File Title
1 New efforts aim to shore up forensic science--but will they work?
2 New technology simplifies production of biotech medicines
3 New smart coating could make oil-spill cleanup faster and more efficient
4 A new approach to treating peanut and other food allergies
5 Using nature as a model for low-friction bearings
6 The sonic screwdriver can turn cells tartan
7 In the wake of high-profile battery fires, a safer approach emerges
8 Microchip-like technology allows single-cell analysis
9 Researchers help discover rare form of iron oxide in ancient Chinese pottery
10 Slip knot key to creating world's toughest fiber
11 New class of industrial polymers discovered
12 A new class of recyclable thermoset plastics
13 System 'prints' precise drug dosages tailored for patients
14 Researchers find chemicals and neurons responsible for turning parental care on and off in mice
15 Researchers uncover the process by which gender is determined in the silkworm
16 How octopuses don't tie themselves in knots
17 Hong Kong begins destroying huge ivory haul
18 Japan whaling town sued by dolphin activists
19 Dog bites in US reaching 'epidemic proportions'
20 Protein sharpens salmonella needle for attack
21 Synthetic biology still in uncharted waters of public opinion
22 Novel genetic mechanism protects plants from toxic zinc
23 The color of blood: Pigment helps stage symbiosis in squid
24 First test of pluripotent stem cell therapy in monkeys is a success
25 Membrane proteins: Communicating with the world across the border
26 Sticking around: Scientists explore parallel evolution in stick insects
27 Making money from lignin: Roadmap shows how to improve lignocellulosic biofuel biorefining
28 First 'heavy mouse' leads to first lab-grown tissue mapped from atomic life
29 Video: Scientists combat hunger in Cambodia via conservation agriculture
30 S. Africa park sees first ivory poaching in over decade
31 Domesticated animals provide vital link to emergence of new diseases
32 Small number of genes have big impact on fish egg quality
33 Chamois had pneumonia: Cause of death established
34 Scientists find best way to rid a garden of snails
35 Honeybees show tipping points
36 'Transformer' protein provides new insights into Ebola virus disease
37 Study confirms highways are bad news for several bat species
38 Oil searchers discover and record deep-sea graveyard off Angola coast
39 Conflict with communities a big cost to business, researchers find
40 'Motivation enhancement' key for success in job training programs, study says
41 Explorer: Shipwreck off Haiti may be Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria (Update)
42 Fossil palm beetles 'hindcast' 50-million-year-old winters
43 Ancient giant sperm discovered at Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site
44 From human extinction to super intelligence, two futurists explain
45 Raise global awareness of child trafficking to stop it, Stanford scholar says
46 Researchers find unconscious racism in juries weighing death-penalty cases
47 Explainer: What are the maths behind an exam timetable?
48 For archaeologists, Middle East conflicts create 'perfect sandstorm' of challenges
49 Victims want to change, not just punish, offenders
50 Social media a key element for terror groups: study
51 Argentine dino find: long-necks survived Jurassic (Update)
52 Hispanics and females missing from childreni's television commercials
53 How the war on terror criminalises ordinary people
54 The economic and social costs of rising US incarcerations, despite dipping crime rates
55 Dangerous, underpaid work for the undocumented
56 Flowers have powers to change men's dating prospects, studies suggest
57 Not just a pretty face, although that helps female politicians on election day
58 Climate change caused empire's fall, tree rings reveal
59 Young men increasingly outnumber young women in rural Great Plains
60 New data show how states are doing in science
61 Genetic study of prehistoric girl: Dating and DNA show Paleoamerican-Native American connection
62 Study suggests integrating purchasing, logistics yields better business results
63 Making positive work connections lifts more than mood
64 French study raises questions on mobile phone safety
65 Bullying may have long-term health consequences
66 Electrical stimulation of brain alters dreams, study finds
67 How your brain works during meditation
68 Study reveals Salmonella's hideout strategy
69 Negative stereotypes can cancel each other out on resumes
70 How some trypanosomes cause sleeping sickness while others don't
71 New tool to grow cancer cells streamlines laboratory research
72 Migraines linked to increased risk of 'silent strokes'
73 Male infertility linked to mortality
74 B cells produce antibodies 'when danger calls, but not when it whispers,' scientists
75 Researchers use roundworms to unlock new information on fertility
76 Complex interactions may matter most for longevity
77 Researchers identify new protein linked to leukaemia growth
78 Diabetes linked to a third of California hospitalizations, driving up health care costs
79 Height protein could be cancer and diabetes treatment target
80 Serious muscle damage risk from widely used cholesterol lowering drug very low in general population
81 Sleep deprivation found to trigger initial seizure
82 How Asian American 'tiger mothers' motivate their children
83 US foreclosures drive up suicide rate: Middle-aged adults especially vulnerable
84 Analysis finds wide variation in lung cancer rates globally
85 New treatment targeting versatile protein may protect brain cells in Parkinson's disease
86 Molecules involved in rheumatoid arthritis angiogenesis identified
87 Artificial brains learn to adapt
88 Many smokers still surprised by facts about tobacco's dangers
89 Watching stressful movies triggers changes to your heartbeat
90 Scientists discover 'brakes' to stop cancer-causing 'car-crashes' in cells
91 Mothers' sleep, late in pregnancy, affects offspring's weight gain as adults
92 Changing expressions to appear more trustworthy, dominant or attractive
93 Herpes-loaded stem cells used to kill brain tumors
94 Researchers find alpha-ketoglutarate more than doubles lifespan of nematode
95 Staying focused: Cortico-thalamic pathway filters relevant sensory cues from perceptual input
96 Study suggests lung microbiota promotes tolerance to allergens in neonates
97 Study of neurogenesis in mice may have solved mystery of childhood amnesia in humans
98 EyeWire gamers help researchers understand retina's motion detection wiring
99 Non-invasive lithotripsy leads to more treatment for kidney stones
100 Noninvasive first-trimester screen drops CVS/amnio rates
101 Tailored intervention does not up CRC screening rates
102 Using internet, apps to manage blood pressure has dangers, study says
103 ASH: Accurate HTN information available on YouTube
104 People with high blood pressure often have a 'salt tooth'
105 Post-spinal surgery ultrasound aids VTE management
106 Pfizer seeks early approval for breast cancer drug
107 Ataluren Phase 3 trial results in nonsense mutation cystic fibrosis
108 Ground breaking hip and stem cell surgery in Southampton
109 The paradox of Olympians' "garbage" teeth
110 On the path of better ways to treat prostate cancer
111 Map of brain connections provides insight into olfactory system
112 Companion chemical greatly improves the effectiveness of targeted copper therapy for Menkes disease
113 Hope for paraplegic patients
114 Study examines ties between alcohol and PTSD
115 Nearly 40,000 hospital bug cases missed each year
116 Porn in US 'a public health crisis'
117 US hospitals compete for affluent immigrants
118 US backs expanded AIDS therapy for prevention
119 Marijuana use involved in more fatal accidents in Colorado
120 Quantum correlations make you never fail a test again
121 Oil searchers discover and record deep-sea graveyard off Angola coast
122 On the shoulder of a giant: Precursor volcano to the island of O'ahu discovered