File Title
1 Exploring the magnetism of a single atom
2 Pink prosthetic arm 'printed' for teen girl by university students
3 A lab in your pocket: Using CAD to load dozens of tests on a lab-on-a-chip
4 Genetic patterns in preeclampsia found in study
5 Caribbean clingfish: Tiny, tenacious and tentatively toxic
6 New Zealand sea lion is a relative newcomer
7 Turtle migration directly influenced by drift experiences with ocean currents as hatchlings
8 How orchid bees find their personal scent, attract mates
9 Unusual fish larva linked to new species of sea bass from Curacao
10 Scientists reveal new picture in the evolution of flightless birds
11 Evolutionary biologists glimpse early stages of Y-chromosome degeneration
12 A tiny, toothy catfish with bulldog snout defies classification
13 Fossil palm beetles 'hind-cast' 50-million-year-old winters
14 Comet theory false: Doesn't explain Ice Age cold snap, Clovis changes, animal extinction
15 Dangerous nitrogen pollution could be halved
16 No ocean-borne radiation from Fukushima detected on West Coast shoreline, kelp analysis finds
17 Bird invaders 'moving in' to UK's nature reserves
18 Student study: Future climate warming could lead to 15 day delay in monsoon onset in Southeast Asia
19 Multifunctional nanoparticles for cheaper, cleaner biofuel
20 Potential cure for captive amphibians with chytrid fungus
21 Corn dwarfed by temperature dip suitable for growing in mines, caves
22 Multilayer nanofiber face mask helps to combat pollution
23 West Antarctic glacier loss appears unstoppable
24 How fish were able to colonize poisonous springs: A tale of survival
25 Paleontologists discover new fossil organism
26 Extinct kitten-sized hunter discovered
27 New order of marine creatures discovered among sea anemones
28 New study sheds light on survivors of the Black Death
29 Living fossils in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool: A refuge for thermophilic dinoflagellates during glaciations
30 Newly found dinosaur is long-nosed cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex
31 Archaeologists use drone images to uncover ancient New Mexico village
32 All teeth and claws? New study sheds light on dinosaur claw function
33 Shrinking helped dinosaurs and birds to keep evolving
34 Revealing the healing of 'dino-sores': Examining broken bones in 150-million-year-old predatory dinosaur
35 Living near foreclosed property linked to higher blood pressure
36 Worse health, more problems, higher costs among Medicaid patients, study shows
37 Fate of methane following Deepwater Horizon spill examined by researchers
38 Aircraft noise in U.S. national parks
39 Hurricanes Katrina, Rita may have caused up to half of recorded stillbirths in worst hit areas
40 Eating more fruits, vegetables may cut stroke risk worldwide
41 'Rice theory' explains north-south China cultural differences
42 Sockeye salmon vs. Pebble Mine: Protecting a fragile ecosystem in Alaska from destruction
43 Improving air quality in NYC would boost children's future earnings by increasing IQ
44 One in 25 middle school children binge drinking, Canadian study finds
45 Threats seen to 3 billion birds in vast Canadian forest
46 Switch from cattle fields to 'carbon farms' could tackle climate change, save endangered animals cheaply
47 Green clouds on the horizon for computing
48 Unemployment common after breast cancer treatment
49 Amazon rainforest survey could improve carbon offset schemes
50 Taking a walk may lead to more creativity than sitting
51 How to avoid water wars between 'fracking' industry and residents
52 Sporting latest tech toy can make you seem more like a leader
53 Flaw in 'secure' cloud storage could put privacy at risk
54 Cybersecurity researchers roll out a new heartbleed solution: Red Herring creates decoy servers, entraps, monitors hackers
55 How the brain builds on prior knowledge
56 Sports, energy drink consumption linked to negative behaviors
57 Scores of bullying victims bringing weapons to school
58 Big sisters do better: New study of siblings finds eldest girls have the edge
59 Many Ivy League students don't view ADHD medication misuse as cheating: 18% use stimulants to help them study
60 Working memory differs by parents' education; effects persist into adolescence
61 Girls make higher grades than boys in all school subjects, analysis finds
62 Paying closer attention to attention
63 Take notes by hand for better long-term comprehension
64 Higher education associated with better recovery from traumatic brain injury
65 Psilocybin inhibits the processing of negative emotions in the brain
66 Semi-synthetic organism: Scientists create first living organism that transmits added letters in DNA 'alphabet'
67 Longevity gene may boost brain power: Researchers discover the gene may enhance cognitive abilities
68 Free radicals: What doesn't kill you may make you live longer
69 Regenerating plastic grows back after damage
70 Nearest bright 'hypervelocity star' found: Speeding at 1 million mph, it probes black hole and dark matter
71 Mysterious 150-year-old writing in rare copy of Homer's 'Odyssey' identified
72 New species of metal-eating plant discovered in the Philippines
73 Ice-loss moves the Earth 250 miles down
74 Get it over with: People choose more difficult tasks to get jobs done more quickly
75 Dopamine turns worker ants into warrior queens
76 How the dance of predation upends ecology models
77 British space scientist Colin Pillinger hailed as 'a visionary and an inspirational leader'
78 Yellowstone trout declining. Time to celebrate?
79 A greenhouse on Mars? Scientists propose plant experiment for next rover.
80 Everyday 'electrosmog' scrambles birds' magnetic sense, say scientists (+video)
81 Scientists add two new letters to DNA's 'alphabet'
82 NASA captures spectacular images of humongous solar flare (+video)
83 Scientists make a positive ID: Nearby star is a 'sibling' of our sun
84 Humongous megamouth shark caught off Japan coast (+video)
85 NASA moon orbiter snaps image of 'Earthrise'
86 World's No. 1 pesticide brings honeybees to their knees, say scientists
87 Catastrophic collapse of Antarctic ice sheet now underway, say scientists (+video)
88 Heads up! Robot arm can catch flying objects. (+video)
89 Six miles under the Pacific, a robot implodes (+video)
90 West Antarctic glaciers in 'irreversible' retreat, say scientists (+video)
91 Could Russia scuttle the International Space Station?
92 Famed wandering wolf may have found love, say wildlife officials
93 Columbus ship: Has the Santa Maria been found? (+video)
94 Is Mount St. Helens about to explode?
95 Scientists create new element
96 Ancient Egyptians used wet sand to drag massive pyramid stones, say scientists
97 Squirrel selfie: Enraged squirrel attempts to maul teenage photographer
98 Deep-sea virus hijacks bacteria's DNA
99 Could Jupiter's moon Ganymede host life? Layer-cake model advances the idea.
100 Earth buzzed by bus-sized asteroid
101 Element 117 could be latest addition to periodic table
102 'Goblin shark' caught: Shrimp fisherman nabs rare shark (+video)
103 Scientists discover mysterious, ancient rock lines in Peru
104 How cotton balls are helping Darwin's finches fight parasites
105 'Pinnochio Rex' had one of the biggest schnozzes of the Late Cretaceous
106 Spectacular video shows evolution of universe
107 Are commercial airliners too automated?
108 Mars excavation yields unexpected color
109 Giant dinosaur had astonishing ability to heal broken bones