File Title
1 New 'doping' method improves properties of carbon nanotubes
2 New nanowire growth mechanism observed
3 New method sneaks drugs into cancer cells before triggering release
4 Graphene photonics breakthrough promises fast-speed, low-cost communications
5 Flexible supercapacitor raises bar for volumetric energy density
6 Nanostructures to facilitate the process to eliminate organic contaminants in water
7 RNA carried by new nanoparticles can silence genes in many organs, could be deployed to treat cancer
8 Multilayer nanofibre face mask helps to combat pollution
9 Gold nanoparticles for cancer treatment
10 Properties of water at nanoscale will help to design innovative technologies
11 Liver-like device, via 3-D printer
12 MEMS nanoinjector for genetic modification of cells
13 Physicists show unlimited heat conduction in graphene
14 Nanotechnology used in sunscreens
15 Researchers optimizing graphene for various applications
16 Mice study enables view of nanoparticle accumulation
17 Nanowire bridging transistors open way to next-generation electronics
18 DNA double helix measurements
19 X-rays, computer simulations reveal crystal growth
20 One-nm-thick graphene engine mimics two-stroke engine
21 Team made great improvements of nanogenerator power efficiency
22 Researchers find definitive evidence of how zeolites grow
23 Silly Putty material inspires better batteries
24 Stronger black solar coating that retains original color and absorption properties
25 Using light to identify chiral molecules for pharmaceuticals
26 Atoms and molecules on the same wavelength
27 Radiation from early universe found key to answer major questions in physics
28 Have cosmologists lost their minds in the multiverse?
29 Simplifying an ultrafast laser offers better control
30 Unified superconductors: A single theoretical model of superconductivity for many materials
31 Deformable mirror corrects errors
32 New insight into thermoelectric materials may boost green technologies
33 Rare earth ions in a crystal become candidate for a quantum memory
34 Advance brings 'hyperbolic metamaterials' closer to reality
35 Dancing beads on surface waves cluster in surprising ways
36 CEBAF beam goes over the hump: Highest-energy beam ever delivered at Jefferson Lab
37 Researchers create 'ultrasonic hands' that can grip microparticles
38 Strongly interacting electrons in wacky oxide synchronize to work like the brain
39 Breakthrough paper on the Aharonov-Bohm effect published
40 NPL, Dstl present potential 'billion global market' in quantum technologies
41 Researchers model how migration of DNA molecules is affected by charge, salt species, and salt concentration
42 The road to quantum computing
43 Exploring heat and energy at the smallest scales
44 Magnetic topological insulators are 1,000 times more energy-efficient for switching
45 Going beyond the surface: New tech could take light-based cancer treatment deep inside the body
46 Quantum simulator gives clues about magnetism
47 Tricking the uncertainty principle
48 Researchers find nondestructive method to study quantum wave systems
49 Quantum correlations make you never fail a test again
50 International team capture detailed footage of an X-class solar flare
51 MAVEN solar wind ion analyzer will look at key player in Mars atmosphere loss
52 'Standard candles' illuminate the far side of the Milky Way
53 New radar images uncover remarkable features below the surface of the Moon
54 Video: Neutron stars rip each other apart to form black hole
55 3D modeling of the Sun from the core to the surface
56 Magnetar formation mystery solved?
57 How the 'Great Filter' could affect tech advances in space
58 Blogger claims BICEP2 team acknowledging possible error in discovery of evidence of gravitational waves
59 Latest Galileo satellites en route to French Guiana spaceport
60 A look at the numbers as Hubble Space Telescope enters its 25th year
61 Stability lost as supernovae explode
62 NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission to provide first 3-D view of Earth's magnetic reconnection process
63 Student shows James Webb Space Telescope will be able to observe afterglows from earliest gamma-ray bursts
64 Rosetta's target comet is becoming active
65 The shrinking of Jupiter's Great Red Spot
66 NASA image: Expedition 39 landing
67 Cascading dunes in a Martian crater
68 Q&A: How life might expand in the universe
69 NASA's newest wind watcher arrives at launch site
70 Plastic, 'wrong-way' dunes arise on Saturn moon Titan
71 Australians report flaming object falling from sky
72 High-resolution image of Mercury acquired
73 Russian Proton rocket falls back to Earth with super satellite (Update)
74 Police website hacked in Pakistan
75 High-flying turbine produces more power
76 Cuban blogger sets date for independent digital newspaper
77 Yahoo spotlights Hollywood with online movie magazine
78 November release for new 'Far Cry' video game
79 Adobe's Creative Cloud suffers lengthy outage
80 Applied Materials sets cobalt on path to future chips
81 US regulators tentatively OK Internet 'fast lanes' (Update 2)
82 Energy industry ready to get smart
83 A course correction for transportation thinking
84 China has shown that mine safety can be improved rapidly
85 Galaxy Tab 4 Education: New tablet exclusively developed for scalable 1:1 initiatives in K-12 schools
86 Protecting buildings from bomb attack
87 'Halo' TV series, 'Halo 5' game launching in 2015
88 The revolution will be printed in 3-D
89 Engineering graduate uses big data to seek insights to bicycle travel flow
90 New ORNL-GE Appliances project aims to revolutionize residential refrigerators
91 From the smartphone to the Cloud and back again
92 Trouble in the cloud leaves businesses tied to their servers
93 Computer specialists draw the map of the talk in social networks
94 Some facts about net neutrality
95 PlayStation 4 leads jump in US console sales
96 Designing the fastest car on the planet
97 New algorithm shakes up cryptography
98 Power Japan Plus announces dual carbon battery that charges 20 times faster than current lithium ion batteries
99 Hijacking bacteria's natural defences to trap and reveal pathogens
100 Linking gunshot residue to criminals with 'Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry'
101 Inactive yeast to preserve the aroma of young wines
102 Artificial magnetic bacteria "turn" food into natural drugs
103 Multifunctional nanoparticles for cheaper, cleaner biofuel
104 Rare byproduct of marine bacteria kills cancer cells by snipping their DNA
105 Engineers fabricate microscale silk proteins patterns for use in tissue engineering and 'green devices'
106 3-D 'map' of enzyme could lead to more effective drugs
107 Chemists design molecules for controlling bacterial behavior
108 Scientists reveal structural secrets of enzyme used to make popular anti-cholesterol drug
109 Transistors that wrap around tissues: New implanted devices may reshape medicine
110 New generation of water treatment membranes