-aged adults especially vulnerable as US foreclosures drive up suicide rate
68 Neuronal activation by acupuncture at Yongquan and sham acupoints for DOC: A PET study
69 Effect of repeated-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation at the Guangming point on EEGs
70 Brain cells in Parkinson's disease may be protected by new treatment targeting versatile protein
71 Spironolactone shown to be safe for patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction
72 Rise in cardiovascular diseases during Greek financial crisis
73 Important findings presented by Mount Sinai at the 2014 American Urological Association Meeting
74 Most emergency department 'super-frequent users' have a substance abuse addiction
75 Maternal death after giving birth may be reduced by biomarker test for peripartum cardiomyopathy
76 Poor diuretic response associated with worse clinical outcomes in acute heart failure
77 Targeting worsening symptoms and signs of heart failure may reduce readmissions and save lives
78 Acute heart failure survival predicted by negative iron balance
79 Heart failure patients taking sleeping pills at increased risk for cardiovascular events
80 For patients with hepatitis C virus infection, methadone programs can be key in education, treatment
81 Potential solution to 'sticky' problems inspired by spider silk
82 Hospitalizations and health care costs for atrial fibrillation 'on the rise'
83 Physical activity could stop gestational diabetes progressing to type 2
84 Implantable device treats heart failure patients with central sleep apnea
85 Pioneering hip and stem cell surgery
86 Distress during breast cancer treatment reduced by cognitive behavioral or relaxation training
87 Destroying brain tumors using herpes-loaded stem cells
88 Heart failure treatment LCZ696 wins head to head comparison with gold standard treatment
89 Molecules identified that are involved in rheumatoid arthritis angiogenesis
90 Wide variation in lung cancer rates globally
91 Overactive bladder may be due to bacteria in urine
92 No benefit found in taking statin drugs for COPD exacerbation prevention
93 Oral bacteria may diagnose pancreatic cancer
94 Oral bacteria may cause heart disease
95 New technique allows scientists to monitor the entire nervous system of a small worm
96 Ultra-sensitive nano-chip capable of detecting cancer at early stages
97 In sepsis patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, statins fail to reduce mortality rate
98 Resistance of drug-resistant pathogens may be boosted by e-cigarettes
99 COPD linked to significantly higher risk of heart failure
100 Potential transmission of Legionnaires infections via windshield washer fluid
101 Technology improves transition into adulthood for adolescents with chronic disease
102 Phase 3a data from largest trial with liraglutide 3 mg demonstrates significantly greater weight loss versus placebo for adults with obesity
103 New data for Gilotrif shows a significant improvement in overall survival in lung cancer patients whose tumors have the most common EGFR mutation
104 IMDx receives FDA clearance for IMDx HSV-1/2 for Abbott m2000 assay
105 Pitt study shows for first time how Huntington's disease protein could cause death of neurons
106 IN-TIME shows equal benefit of home telemonitoring in ICD and CRT-D patients
107 Technology: improving the quality of life for dependent elderly adults?
108 Global progress in preventing newborn deaths and stillbirths hindered by inadequate investment, leadership, measurement and accountability
109 New figures on global newborn deaths and stillbirths reveal 5.5million "invisible" deaths every year
110 Analysis reveals triple return on investment to save three million mothers' and babies' lives annually