File Title
1 Proving uncertainty: New insight into old problem
2 A glassy look for manganites: Scientists observe glass-like behavior in electron-spins of PCMO crystals
3 Scientists create circuit board modeled on the human brain
4 Smartphone sensors leave trackable fingerprints
5 Inbred wolves struggle, moose proliferate at Isle Royale National Park
6 Researchers find unique fore wing folding among Sub-Saharan African Ensign wasps
7 Small variations in genetic code can team up to have big impact
8 How bacteria exploit proteins to trigger potentially lethal infections
9 New insights into bacterial substitute for sex
10 Missing piece of biogeochemical puzzle in aquifers discovered
11 Undersea warfare: Viruses hijack deep-sea bacteria at hydrothermal vents
12 Climate change study reveals unappreciated impacts on biodiversity
13 Decoding the chemical vocabulary of plants
14 'Remodelling' damaged nuclei: Discovery could lead to new treatments for accelerated aging disease
15 Climate change to intensify important African weather systems
16 Australian tsunami database reveals threat to continent
17 Tree rings reveal nightmare droughts in Western U.S.
18 Amphibians in a vice: Climate change robs frogs, salamanders of refuge
19 Network for tracking earthquakes exposes glacier activity: Accidental find offers big potential for research on Alaska's glaciers
20 New tool to aid in dolphin strandings
21 European seafloor survey reveals depth of marine litter problem
22 Sample of a frog's slimy skin predicts susceptibility to disease
23 Seeing the bedrock through the trees: Bottom-up model predicts depth to fresh bedrock under hillslopes
24 Multiple consecutive days of tornado activity spawn worst events
25 Neanderthals were not inferior to modern humans, study finds
26 Prehistoric caribou hunting structure discovered beneath Lake Huron
27 Interactions between humans and scavengers have been decisive in human evolution
28 Mystery of the pandemic flu virus of 1918 solved
29 Egyptologists identify tomb of royal children
30 What lies beneath modern New England? Mountain-building and the end of an ancient ocean
31 Reconstructed ancient ocean reveals secrets about the origin of life
32 Ancient Maya and virtual worlds: Different perspectives on material meanings
33 Genomic diversity and admixture differs for stone-age Scandinavian foragers and farmers
34 Oldest pterodactyloid species discovered: Primitive flying reptile took wing 163 million years ago
35 Sharp decline in maternal, child deaths globally, new data show
36 UK has one of the highest death rates for children in western Europe
37 Should the EU ban on the import of seal products stand?
38 Model sheds new light on sports-related brain injuries
39 Girls make higher grades than boys in all school subjects, analysis finds
40 When harm done can never be balanced: Vicarious revenge and the death of Osama bin Laden
41 Urban river pollutants suppress wild bird development
42 High doses of antidepressants appear to increase risk of self-harm in children young adult
43 How Brazilian cattle ranching policies can reduce deforestation
44 Ozone levels drop 20% with switch from ethanol to gasoline
45 Green clouds on the horizon for computing
46 Unemployment common after breast cancer treatment
47 Amazon rainforest survey could improve carbon offset schemes
48 Taking a walk may lead to more creativity than sitting
49 How to avoid water wars between 'fracking' industry and residents
50 Sporting latest tech toy can make you seem more like a leader
51 Flaw in 'secure' cloud storage could put privacy at risk
52 Cybersecurity researchers roll out a new heartbleed solution: Red Herring creates decoy servers, entraps, monitors hackers
53 Tiny particles could help verify goods
54 Should you trust your financial advisor? Pseudo-mathematics and financial charlatanism
55 Paying closer attention to attention
56 Take notes by hand for better long-term comprehension
57 Higher education associated with better recovery from traumatic brain injury
58 Picture books aren't just fun: Children learn sophisticated animal facts when parent read them
59 Inhibited children become anxious adults: Examining the causes and effects of early shyness
60 'I spy' used to show spoken language helps direct children's eyes
61 Computer software analyzing facial expressions accurately predicts student test performance
62 Teaching to optimize learning or control misbehavior? Scale of disruptive behavior in schools seriously underestimated
63 Procrastination and impulsivity genetically linked: Exploring the genetics of 'I'll do it tomorrow'
64 U.S. school children exposed to arsenic in well water have lower IQ scores
65 Researchers compare hip width and sexual behavior
66 Mother's diet affects the 'silencing' of her child's genes
67 Engineers grow functional human cartilage in lab
68 Chernobyl's birds adapting to ionizing radiation
69 Star is discovered to be a close neighbor of the Sunday and the coldest of its kind
70 Traces of recent water on Mars: Liquid water on Mars as recently as 200,000 years ago
71 Loss of Y chromosome can explain shorter life expectancy, higher cancer risk for men
72 Frog eggs help researchers find new information on grapevine disease
73 EXCHANGE: School traditional, online teaching mix
74 EXCHANGE: Challenged future teachers awarded
75 Indiana health officials: MERS patient improving
76 High school ag programs flourish as farms dwindle
77 Michigan lawmakers balk at new standardized test
78 Rise in Type 1, 2 diabetes among US youths: study
79 Challenge to Australia tobacco law could have vast impact
80 Number of children in Japan slips to new low
81 U.S. e-cigarette experiment inspires new medical device
82 MERS virus death toll in Saudi reaches 111
83 Bloodhounds help find forest-fire arsonists
84 Juneberries gain popularity with Northeast farmers
85 U.N.'s Ban urges climate action ahead of New York summit
86 Senate candidates debate big money, environment
87 Kenya gov't: 3 killed in 2 blasts at Kenyan coast
88 Europe's cybersecurity policy settings under attack
89 Decoding the Apple-Samsung patent dispute
90 China fines Sina over 'indecent' content
91 Jury says Samsung infringed Apple patents
92 Mixed verdict in Samsung-Apple patent trial
93 INL innovation center features energy efficiency
94 New Mexico taking aim at drone use in hunting
95 TV terrifies and compels with viruses and robots
96 California city looks to sea for water in drought
97 Young blood rejuvenates brains and muscles of old mice
98 Nokia eyes turnaround with new CEO, dividend
99 T-rex named Sue returns to Black Hills
100 UI scientists to review toxic waste alternatives
101 Vickers, crew teach kids about 'Science of Speed'
102 UND prof gets $276,000 grant to study asteroids
103 Vermont program turns professionals into teachers
104 Notre Dame alumnus donates $75 million to school
105 Springfield couple hike 50 states in 14 years
106 Students learn through electric car competition
107 Today's advice to graduates: No selfies
108 Lawmakers seek review of captive deer industry
109 Lifting patients part of nurses' backbreaking jobs
110 Vermont Legislature passes medical marijuana bill
111 Marijuana labs can't take samples from individuals
112 Study: Rural doctors make more
113 Nevada pursues ewe hunt to cull bighorn sheep
114 Challenge to Australia tobacco law could have vast impact
115 Napoleon's exile remembered 200 years on by Italian island
116 Document collection tells story of KC stockyards
117 ND may approve wider use of brine on roads
118 Autism risk is half genetic, half environmental
119 Wilderness Act shaped Montana landscape