File Title
1 Stanford Engineers Create Circuit Board that Mimics Brain [Video]
2 Archaeologists find 9,000-year-old Hunting Drive Lane Under Lake Huron
3 Solar Cells Able to Generate High Efficiency Power
4 Poison Used in Game of Thrones 'Purple Wedding' Explained by Science [VIDEO]
5 Los Angeles has Worst Ozone Pollution in US, Report Finds
6 New Class of Proteins Found in Corals Blocks HIV from Fusing with T-Cells
7 Infants Can Establish Connection Between Pictures and Real-Life Objects at 9 Months Old
8 Older Faults Produce Larger Earthquakes, Seismologist Finds
9 Evidence Animals Consciously Monitor Their Own Behavior Revealed
10 Shipwreck Search Uncovers Two Mysterious 'Giant Flowers' [VIDEO]
11 Recent Storm System Represents Future Multiple-Day Tornado Activity
12 History of Australia's Tsunamis Revised in New Study
13 Super-Heavy Element 117 to be Added to the Periodic Table
14 Decoding the Psychology Behind Rock-Paper-Scissors
15 Ganymede's Oceans have Sandwich-Like Stacks of Water and Ice
16 It is Still Not Time to Destroy Small Pox Virus, Researchers Say
17 Bacteria and Viruses Engage in Deep Sea Thermal Warfare
18 Egyptians Used Wet Sand to Move Stones to Build Pyramids
19 Fracking Should Be Included in Earthquake Hazards Assessments, Scientists Say
20 Network for Tracking Earthquakes Exposes Alaskan Glacier Activity
21 Bacteria can Survive Space Travel, ISS Research Shows
22 MERS Coronavirus Transmission from Camels to Humans Possible, Researchers Say
23 CDC Confirms First U.S. Case of MERS Coronavirus in Indiana Patient
24 Researchers Discover Gene Variant that Makes Brains Resilient Against Alzheimer's Disease
25 Sea Star Deaths off U.S. Coasts Still a Mystery
26 Move Over Graphene; MIT-Harvard Researchers Develop New 2-D Material
27 New Drug Quadruples Lifespan of Laboratory Mice
28 Marijuana-Related Deaths Spur Colorado to Reconsider Legalization Laws
29 Say Bye-Bye to Gray Hair, Researchers Find Way to Reverse The Process
30 Grotesque Goblin Shark Hauled up in Gulf of Mexico, Only Second Time Ever
31 Scientists Produce Sperm Cells from Human Skin
32 New Technology May Yield an Early Warning System for Drowsy Drivers
33 Michigan Man Regains Sight with New 'Bionic Eye'
34 Novel 'eNose' Can Sniff-Out Prostate Cancer
35 'Solar' Jet Fuel Made from Scratch Brings Us One Step Closer to Clean Energy
36 Network for Tracking Earthquakes Exposes Alaskan Glacier Activity
37 Ancient 'Wimpy' Galaxy is a Cosmic Anomaly
38 Detecting Life on Exoplanets: False-Positive Results Abound
39 NASA Curiosity Rover to Drill Martian Sandstone Named 'Windjana'
40 Regenerative medicine approach improves muscle strength, function in leg injuries; Derived from pig bladder
41 Jupiter's moon Ganymede may harbor 'club sandwich' of oceans and ice
42 Humans have a nose for gender: Chemical cues influence perceptions of movement as more masculine or feminine
43 Nearby galaxy is a 'fossil' from the early universe
44 Ground-breaking technique traces DNA direct to your ancestor's home 1,000 years ago
45 Synthesized 'solar' jet fuel: Renewable kerosene from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide
46 Many Ivy League students don't view ADHD medication misuse as cheating: 18% use stimulants to help them study
47 Your stress is my stress: Observing stress can trigger physical stress response
48 Reducing just six risk factors could prevent 37 million deaths from chronic diseases over 15 years
49 Leaf chewing links insect diversity in modern and ancient forests
50 The big bad wolf was right: Among wasps, bigger eyes evolved to better see social cues
51 Crocodile tears please thirsty butterflies and bees
52 MERS coronavirus can be transmitted from camel to humans
53 Increased drought portends lower future Midwestern U.S. crop yields
54 Delving deep into the brain: MRI sensor allows neuroscientists to map neural activity with molecular precision
55 Vibrating capsule shows promising results in treating chronic constipation: Non-pharmacological therapy
56 Lower verbal test score for toddlers who play non-educational games on touch screens
