File Title
1 Eastern Australia a tsunami hotspot
2 Far-off planet a spinning dynamo
3 Neanderthals were not dimwitted inferiors
4 Physicists add another element to table
5 Drongos 'cry wolf' to score a snack
6 Finding ET may be harder than thought
7 Viruses make zombies of deep sea vent bacteria
8 Astronaut launches space meal contest
9 Swarm 'delivers on magnetic promise'
10 How to win at rock-paper-scissors
11 AstraZeneca rejects new Pfizer offer
12 Smart umbrellas 'could collect rain data'
13 Prehistoric North Sea 'Atlantis' hit by 5m tsunami
14 Met Office's Laki volcano impacts study due soon
15 Amesbury in Wiltshire confirmed as oldest UK settlement
16 Government backs UK launch site plan for space tourism
17 Ban on Indian mango imports to EU comes into force
18 Warming boosts UK flooding risk
19 Antibiotic resistance now 'global threat,' WHO warns
20 Megacities contend with sinking land
21 NASA shows off prototype spacesuit for journey to Mars
22 Video: European countries are trying to break away from their dependence on Russian gas
23 Who, What, Why: How dangerous are tick bites in the UK?
24 Big pharma takeover 'threat to science base in the UK'
25 Scientists probe Earth's last warm phase
26 Max Clifford jailed for eight years for sex assaults
27 'Many dead' in Ukraine offensive in Sloviansk--Turchynov
28 Gerry Adams arrest: NI police 'seek extension'
29 Scores feared dead in Afghanistan landslide
30 Under-fives death rate 'high in UK,' major study shows
31 Heroin abuse--does the UK still have a problem?
32 Longest-separated twins find each other
33 The slow death of purposeless walking
34 A Point of View: Grand Central, the world's loveliest station
35 Jeremy Clarkson: BBC upbraids presenter over 'racist' clip
36 Teens arrested in Cwmcarn High School murder plot
37 Top Gear: A vehicle for controversy?
38 Twitter tries out 'mute' feature for irritating tweets
39 Microsoft includes XP users in Internet Explorer fix
40 Gadget promises to brew the 'perfect' cup of tea
41 Sony predicts bigger full-year loss
42 Former Nokia boss Stephen Elop's pay-off rises to $33m
43 Facebook launches mobile ads Audience Network
44 Wikipedia edit from government computer added Muslim insult
45 Film download prices 'to be determined by screen size'
46 Google halts student Gmail advertisement scans
47 Piracy sites are 'rife with scams' says media industry
48 Kim Dotcom: On the road with Hollywood's biggest enemy
49 Webdriver Torso YouTube mystery clips' French connection
50 Can tech deliver a sustainable future for Planet Earth?
51 Mesh networks chat apps to the rescue
52 Do you want to know a secret?
53 Snail's pace web speeds stifling small firms' growth
54 Apps for attacks: Software to combat anxiety disorders
55 Stephen Sutton: Fundraising cancer teenager goes home
56 Doctor Who star Matt Smith set for Terminator reboot
57 'Trojan Horse': Head teachers' fears over six schools
58 York Hagueathon student drinking event 'insensitive'
59 School heads call for slow-down in pace of change
60 Primary pupils to learn about world of work
61 Concern over finances at academy provider
62 Grammars to give poor pupils admissions priority
63 School rebuilding programme: 2 billion pounds for next phase
64 Labour wants a new tier of 'school standards tsars'
65 Exam pressure: What the private tutor saw
66 Do academies have an identity crisis?
67 Erasmus exchanges get down to business
68 Inside the Trojan Horse
69 Too young for the Holocaust?
70 World's biggest scanning project to track diseases
71 Baby helmets 'have no added value,' study finds
72 Pregnant women urged to get whooping cough jab
73 Legal challenge over NHS spending
74 Complaints of Veronica Teal's nursing home abuse 'upheld'
75 Affordable healthy diet 'too expensive for many'
76 Mini-stroke dismissed as 'funny turn'
77 Minister 'open-minded' on legal high solutions
78 Children 'influenced by parents' screen-viewing habits'
79 The man with 42 hours to get home
80 Inconvenient people: A Victorian view of mental-health treatment
81 Why do people take ayahuasca?
82 Half of cancer sufferers 'live a decade or more'
83 E-cigarette users in UK have 'tripled' since 2010
84 Peaches Geldof: Police launch inquiry into drug supply
85 Death-penalty analysis reveals extent of wrongful convictions
86 Two plants to put 'clean coal' to test
87 Doubts over heart stem-cell therapy
88 Basic science finds corporate refuge
89 Dietary fibre acts on brain to suppress appetite
90 US biodefence facilities ramp up
91 Bird reproduction collapsed after oil spill
92 Infectious diseases: Smallpox watch
93 Deep-diving seals reveal secrets of carbon monoxide
94 WHO warns against 'post-antibiotic' era
95 Ancient bones show signs of struggle with coeliac disease
96 First exoplanet seen spinning
97 UK proposes greater transparency on animal research
98 UK Royal Society still trails US National Academy of Sciences in female members
99 You don't always know what you're saying
100 UK politicians wade into pharma mega-deal
101 Independence wouldn't break research ties, says Scottish Government
102 Male researchers stress out rodents
103 Ethanol fuels ozone pollution
104 Society needs more than wonder to respect science
105 Metabolic quirks yield tumour hope
106 E-cigarettes affect cells
107 SpaceX Falcon Rocket Flies Itself Back to Earth
108 Praying Mantises Given World's Tiniest 3-D Glasses
109 Rodents Fear Men (Women, Not So Much)
110 Self-Cleaning Paint Repels Dirt and Mud
111 John Paul II and John XXIII Are Saints
112 Mutiny on the Bounty: What Happened Next
113 Top 10 Fastest Land Animals
114 Brain Implant Could Restore Memory
115 Brain Implants, Six-Fingered Hands by 2039
116 4 Bits of Real Science in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'
117 New Super-Heavy Element 117 Confirmed