File Title
1 Warmer world to push sea turtle numbers up
2 Turning light into matter
3 Venus probe will dive to its death
4 Beam me, up! Boffins to convert PURE LIGHT into MATTER by 2015
5 Turning Light Into Matter: Scientists Say 80-Year-Old Theory Is Provable
6 Physicists Find a Simple Way to Create Matter From Light
7 Antarctica is Losing Twice as Much Ice as it was During Previous Survey: Sea Levels Rise
8 Antarctica's ice losses on the rise
9 CryoSaturday, Shows Increase In Antarctica's Ice Loss
10 As heavy as 14 elephants, as long as 2 tractor trailers: Meet Mr. Titanosaur
11 Scientists claim world's largest dinosaur find
12 Biggest Dinosaur Ever? Maybe. Maybe Not.
13 'Metal-Eating' Plant Capable of Absorbing 18,000 PPM of Nickel
14 Sea Turtle Amputee Swims Again with Fighter Jet-Like Prosthetic
15 Cannibal Lancetfish Washes Up on North Carolina Beach
16 Researchers: the polar ice sheet down very soon
17 Global warming: it's a point of no return in West Antarctica. What happens next?
18 A federal tax on carbon energy is needed--Dick Smith
19 New Study Suggests Antarctic Glacier Melting May Be Irreversible
20 We Saved Antarctica...Or Did We?
21 Great white shark tagged in Cape Cod found 3,685 miles away in Florida
22 New great white shark pops up in deep waters off Georgia
23 Great White Shark Spotted off Fort Lauderdale Beach
24 Dead Space Telescope Lives Again!
25 NASA Approves Revival Plans for Kepler Space Telescope
26 Kepler Spacecraft To Resume Operations In Newly Approved K2 Mission
27 Deep Valleys Under Greenland Mean Higher Sea-Level Rise
28 Greenland's Ice Sheets More Sensitive to Warm Water than Previously Considered
29 Researchers: The collapse of Greenland's ice sheet could be a bigger disaster than we thought
30 Greenland Could Become Greater Contributor To Sea Level Rise Than Previously Expected
31 Looking back: Mount St. Helens eruption
32 Endangered sea turtle fitted with fighter jet-inspired prosthetic fins (VIDEO)
33 With prosthetic, turtle can swim naturally.
34 Students from Israel Design Prosthetic Fin for Injured Turtle
35 Rift Widening Between Energy And Insurance Industries Over Climate Change
36 Insurers Worried Over Economic impact of Climate Change
37 Do we really cause global warming?
38 VIDEO: IBM creates new class of self-healing, stronger-than-bone polymers
39 Can IBM change the game for thermosets?
40 IBM creates new class of recyclable polymers
41 Microplastic Beads can enter into Food Chain
42 Chemical saves Octopus from getting entangled
43 12 Marine Scientists to Carry Out Three Year Underwater Journey
44 NASA Approves Revival Plans for Kepler Space Telescope
45 Chinese Search Giant Baidu Appoints Google Brain Creator as Chief Scientist
46 Researchers discover remains of Earth's largest creature ever
47 Photos of mysterious lancet fish going viral on social media
48 Exposure to Certain Chemicals Increases Breast Cancer Risk
49 Drugs to Prevent Alcoholics from Drinking are Not Prescribed by Doctors in US
50 Researchers Recreate Carbon Grains Formed in Outer Layer of Dying stars
51 Space Debris is a Global Problem
52 San Diego Museum of Natural History Donates Fossils to New Museum at Prairiefire
53 Mona Lisa Painting could be World's 1st 3D Image
54 French authorities introduce alternate driving days to cut pollution in Paris
55 Public Transport Free for Three Days in Paris
56 Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant has spiked radiation reading
57 NASA's Curiosity rover finishes 'Windjana' drilling task
58 Researchers discover remains of Earth's largest creature ever
59 Small children being exposed to harmful flame retardant chemicals
60 MOH to Study Effectiveness of Tamiflu to Treat Influenza Outbreak
61 Democratic Members Raise Concern on Increased Prices of Hepatitis Drug, Sovaldi
62 Adobe's new, free app for iPad--'Voice'
63 Solid-State Lamp is Promising Light Source in Terms of Lifetime, Size, Heat and Stability
64 Japan wants to Return to Southern Ocean for Whale Hunting
65 Injured sea turtle gets fighter jet upgrade
66 Dianne Feinstein on Benghazi panel: 'It's a hunting mission for a lynch mob'
67 Scientists discover how to turn light into matter
68 Extensive exposure to paint and solvents can cause permanent cognitive impairment
69 End to Apple, Google, Motorola patent dispute: Will it usher in a new age of tech?
70 Paleontologist updates to stone-age technology made Titanosaur discovery possible
71 Court rules woman can be banned from ranting on Facebook
72 Report: Google working on search removal tool for 'right to be forgotten'
73 A third of patients hospitalized in California suffer from diabetes, researchers say
74 Google Maps now shows elevation data for bike routes
75 Life expectancy up worldwide; Where does the U.S. rank?
76 Two big meals might be the ticket for curbing diabetes
77 Report: Measles vaccine wipes out US woman's cancer
78 Chinese Search Giant Baidu Appoints Google Brain Creator as Chief Scientist
79 Baidu, Chinese Internet company, hires Stanford artificial intelligence professor Andrew Ng
80 Chinese search giant Baidu nabs 'Google Brain' creator
81 The debate over Climate change: You can't deny it
82 U.S. Military Report: Climate Change is a 'Catalyst for Conflict'
83 Ecuador Declares Emergency in Galapagos Islands
84 Grounded Ship Threatens Galapagos Ecosystem, State of Emergency Declared
85 Ecuador Declares Emergency Over Stricken Freighter
86 Delhi students wins first award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
87 Taiwanese teenagers win 12 awards at Los Angeles Intel science fair
88 Teenagers win 12 awards at Intel science fair in LA
89 Terrifying lancetfish with fangs washes ashore in NC
90 Alien on North Carolina beach? No, just a rare lancet fish
91 Inside The S&P Report: Poor nation's credit ratings to be most affected by climate change
92 Climate change is real
93 Climate change set to affect credit risk
94 National Climate Assessment: Uniting Animal and Environmental Concerns
95 Mars hopefuls ponder life without family, burgers
96 United Nations Suggests Taxing Unhealthy Food Products
97 UN Expert: Unhealthy Diets Pose Greater Health Risk Than Smoking
98 Junk Food Larger Threat Than Tobacco; Should Be Taxed, Regulated (LINK)
99 Unhealthy diets greater threat to health than tobacco, says UN expert
100 Foreign doctors, nurses in Saudi Arabia could take MERS global
101 Infertility in males may lead to early death
102 Men with Defective Semen and Sperm More Likely to Die Early: Stanford Study
103 Eicosapentaenoic acid may prevent prostate cancer
104 Dogs can prove helpful in Diagnosing Prostate Cancer
105 Cigs and E-Cigs Help Bacteria Become Drug Resistant
106 Study: E-Cigarette Vapor Toughens MRSA Superbug
107 E-Cigarettes Are Not An Healthy Alternative To Smoking!
108 Toxic jerky treats linked to more than 1,000 dog deaths
109 Pneumonia Bacteria May Lurk in Windshield Washer Fluid
110 Your windshield washer fluid could make you sick, study claims
111 Windshield washer water a "significant" source of Legionnaire's