File Title
1 Babies recognize real-life objects from pictures as early as 9 months
2 New experimental vaccine produces immune response against MERS virus
3 When it comes to classes, small is better
4 Many Ivy League students don't view ADHD medication misuse as cheating
5 Rules of thumb: 3 simple ideas for overcoming childhood obesity
6 Using substances at school may be cry for help
7 Arizona Sate [sic] University scientists take steps to unlock the secrets to the fountain of youth
8 Middle school students introduced to arboriculture topic
9 Younger adults benefit from gardening's moderate- to high-intensity activities
10 Economics of high tunnels examined in southwestern United States
11 Plantable containers show promise for use in groundcover production, landscaping
12 Virtual patients, medical records and sleep queries may help reduce suicide
13 After single moms get laid off, their kids may suffer for years
14 New grasshopper species named after Grammy winner
15 Scientists explain how memories stick together
16 Researchers see hospitalization records as additional tool
17 Researchers propose network-based evaluation tool to assess relief operations feasibility
18 Ant colonies help evacuees in disaster zones
19 At the origin of cell division
20 Progress in the fight against quantum dissipation
21 Newlyweds, be careful what you wish for
22 NREL unlocking secrets of new solar material
23 Scientists discover a new shape using rubber bands
24 Economics = MC2--A portrait of the modern physics startup
25 Applying lessons from NASA helps manage threats and errors in pediatric cardiac surgery
26 A system detects global trends in social networks two months in advance
27 Ozone levels drop 20% with switch from ethanol to gasoline
28 Mathematicians trace source of Rogers-Ramanujan identities, find algebraic gold
29 Proving uncertainty: New insight into old problem
30 China study improves understanding of disease spread
31 Statistical analysis unveils the hidden patterns in Eurovision voting
32 Terahertz imaging on the cheap
33 Working to cure 'dry eye' disease
34 Predator-prey made simple
35 Statistical test increases power of genetic studies of complex disease
36 Eating more fruits, vegetables may cut stroke risk worldwide
37 Study predicts adult obesity prevalence in almost all European countries by 2030
38 Forty is not too old or too late to start endurance training
39 Leadless pacemaker showing promising results after 1 year
40 Study identifies mechanism by which intestinal enzyme maintains microbial balance
41 Calcium supplements not associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women
42 Discovery links rare, childhood neurodegenerative diseases to common problem in DNA repair
43 Experts say 'insourcing' innovation may be the best approach to transforming health care
44 Discovery that heart cells replicate during adolescence opens new avenue for heart repair
45 'Rice theory' explains north-south China cultural differences, study shows
46 Penn yeast study identifies novel longevity pathway
47 Listening to bipolar disorder: Smartphone app detects mood swings via voice analysis
48 What doesn't kill you may make you live longer
49 Partisan Media Driving a Wedge between Citizens, Study Finds
50 Public perceive alcohol adverts breach regulatory code, research finds
51 Obesity drug failing patients due to lack of education about side-effects
52 Urine test best detects alcohol use in liver transplant candidates, recipients
53 Oregon researchers capture handoff of tracked object between brain hemispheres
54 Collaboration between psychologists and physicians important to improving primary health care
55 Tackling test anxiety may help prevent more severe problems
56 Love makes you strong
57 Autism-related protein shown to play vital role in addiction
58 A 'wimpy' dwarf fossil galaxy reveals new facts about early universe
59 Nearby galaxy is a 'fossil' from the early universe
60 First ever gravitationally lensed Type Ia supernovae discovered
61 Space Station research shows that hardy little space travelers could colonize Mars
62 Astronomers harness the galaxy's biggest telescope to make most precise measurement of spinning star
63 The first globally complete glacier inventory has been created
64 Planck reveals magnetic fingerprint of our galaxy
65 Nearest bright 'hypervelocity star' found
66 International team maps nearly 200,000 global glaciers in quest for sea rise answers
67 Neutron star magnetic fields: not so turbulent?
68 Sprites form at plasma irregularities in the lower ionosphere
69 A stellar explosion on the outer reaches of the Universe provides clues about black hole formation
70 Astronomers Create First Realistic Virtual Universe
71 NASA Telescopes Coordinate Best-Ever Flare Observations
72 GaitTrack app makes cellphone a medical monitor for heart and lung patients
73 How immune cells use steroids
74 Nation's data capital poised to advance leadership position in big data
75 Hydrologists find Mississippi River network's buffering system for nitrates is overwhelmed
76 Flexible supercapacitor raises bar for volumetric energy density
77 Patient stem cells used to make 'heart disease-on-a-chip'
78 Galectins direct immunity against bacteria that employ camouflage
79 Teen Suicide Clusters Linked to Newspaper Reports
80 Spacetime May Be A Slippery Fluid
81 Reference: Onions: Health Benefits, Health Risks & Nutrition Facts
82 Reference: What Is The San Andreas Fault?
83 Reference: Asparagus: Health Benefits, Risks (Stinky Pee) & Nutrition Facts
84 Reference: Keeping Time: Time Zones, Trains and the 24-Hour Day
85 Reference: Who Were the Barbarians?
86 Bites and Parasites: Vector-Borne Diseases and the Bugs Spreading Them
87 Jiggy Mazda and the Spiders from Cars (Op-Ed)
88 Stress Reduction May Help Women Get Pregnant (Op-Ed)
89 5 Personality Traits That Will Get You Promoted
90 Reference: Facts About Flight 370: Passengers, Crew & Aircraft
91 Mount St. Helens Is Recharging: What Rising Magma Means
92 Human Brain Microchip Is 9,000 Times Faster Than a PC
93 'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Spidey Villains' Looks Inspired by Science
94 Big, Fat 'F': US Children Fail at Physical Activity
95 Did da Vinci Create a 3D 'Mona Lisa'?
96 3 Common Nutrition Myths Dispelled
97 Rare Postage Stamp Could Fetch $20 Million at Auction
98 North Korea Fires Seen from Space
99 Bioterror Threat? New Smallpox-Related Virus Raises Alarms
100 New York Marijuana Reform: A Chronic Issue for 70 Years
101 Exotic Particles May Hold Clues to Mysterious Dark Matter
102 Replica King Tut Tomb Unveiled in Egypt
103 Could Tiny 'Black Hole Atoms' Be Elusive Dark Matter?
104 Length of Alien Planet's 'Day' Clocked for 1st Time, an 8-Hour World
105 1st Case of Deadly MERS Virus Confirmed in US
106 Fracking-Linked Earthquakes May Strike Far from Wells
107 Jesus Married? New Documentary Highlights Controversial Gospel
108 Spider-Man: 5 Weird Effects of Real Spider Bites
109 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Looks More and More Like a Fake
110 Too Much Iron from Meat May Raise Heart Risks