File Title
1 Zoo-Raised Gorillas Prefer Forest Sounds Over Chopin
2 People Missing Brain Wiring Form Unique Neural Connections
3 Facebook Post Leads to Witch Hunt, Tragedy in Brazil
4 Circumcision Complications Are Very Rare, Study Finds
5 A Gut Feeling: Studying the Bugs in Bees
6 Is Your Diet Keeping You Up At Night?
7 Reference: What Is a Midwife?
8 Reference: Panic Disorder: Causes & Treatment for Panic Attacks
9 Humans and Pets May Carry Similar Strains of MRSA
10 Male-only Gene Trick Could Leave Invasive Fish Species Floundering (Op-Ed)
11 From Human Extinction to Super Intelligence, Two Futurists Explain (Op-Ed)
12 After 500 Years, Durer's Art Still Engraved on Mathematicians' Minds (Op-Ed)
13 Equipment "Megaloads" on Roads Add Twist to Tar Sands Debate (Op-Ed)
14 Firstborn Siblings Are More Conservative, New Study Finds
15 Personhood for Pets? How the Human-Animal Bond Has Evolved
16 Shipwrecks and Dead Trees Become Home for Deep-Sea Life
17 What Birth Control Method Do Family Planning Docs Use? IUDs & Implants
18 Santa Maria? Wreckage of Columbus' Famous Ship Possibly Found
19 UN Convention Weighs Fears About Killer Robots
20 Partially Parched: Half of US Is In Drought
21 Mummified Fetus Found in Tiny Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus
22 How Low Will Summer Sea Ice Go? Ponds May Hold Key
23 The Science of World War I: Airplanes
24 8 Things You Should Know About MERS
25 8 Tips for Dealing with a Depressed Spouse
26 5 Myths About Antarctic Melt
27 Samsung Galaxy S5: Tips for Using S Health App
28 How Is MERS Different from the Flu?
29 'Alien' Catfish Baffles Scientists
30 Oldest Known Petrified Sperm Found--and It's Huge!
31 Reference: Am I Having a Boy or a Girl? UItrasound & Sex Prediction
32 Have Cosmologists Lost Their Minds in the Multiverse? (Op-Ed)
33 The Beautiful New Jellyfish Identified in the Gulf of Venice
34 Canadian Polar Bear Hunt Continues, Despite Extinction Threat (Op-Ed)
35 Playing it Forward: Video Games and Gamers Evolving (Op-Ed)
36 Muslims and Christians in Africa Work Together to Prevent Malaria (Op-Ed)
37 Going Viral: When Living Networks Go Awry
38 Electrons' Split 'Personalities' Help Solve Physics Mystery
39 Internet of Things Will Bring Promise and Challenges by 2025
40 Magnetar formation mystery solved? Supernova explosions and dizzying spins in a binary system
41 Ancient giant sperm from tiny shrimps discovered at Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site
42 Human learning altered by electrical stimulation of dopamine neurons
43 Surprising global species shake-up discovered
44 New implanted devices may reshape medicine: Researchers create transistors that wrap around tissues
45 Strongly interacting electrons in wacky oxide synchronize to compute like the brain
46 Primates and patience: Evolutionary roots of self control
47 Surviving storms: Coral reefs are critical for risk reduction and adaptation
48 Plastic pollution: Another threat for seabirds
49 Cause of many preterm births discovered: Premature aging of placenta from oxidative stress
50 Radiation from early universe found key to answer major questions in physics
51 Forgiving a wrong may actually make it easier to forget
52 Diets rich in antioxidant resveratrol fail to reduce deaths, heart disease or cancer
53 Scientists discover a natural molecule to treat type 2 diabetes: Molecule mimics some effect of physical exercise
54 Mars canyons: Against the current with lava flows
55 Early menopause increases heart failure risk, especially for smokers
56 Mobile phone data helps combat malaria
57 Role of calcium in familial Alzheimer's disease clarified, pointing to new therapeutics
58 Pretreatment snack improves uptake of schistosomiasis treatment in schoolchildren
59 Large increase seen in emergency departments visits for traumatic brain injury
60 Effectiveness of medications to treat alcohol use disorders examined
61 Novel protein fragments may protect against Alzheimer's
62 Stem cell technology points to early indicators of schizophrenia
63 Preschool teacher depression linked to behavioral problems in children: Unhealthy classroom climate is contributing factor
64 Molecule blocks cancer growth in mice: New drug candidate disrupts key interaction of two proteins by mimicking one to trick the other
65 Complex interplay between alcohol, social behavior illuminated by fish study
66 Distance influences accuracy of eyewitness iDs
67 Association between small-vessel disease, Alzheimer pathology studied
68 Underage college men discount dangers of driving after marijuana use
69 Screening 'not effective' in fight against domestic violence, researchers conclude
70 Brain may never fully recover from exposure to paint, glue, degreasers
71 Alcohol and drugs: Not just for modern humans
72 Alternative pathways let right and left communicate in early split brains
73 Bullying may have long-term health consequences
74 Having a sense of purpose may add years to your life
75 Low rate of adverse events associated with male circumcision during first year of life, study finds
76 Pregnancy significantly increases risk of serious traffic crashes
77 Entering adulthood in a recession linked to lower narcissism later in life
78 Why exercise may not help obese shed much weight: Exercise can elevate stress response and make it more difficult to become slim
79 Calcium supplements not associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women
80 Shorter men live longer, study shows
81 Athletes respond better to female psychologists
82 Love makes you strong: Romantic relationships help neurotic people stabilize their personality
83 Frequent arguments with family, friends linked to doubling in death risk in middle age
84 From age 30 onwards, inactivity has greatest impact on women's lifetime heart disease risk
85 Quantum tunneling and the Aharonov-Bohm effect
86 Simplifying an ultrafast laser offers better control
87 Microchip-like technology allows single-cell analysis
88 Unified superconductors: Single theoretical model of superconductivity for many materials
89 Using nature as a model for low-friction bearings
90 Novel technique enables air-stable water droplet networks
91 Ultrafast laser technique developed to observe electron action
92 MEMS nanoinjector for genetic modification of cells
93 The physics of ocean undertow: Creating more robust and sustainable beaches
94 Boats offer solution for urban congestion
95 Odd planet, so far from its star: Gas giant 155 light years from our solar system
96 HADES searches for dark matter: Astrophysicists cross 'Dark Photon' off the list in top position
97 A turbulent birth for stars in merging galaxies
98 Astronomers find sun's 'long-lost brother,' pave way for family reunion
99 New insight into star cluster formation: Stars on the outskirts actually are the oldest
100 NASA telescopes coordinate best-ever flare observations
101 Astronomers create first realistic virtual universe
102 A stellar explosion on the outer reaches of the Universe provides clues about black hole formation
103 Ancient crater points to massive meteorite strike
104 Rosetta space probe: Landing on a comet to observe nucleus and environment
105 Who did what? Techniques from natural-language processing enable computers to efficiently search video for actions
106 Mechanisms as minds: Creating a tensegrity robot that can move
107 Climate negotiation as a bargaining game
108 Ultra-fast bionic arm can catch objects on the fly
109 Privacy and vulnerability issues: Could decentralized networks help save democracy?
110 GaitTrack app makes cellphone a medical monitor for heart, lung patients