File Title
1 Evidence Shows Prehistoric Humans Used Fire 300,000 Years Ago
2 Scientists Find 800,000-Year-Old Human Footprints On Norfolk Beach
3 Fungi Play Crucial Role Policing Biodiversity In Rainforests
4 UB Names Five Inventions That Could Significantly Benefit Consumers
5 Underage Youth Get Cigarettes And Alcohol From Friends And Family
6 Study Finds Over A Third Of Designated Drivers Not Quite Sober
7 Scientists Develop Breathalyzer That Can 'Smell' Drugs
8 iPhone Uers Can Create Their Own Dreams
9 Hoop Dreams Achieved Through Snoozing
10 Bad Dreams And Nightmares Not Always Driven By Fear
11 Recurring Memory Traces Boost Long-Lasting Memories
12 Even People With Auto-Activation Disorder Can Still Dream
13 Persuasive Speech: The Way We, Um, Talk Sways Our Listeners
14 Does Texting Increase Truthfulness?
15 Infant's Sense Of Numbers Predicts Math Skills
16 Natural Selection Questions Answered Using Engineering Plus Evolutionary Analyses
17 Darwinian Selection Continues To Influence Human Evolution
18 Cat Domestication May Have Started In China 5,000 Years Ago
19 Pigeons Never Forget A Face
20 The Smell Of Danger
21 Flexible Partnership Lets Lichens Live In Different Habitats
22 Lichen Evolved On 2 Tracks, Like Marsupials And Mammals
23 Rare Pennsylvania Fungus Named For Philadelphia Botanist
24 Study Of Nearby Galaxy M83 Yields Surprising Find--A New Fast And Furious Black Hole
25 NASA Satellite Discovers Cloudy Conditions Around Black Holes
26 Physicists Discover New Kind Of Friction
27 Scientists Show How The Brain's Estimate Of Newton's Laws Affects Perceived Object Stability
28 I Love Q Equation Helps Understand The Universe
29 Classical Physics: Breaking The Limits
30 Making Magnets With Ultra Cold Atoms
31 Heisenberg's Hunch Was Correct, And Now Scientists Have Proof
32 Giant Piece Of Granite Helps Simulate Inertia In Space
33 'Inhabitants Of Madrid' Ate Elephants' Meat And Bone Marrow 80,000 Years Ago
34 Disappearing Elephant Caused The Rise Of Modern Man
35 Sophisticated Blade Production Much Earlier Than Originally Thought
36 A Way To End Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections? Study With Mice Gives Hope
37 World's First Light-Activated Antimicrobial Surface That Also Works In The Dark
38 Mice Appear Indifferent To Larval Tick Infestations
39 How Do Stick Insects Grip Without Sticking?
40 Controlling Friction By Tuning Van Der Waals Forces
41 Mechanism Behind Wear At The Atomic Scale Shown By Penn Research
42 Evidence Suggests Recycling May Have Started With Early Hominids
43 Researchers Study Earliest Evidence Of Human Hunting And Scavenging
44 Human Skull Discovery Forces Rethink On Modern Man's Migration
45 Of Sharks, Bees And Humans: Hunting Patterns Similar Among Species
46 Archaeologists Discover World's Oldest Calendar In Scotland
47 CDC: 300,000 Americans Diagnosed With Lyme Disease Annually
48 Crucial Player For Lyme Disease Transmission Identified
49 Timber Rattlesnakes Help Keep Lyme Disease In Check
50 Wild Mice Have Natural Protection Against Lyme Borreliosis
51 Smooth Sailing: Rough Surfaces That Can Reduce Drag
52 Casimir Force Reduced To Lowest Recorded Level
53 Ionic Wind Thrusters Future Of Lightweight Aircraft
54 Nano-Cone Textures Produce Extremely Robust Water-Repellent Surfaces
55 Research Team Develops Artificial Surfaces Insects Cannot Stick To
56 Understanding Why Water Repels On Certain Surfaces
57 Buckyball Manipulated By Inserting A Single Water Molecule
58 New Method Allows Researchers To Sort Out DNA Contamination
59 The Five-Second Rule: Is It Scientifically Legitimate?
60 Gut Bacteria Love Dark Chocolate, And Here's Why
61 UC Research Brings A Future Of Mind-Reading Robots Ever Closer
62 Researchers Turn To Technology To Discover A Novel Way Of Mapping Landscapes
63 Children Exposed To Lead More Likely To Be Suspended From School
64 Dew Drops Help Keep Cicada Wings Fresh And Clean
65 MIT Researchers Create Water-repellent Ceramics From Rare Earth Elements
66 Thinking 'Big' May Not Be The Best Way To Save Large-river Fish
67 Today's Kids: What's A Radio?
68 Comcast May Bring Faster Streaming To Apple Set-Top Boxes
69 Cisco Invests $1 Billion To Build Global Intercloud
70 Internet Innovator Steve Perlman Unveils New Wireless Technology
71 California Leads The Country In Cell Phone 'Kill Switch' Legislation
72 Artists have an eye for pollution
73 Maths reveals genital herpes' magic number
74 Vikings' sunstones a navigation light
75 New world found at solar system's edge
76 Crows 'clever' as human seven-year-old
77 Genome 'navigation map' revealed
78 Pandas relish the sweeter side of life
79 Rotavirus can speed up diabetes onset
80 Bat's call: back away from my bug
81 First synthetic yeast chromosome built
82 Comet lander checks in with Earth
83 Scientists hail synthetic chromosome advance
84 Europe begins Mars site selection
85 Autism 'begins long before birth'
86 'Mars yard' to test European rover
87 Pet cats infect two people with TB
88 New insight into how children learn maths
89 Beaked whale is deep-dive champion
90 Icy body found orbiting far from Sun
91 Icy Chariklo asteroid has ring system
92 US-Russia space station crew delayed in orbit after glitch
93 Living materials could grow products
94 Dissent among scientists over key climate impact
95 Stag beetle battles: How ungainly jaws bite so hard
96 Giant rat: Swedes agog at 'Ratzilla' in Stockholm
97 Doubt cast on evidence for wet Moon
98 Ecologists learn lessons from the 'ghosts of megafauna'
99 Could this radar spot Malaysia's missing plane?
100 Can a Zen-like approach help countries with floods?
101 Is Japan playing hunger games with climate change?
102 Seaweed--Zanzibar's 'gift from the ocean'
103 Fingerprints give police new clues for solving crime
104 Why climate change is bad news for India tea producers
105 The disruptive power of 3D printing
106 Chemistry of love: Using pheromones to find your match
107 Tweeting astronaut reveals Space tech secrets
108 Climate report aims to blossom in Japan
109 UK's future climate to be all sorts
110 Cutting-edge methods in search for flight MH370