File Title
1 Islamic Egypt's first capital under threat
2 Egypt archaeologists find ancient writer's tomb
3 Buried city of Pompeii unveils three new houses
4 Clues found about Civil War ship commandeered by slave on S.C. coast
5 Medieval slave trade routes in Eastern Europe extended from Finland and the Baltic Countries to Central Asia
6 Ancient puppy paw prints found on Roman tiles
7 Community project focuses on Neolithic Whitehawk camp
8 Greek Goddess Statue Found At Illegal Excavation in Turkey
9 Anglesey: Mysterious artifact discovered at Neolithic tomb
10 Anatomically Modern Humans Left Africa Earlier Than Previously Thought, Suggests Study
11 Origins of Domesticated Chili Pepper Found in Mexico
12 Archaeologists Find Ancient Chisel that May Have Helped Build Kotel
13 Patterson Park dig uncovering traces of War of 1812 militia camp, defenses
14 Community dig sheds new light on Wark Castle in Northumberland
15 More questions than answers as mystery of domestication deepens
16 Hikers Find Human Skull and Bones in Gush Etzion Cave
17 Two Saiti tombs unearthed near Egypt's Minya
18 Rich archaeological finds in Sicily
19 Archaeologists, tribe clash over Native remains
20 Bloody souvenir not from decapitated French king: DNA
21 New C14 technique helps date Australian rock art
22 1888 shipwreck in San Francisco Bay hailed as big historical find
23 Missing Link? Mississippi Floods, and a Great City Disappears
24 Genomic diversity and admixture differs for Stone-Age Scandinavian foragers and farmers
25 The Ancient Maya and Virtual Worlds: Different Perspectives on Material Meanings
26 Skeletons of foetus, heavily pregnant woman and crammed men found at York church
27 Site of rare Indian artifacts paved over in California
28 New Genetic Findings About Stone-Age Scandinavian Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers
29 Cold War Spy-Satellite Images Unveil Lost Cities
30 Canada releases pictures of world's most northerly shipwreck
31 Scientists Uncover Evidence of Change from Hunting to Herding at Early Neolithic Settlement
32 Mound excavation reveals transition from hunting to herding in Neolithic settlement
33 A Roman hoard from the end of empire
34 Basel Egyptologists identify tomb of royal children
35 9,000-Year-Old Caribou Hunting Structure Found Submerged in Lake Huron
36 Prehistoric caribou hunting structure discovered beneath Lake Huron
37 From Stone Darts to Dismembered Bodies, New Study Reveals 5,000 Years of Violence in Central California
38 Archaeologists find 'lost' medieval village full of pottery, coins and bones in Scottish Borders
39 Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Punic Vessels in Balearic Islands
