File Title
1 Is there a gene for procrastination?
2 Scientists discover big clue to how caffeine wards off Alzheimer's
3 Paralyzed men move legs following spinal shock treatment
4 For the first time, a degenerated organ is fully restored in a living animal
5 Green tea may boost our working memory
6 New study shows how junk food diets prompt laziness
7 Belief that eating disorders 'only affect women' hinders treatment for men
8 Complex relationship between slow-wave sleep and odor memory revealed
9 Rewards improve vaccination rates in those at risk for hepatitis B
10 Gut bacteria may encourage colon cancer by suppressing DNA repair
11 Emotion brain region linked to problem gambling
12 Why is underage drinking targeted when studies suggest it is in decline?
13 Scientists find link between brain development and breast cancer gene
14 Teen pregnancy: despite progress, more prevention needed
15 Could genome sequencing of MRSA allow doctors to gauge strain severity?
16 Droplets from coughs and sneezes travel farther than you think
17 New agents may revitalize antibiotics to fight superbugs
18 Tamiflu and Relenza review questions effectiveness against flu
19 Aspirin may help women with recent pregnancy loss conceive and have a baby
20 Computer algorithm accurately predicts aging process
21 Why is there an inverse association between cancer and Alzheimer's?
22 How does the 'kissing disease' replicate itself?
23 Copper starvation could be promising treatment for some cancers
24 New target in flu virus may open route to better drugs
25 Can you beat jet lag with a smartphone app?
26 Lab-grown nostril and vagina constructed with similar techniques
27 Breastfeeding while on antidepressants: 'benefits outweigh risks'
28 Study questions safety thresholds for hormone-disrupting chemicals
29 How do our brains differentiate information about places and faces?
30 Commission suggests improvements to cancer care in China, India and Russia
31 Teen binge drinking linked to identifying alcohol brands in pop music
32 'Poor labeling and lack of education' to blame for energy drink misperceptions
33 New research explains why binge drinking prolongs wound recovery time
34 Optimism linked to reduced risk of heart failure
35 Epilepsy diagnosis may be improved by new clinical definition
36 Could blueberries help treat Parkinson's disease?
37 What are the health benefits of papaya?
38 Interferon-free therapy for hepatitis C 'cured' 90% of patients
39 Longer TV hours linked to reduced sleep in young kids
40 Could Silly Putty help treat neurological disorders?
41 3D-printed kidneys could become standard for simulated cancer surgery
42 Men with blood type O have lower recurrence of prostate cancer
43 Chinese herbal remedy 'just as effective as methotrexate against arthritis'
44 Is reduced salt intake linked to the fall in deaths from cardiovascular disease?
45 Study on Mt. Everest shows how people get type 2 diabetes
46 More Americans using dietary supplements than previously thought
47 Gene variant gives women higher risk for Alzheimer's
48 New blood test 'accurately predicts breast cancer recurrence'
49 Male autism risk linked to SSRI use in pregnancy
50 High maternal BMI linked to poor pregnancy outcomes
51 'Casual marijuana use changes the brain,' researchers say
52 Chimeric mouse study 'could have prevented human deaths in 1993 drug trial'
53 Scientists suggest how infection worsens stroke-induced brain damage
54 Social media: how does it really affect our mental health and well-being?
55 Modified stem cells may offer way to treat Alzheimer's disease
56 Is it time to change the way babies are held immediately after birth?
57 Apathy in older adults linked to increased brain shrinkage
58 1 in 20 American adults 'misdiagnosed in outpatient clinics each year'
59 Teens more likely to attempt suicide following concussion
60 Key 'sperm meets egg' protein discovery holds promise for fertility treatments
61 Teens who conform to gender norms 'more likely to engage in cancer-risk behaviors'
62 For the first time, scientists use MRI to identify brown fat in a living adult
63 Diabetes-related complications have declined, CDC say
64 New studies investigate malaria resistance and susceptibility in children
65 Gene variant makes eaters of processed meat 'more likely to get colorectal cancer'
66 Activating neurons that trigger depression could help treat it, study suggests
67 Our cognitive skills decline from the age of 24, but there is hope
68 Researchers discover brain activity that may mark memory formation
69 All over the world, outgoing behavior boosts happiness
70 Performing tasks in preferred temperature may boost working memory
71 Chronic pain may be genetic, new research suggests
72 New approach to Alzheimer's treatment found in novel class of compounds
73 Skull data of Cherokees 'shows how environmental factors shape appearance'
74 Chronic prostate inflammation tied to nearly double risk of prostate cancer
75 Stem cells show bizarre absorption property 'not seen before in cells'
76 Labor induction or augmentation 'does not cause autism,' say obstetricians
77 Narrowing of the carotid arteries may lead to memory and thinking problems
78 Children with IBS have higher prevalence of celiac disease
79 Pain 'reduces sex drive of women but not men,' study suggests
80 Large number of antibiotic resistance genes discovered in cow manure
81 Anxiety over false-positive mammogram results is 'only temporary'
82 Gene within gene drives acute myeloid leukemia, says new study
83 Paving way for virus-like DNA nanodevices that diagnose disease and make drugs
84 Brain stimulator reduces seizures in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy
85 Breakthroughs could lead to 'powerful treatment for depression'
86 Longer education linked to better recovery from traumatic brain injury
87 Marijuana use linked to cardiovascular complications and death
88 Mild cognitive impairment linked to early death in new research
89 What are the health benefits of mangoes?
90 What are the health benefits of mint?
91 Breastfeeding may protect against inflammation and heart disease in young adulthood
92 Two new migraine prevention drugs show promise in small studies
93 Healthy blood cells of 115-year-old woman show hundreds of mutations
94 How should society address the problem of female genital mutilation?
95 Breakthrough: scientists use ear implants to regrow auditory nerves
96 What is oxytocin? Why is oxytocin called the love hormone?
97 'Female intuition comes from lower testosterone exposure in womb'
98 Technological advances in fetal cardiology are recognized in new guidelines
99 FDA announce proposal to regulate e-cigarettes
100 American centenarians and baby boomers feel 'younger than their years'
101 Scientists crack genetic code of tsetse fly
102 FDA approve first HPV test for primary screening of cervical cancer
103 Increased coffee consumption may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
104 Researchers discover brain pathway involved in emotional behaviors
105 Community-wide PTSD greatly exacerbated by recurring post-war violence
106 Banning chocolate milk has surprising consequences
107 Mobility in old age limited by midlife occupational and leisure-time physical activity
108 Relationship between female sexual behavior and hip width
109 Good bacteria identified that protects against HIV
110 Gene therapy reverses memory loss in mouse models of Alzheimer's
111 Comprehensive study shows effect of vaccination on spread and diversification of whooping cough
112 Microbes provide insights into evolution of human language
113 Gene architecture influenced by cell division speed
114 Cancer specific cell for potential treatment of gastric cancer identified
115 Neuronal regeneration after cerebral infarction improved by functional electrical stimulation
116 Identification of non-uniform genetic mutations in lung cancers could lead to targeted treatment
117 Final NICE guidance recommends GIOTRIF (afatinib) for first-line treatment of EGFR mutation positive advanced lung cancer
118 New era of lung cancer treatment heralded by immunotherapy data
119 Revolutionary clinical trial aims to advance lung cancer treatment