57 Smoking during pregnancy may raise risk for heart defects in babies
58 Nightmares may signal a child is being bullied
59 Many infants still not placed on their backs to sleep
60 A cup of coffee a day may keep retinal damage away, study shows
61 For the first time, proof of what hormone replacement therapy does to genes involved in breast cancer
62 Better sleep predicts longer survival time for women with advanced breast cancer
63 Key protein enhances memory, learning
64 Exploring genetics behind Alzheimer's resiliency
65 Big sisters do better: New study of siblings finds eldest girls have the edge
66 Out of shape? Your memory may suffer
67 Atypical form of Alzheimer's disease may be present in more widespread number of patients than thought
68 Promising biomarkers to predict suicide risk
69 U.S. newspaper reporting of suicide linked with some teenage suicide clusters
70 Blood pressure control, lifestyle changes key to preventing subsequent strokes
71 Age, general health, antidepressant use linked to eye disorders
72 Spinal cord neurons that control skilled limb movement identified
73 For some, money will not buy happiness: Neither life experiences nor material items make materialistic shoppers happier
74 New syndrome caused by mutations in AHDC1
75 Alcohol use before pregnancy linked to intestinal birth defect
76 Malnutrition during pregnancy may affect the health of future generations
77 Individual brain activity predicts tendency to succumb to daily temptations
78 UV nail salon lamps linked to small increased risk of skin cancer
79 Light activity every day keeps disability at bay
80 Babies recognize real-life objects from pictures as early as nine months, psychologists discover
81 Simple tests of physical capability in midlife linked with survival
82 Heart attack survivors who eat lots of fiber live longer, study finds
83 You took the words right out of my brain: New research shows brain's predictive nature when listening to others
84 Consuming high-protein breakfasts helps women maintain glucose control, study finds
85 The science of extraterrestrial Olympics, Brad Pitt's punches and Breaking Bad gore
86 Approaching the island of stability: Observation of the superheavy element 117
87 New atom-scale knowledge on the function of biological photosensors
88 Stimulated mutual annihilation: How to make a gamma-ray laser with positronium
89 Electronic nose sniffs out prostate cancer using urine samples
90 Nanoelectronics: Edgy look at 2-D molybdenum disulfide
91 Whales hear us more than we realize: Sonar signal 'leaks' likely audible to some marine mammals
92 Breaking up water: Controlling molecular vibrations to produce hydrogen
93 Small changes could save structures, lives during tornadoes: Safe rooms, quality garage doors critical
94 Accelerator for molecular machines discovered
95 Hardy little space travelers could colonize Mars, space station research shows that
96 First ever gravitationally lensed Type Ia supernovae discovered
97 When did the universe emerge from its 'dark age'? Spectrum of gamma-ray burst's afterglow indicates beginning of re-ionization process
98 Astronomers observe corkscrew nature of light from a distant black hole
99 Length of exoplanet day measured for first time: Spin of Beta Pictoris b measured
100 Entire star cluster thrown out of its galaxy
101 How do we clean up the junkyard orbiting Earth?
102 The intergalactic medium unveiled: Cosmic Web Imager directly observes 'dim matter'
103 Search for extraterrestrial life more difficult than thought
104 Herschel discovers mature galaxies in the young Universe
105 Using speed of video game processors to improve cancer patient care
106 New rapid synthesis developed for bilayer graphene and high-performance transistors
107 Playing pool with carbon atoms: How to change the crystal structure of graphene
108 Next gen cell phones, computers? Harnessing magnetic vortices for making nanoscale antennas
109 Molecular networks provide insights for computer security: Viruses and other external threats drive evolution of robust architectures
110 Mathematicians trace source of Rogers-Ramanujan identities, find algebraic gold