40 Hope for further Vindolanda tablet discoveries
41 Amateur archaeologists unearth Viking gold
42 A Point of View: Is the archaeological dig a thing of the past?
43 2,500 years burial relics accidentally unearth in central Vietnam
44 Blood preserved in gourd did not belong to King Louis XVI
45 Interactions between humans and scavengers have been decisive in human evolution
46 Neanderthals were not inferior to modern humans, says CU-Boulder study
47 Mysterious Buried Artifacts Discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings
48 Egypt Archaeologists May Have Found Alexander the Great's Tomb
49 Novel Polymer Network lets Materials Heal Faster
50 Airborne Wind Turbines can Generate Electricity, Researchers Say
51 Population of Invasive Asian Shore Crabs in Delaware Declining, Researchers Say
52 Ancient Plant gets a High-Definition Makeover in New Study
53 Stanford Scientists develop New Process to produce Ethanol
54 Scientists model Massive Ancient Asteroid Blast
55 New Research brings Mysterious Saturn Hexagon into Focus
56 New Research explains Rich Puget Sound Waters
57 Forests Retain More Carbon in Nutrient-Rich Soil
58 Specialized Clams Serve as Sea Floor Eco-Engineers
59 Neanderthals, First Humans did not Meet on Iberian Peninsula
60 High Emissions Levels found in Different Stage of Natural Gas Drilling
61 Quantum Dots may mean Solar Panels on House Windows
62 Smithsonian Museum Welcomes 'The Nation's T. Rex' to Washington DC
63 Social Behavior Clues found in Earwig Families
64 Cognitive Motor Performance Peaks at Age 24, Study Finds
65 Ancient Fish Head Suggests Sharks Aren't as Primitive as we Thought
66 Mammal Fertilization begins with Juno and Izumo
67 300-Million-Year-Old Fossil Sheds Light on Herbivore Evolution
68 Chimpanzees Like to Sleep on Beds Made of Sturdy Ugandan Ironwood, Researchers Find
69 PET Better than Standard Tests in Predicting Recovery from Severe Brain Damage
70 Space X's Dragon Spacecraft Sent to International Space Station
71 'Gene Expression Maps' Show Why Humans and Neanderthals Look Different
72 Researchers Develop Gecko-Inspired Adhesive Device 'Geckskin' [Video]
73 FDA Approves Merck's Ragwitek for Hay Fever Treatment
74 Northern Russian City Sees Meteor-Like Object [Video]
75 Kitchen Blender, Dishwashing Liquid Used to Isolate Graphene
76 Stem Cell Nuclei Act Like Tiny Sponges
77 Scientists Create Glasses that Display Fake Emotions [Video]
78 World's Largest Telescope Will Sit atop Chilean Mountain
79 Scientists Use Krypton Dating to Estimate Antarctic Ice's Age
80 Parts of Antarctica were as Warm as Coastal California during Eocene Epoch, Yale Study
81 DNA Helps Researchers Trace Origins of Domestic Chicken
82 FDA Approves Eli Lilly's Cyramza for Treatment of Advanced Stomach Cancer
83 Humans Moved out of Africa Much Earlier than Previous Estimates
84 Meteorites Might Have Delivered Vitamin B3 to Earth, Researchers Say
85 Lightweight, Cheap Ultracapacitor Built Using Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes
86 Monkeys can Do Math, Study Finds
87 Researchers Develop Safer, Longer-lasting Vacuum Ultraviolet Lamps
88 Mantis Shrimp Fist Inspires Researchers to Develop Super-Tough Material for Airplanes [Video]
89 Persistent Drought 'Browning' Africa's Congo Rainforest
90 Y chromosome is Not Disappearing, Researchers Say
91 Time-Lapse Video of Growing Quail Wins First Prize in Nikon's 'Small World' Competition [Videos]
92 Harvard Group Finds Hemihelix Structure
93 Researchers Find New Genus, Species of Electric Knifefish in Brazil
94 Walking Sparks Creativity More than Sitting or Being Outdoors
95 Oldest, Most Primitive Flying Reptile Named After 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' Film
96 Some Corals can Cope with Rising Temperatures, Stanford Researchers Find
97 Gravitational Lens: Researchers Find Galaxy that Magnified Supernova PS1-10afx
98 FDA Okays Roche's HPV Test for Primary Cervical Cancer Screening
99 Space X Filing Lawsuit Against U.S. Air Force
100 Rapper Tyga Reportedly Kept Bengal Tiger as Pet
101 IBM Chisels World's Smallest Magazine Cover Using Tiny Needle
102 Geckos can Cling to Teflon Under Water
103 South Californian Mite is the Fastest Land Animal
104 Three Sierra Nevada Amphibians Receive Endangered Species Act Protection
105 Sanofi's Experimental Dengue Vaccine Shows Promising Results
106 Birds in Chernobyl Coping with Ionizing Radiation; Study Finds
107 Silencing Genes Linked with Fear Could Help People Cope with Phobia, Researchers Say
108 In Warmer Cities, Butterflies Emerging Later than Usual
109 Scientists Create Three-Atom Wide Wires Using Electron Beams
110 Scent of Male Scientists Triggers Stress Response in Rodents; Study Finds