File Title
1 Rising CO2 poses significant threat to human nutrition
2 As CO2 levels rise, some crop nutrients will fall
3 Native algae species to blame for 'rock snot' blooms in rivers worldwide
4 Phytoplankton and zooplankton biomass are expected to decrease by 6% and 11% respectively by the end of century due to climate change
5 Emerald ash borers were in U.S. long before first detection
6 What vigilant squid can teach us about the purpose of pain
7 Using genetics to measure the environmental impact of salmon farming
8 Super-charged tropical trees of Borneo vitally important for global carbon cycling
9 Homemade stink bug traps squash store-bought models, Virginia Tech researchers find
10 Beetles that taste like mustard
11 Pesticides: Research provides new insights into their effects on shrimps and snails
12 Rotational X-ray tracking uncovers hidden motion
13 Fungus may help stop invasive spread of tree-of-heaven
14 'Teenage' Songbirds Experience High Mortality Due to Many Causes, MU Study Finds
15 Plant hormone has dual role in triggering flower formation, Penn study finds
16 Lethal parasite evolved from pond scum
17 Stuck in the middle with oysters and crabs
18 Bee biodiversity boosts crop yields
19 Study strengthens link between neonicotinoids and collapse of honey bee colonies
20 Salt needed: Tolerance lessons from a dead sea fungus
21 Grape consumption may offer benefits for symptomatic knee osteoarthritis
22 Life on Cheese--Scientists Explore the Cheese Rind Microbiome
23 Research indicates coyote predation on deer in East manageable
24 New species of metal-eating plant discovered in the Philippines
25 Plants' Oil-Desaturating Enzymes Pair Up to Channel Metabolites
26 Genetic study tackles mystery of slow plant domestications
27 The story of animal domestication retold
28 Chickens to chili peppers
29 Ancient DNA offers clues to how barnyard chickens came to be
30 More questions than answers as mystery of domestication deepens
31 Birthplace of the domesticated chili pepper identified in Mexico
32 Remote surveillance may increase chance of survival for 'uncontacted' Brazilian tribes
33 Oldest pterodactyloid species discovered, named by international team of researchers
34 Genomic diversity and admixture differs for Stone-Age Scandinavian foragers and farmers
35 The Ancient Maya and virtual worlds: Different perspectives on material meanings
36 Prehistoric caribou hunting structure discovered beneath Lake Huron
37 Basel Egyptologists identify tomb of royal children
38 Man landing on Madeira could be 4 centuries prior to its colonization by the Portuguese
39 Study questions Neandertal inferiority to early modern humans
40 Neanderthals were not inferior to modern humans, says CU-Boulder study
41 University of Toronto researchers find 'Seeing Jesus in toast' phenomenon perfectly normal
42 Study suggests improved survivorship in the aftermath of the medieval Black Death
43 New study sheds light on survivors of the Black Death
44 Greenland melting due equally to global warming, natural variations
45 Third US National Climate Assessment reports our ecosystems are already changing
46 Yellowstone Geyser Eruptions Influenced More by Internal Processes, Than by External Forcing
47 Airborne measurements confirm leaks from oil and gas operations
48 Official statement by ACS: Release of National Climate Assessment demands action
49 First-ever study describes deep-sea animal communities on and around a sunken shipping container
50 Improving air quality in NYC would boost children's future earnings
51 Climate change may worsen summertime ozone pollution
52 Back to the future to determine if sea level rise is accelerating
53 Why a bacterium got its curve--and why biologists should know
54 Small mutation changes brain freeze to hot foot
55 Statins given early decrease progression of kidney disease
56 Scientists find gene behind a highly prevalent facial anomaly
57 How to increase the survival rate of motor neurons after spinal root avulsion
58 Overexpression of Notch1 in temporal lobe epilepsy
59 Molecular high-speed Origami
60 New Method Sneaks Drugs into Cancer Cells Before Triggering Release
61 Colonization of Brazil by the cattle egret
62 Scientists Decode Epigenetic Mechanisms Distinguishing Stem Cell Function and Blood Cancer
63 Study Validates Air Sampling Techniques To Fight Bioterrorism
64 Conducting polymer films decorated with biomolecules for cell research use
65 Longevity gene may boost brain power
66 Paleontologists discover new fossil organism
67 Plugging leaky blood vessels to save vision
68 Animal hoarding, a lesser-known problem for public health and welfare
69 Study: Game Developers Say Success Hinges On More than Just Programming Skills
70 How Does Stress Increase Your Risk for Stroke and Heart Attack?
71 Study finds ADHD and trauma often go hand in hand
72 Danish social workers have become the moral agents of the state
73 Are we ready for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence?
74 $200 Bird Scaring Line for Trawlers Can Cut Albatross Deaths by over 90%
75 U.S. Welfare Spending Up--But Help for the Neediest Down
76 More support needed for teaching swimming in schools
77 Two-lock box delivers cancer therapy
78 Access to electronic health records may influence care
79 Black male incarceration can compromise research studies
80 Energy device for flexible electronics packs a lot of power
81 Matching the expertise of perfumers to create new scents
82 How businesses can maximize revenue when introducing new products
83 Adults with autism virtually learn how to get the job
84 Just keep your promises: Going above and beyond does not pay off
85 States opting out of Medicaid leave 1.1 million community health center patients without health insurance
86 Survey: Larger percentage of Texas Hispanics have enrolled in Health Insurance Marketplace plans than whites
87 Quick test can help spot depressed teenagers, UT Arlington nursing researcher finds
88 Exact outline of melanoma could lead to new diagnostic tools, therapies
89 Anti-aging factor offers brain boost too
90 Antibiotic resistance genes are essentially everywhere
91 New technology using florescent proteins tracks cancer cells circulating in the blood
92 Scientists find solution to 2 long-standing mysteries of cuprate superconductivity
93 Neurovance's EB-1020 SR for adult ADHD shows stimulant-like efficacy in Phase 2a trial
94 Better cognition seen with gene variant carried by 1 in 5
95 Exploring the magnetism of a single atom
96 Bioprinting a 3D liver-like device to detoxify the blood
97 This FIB doesn't lie: New NIST microscope sees what others can't
98 Ovarian cancer cells are more aggressive on soft tissues
99 Chemotherapy timing is key to success
100 Fueling aviation with hardwoods
101 Regenerating plastic grows back after damage
102 Study finds patients AFib at higher risk of dementia when meds out of range
103 Ancient crater points to massive meteorite strike
104 Polar bear genome reveals rapid adaptation to fatty diet
105 Humans may benefit from new insights into polar bear's adaptation to high-fat diet
106 Mummy-making wasps discovered in Ecuador
107 Extinct kitten-sized hunter discovered
108 Want a young child to 'help' or 'be a helper'? Choice of words matters
109 Working memory differs by parents' education; effects persist into adolescence
110 Over 60 years of citizen science observations detect trends in Midwestern lakes