File Title
1 Biologists Produce Rainbow-Colored Algae
2 Scientists Develop Anti-Cancer Drug From Algae
3 Insight Into Plant Behavior Could Aid Quest For Efficient Biofuels
4 Ancestors Of Land Plants Revealed
5 Researchers Explain The Flagellar Synchronisation Of Swimming Algae
6 Understanding Why It's So Hard To Quit Smoking
7 Hungry People Are More Likely To Support Welfare System: Study
8 Attention Spans, Cognitive Ability Tied To Physical Activity, Health
9 Gaze Perception Makes Your Brain Think You Are Being Stared At
10 Just Asking The Right Question May Lead To Moral Behavior
11 Understanding The Forces Behind Tectonic Plates
12 Atlas Mountains In Morocco Are Floating On Molten Rock, Likely From The Canary Islands
13 Iron In The Earth's Core Weakens Before Melting
14 Voyager, Galileo Spacecraft Images Used To Create Geological Map Of Jupiter's Largest Moon
15 Diverse Mineralogy Could Provide New Insight Into Lunar Evolution
16 Earth's Core Formed As Iron Trickled Down Like Dripping Coffee
17 Report: Future Of California Desalination Plants In Doubt
18 Lower Rio Grande Basin Study Shows Shortfall In Future Water Supply
19 Solving World's Water Shortage Will Require Improved Desalination
20 From Seawater To Freshwater With A Nanotechnology Filter
21 World Water Supply Purified With Help From Plasma-treated Nano Filters
22 Bacterial Spare Parts Filter Antibiotic Residue From Groundwater
23 Filtering Harmful Antibiotics From Water Using Solar-Powered Proteins
24 New Device Better Traps Viruses, Airborne Pathogens
25 You May Be Drinking Wastewater Without Knowing It
26 Greenland Slipping Away
27 Light Shed On Hox Genes Responsible For Firefly Lantern Development
28 NASA Helps Improve Flood Safety When Waters Rise
29 Advances In Glass Alloys Lead To Strength, Flexibility
30 Tyrannosaurus Rex Was A Pack Hunter
31 Understanding Leatherback Sea Turtle Habits For Conservation Efforts
32 Fossilized Tooth In Dinosaur Tailbone Proves T. Rex Was A Predator
33 Newly Discovered Dinosaur Species Was Lunch For Crocodiles
34 New Nanomedicine Resolves Inflammation, Promotes Tissue Healing
35 Hair Plays Important Role In Keeping Elephants Cool
36 Ending Geoengineering Prematurely May Worsen Global Warming
37 Researchers Warn Against Abrupt Stop To Geoengineering Method
38 Picture Of How Our Climate Is Affected By Greenhouse Gases Is A 'Cloudy' One
39 Human Interaction Responsible For 62 Percent Of Cougar Deaths In Re-established Populations
40 Vultures Wait For Prey Where They're Likeliest To Die
41 Brazilian Tigrina Is Not One, But Two Separate Wild Cat Species
42 New Medicines Developed For Llamas And Alpacas
43 Ancient DNA Helps Solve The Mystery Of The Extinct Falkland Islands Wolf
44 Low Nutrient Diet Could Be Key To Longevity
45 The Lifespan Of The Worm Predicted With Accuracy In New Study
46 Parasitic DNA Multiplies In Aging Tissues
47 Scientists Develop Chemical That May Stop Aging Process
48 Hearing Mechanism Resembles Operation Of Car Battery: Study
49 Small Hippocampus Associated With Depression In The Elderly: Risk Factor Or Shrinkage?
50 A Mother's Love Is Good For Child's Brain
51 Rats Recall Past To Make Daily Decisions
52 Designing Flexible Robots Based On Seahorse Tail Armor
53 Seahorse Heads Are Perfectly Shaped For Catching Prey
54 Quantum Reality Is More Complex Than Previously Thought
55 Distant Artificial Atoms Cooperate By Sharing Light
56 Research Quality X-rays Could Have Widespread Applications
57 Is Quantum Entanglement Driven By Wormholes?
58 Ways Of The Photoelectric Effect; How Physicists Have Learned How To Select Them
59 Quantum Effects Help Cells Capture Light, But The Details Are Obscure
60 Time Warp: LSU Researcher Shows Possibility Of Cloning Quantum Information From The Past
61 Peeking Into Schrodinger's Box
62 Closing 'Free Will' Loophole From Bell's Theorem
63 Oil Drilling Costs, Impacts Improved Using Modern Compass Technology
64 Dogs Align With Earth's Magnetic Field When Relieving Themselves
65 Bigger Brains Indicate Hobbit Humans Evolved From Homo Erectus
66 Our Human Ancestors Had A Diet Rich In Grass
67 Printing Eye Cells Shown Feasible Using Inkjet Technology
68 Your Eyes May Tell The Tale Of Alzheimer's Onset
69 Red Lights At Night Better Than White When It Comes To Mood
70 Relatives Of White Nose Syndrome Fungus Found, May Help Find A Cure
71 Social Bats More Likely To Pay Higher Price From White-nose Syndrome
72 Study Confirms Minimally Buzzed Driving Just As Deadly As 0.08+
73 Analysis Website Determines Louisiana Has Worst Drivers In US
74 New Breathalyzer Technology Could Offer Cheaper, More Precise Way To Catch Drunk Drivers
75 Drivers Who Test Positive For Drugs Have Triple The Risk Of A Fatal Car Crash
76 Sober Drinking Knowledge Often Fails 'In The Moment' Of Intoxication
77 Control Annoying Pests With A Scoop Of Grapefruit
78 Standardized Testing Not A Predictor Of Fluid Intelligence
79 New Visual IQ Test Eliminates Cultural Bias Of Intelligence
80 Brain Region More Active In People Who Can Remember Their Dreams
81 People Care About The Source Of Cash, Attach Less Value To 'Tainted' Wealth
82 Computerized Concussion Test Should Be Used With Caution
83 Volcanic Activity Led To Demise Of Chinese Dinosaurs: Study
84 Iceland's Basalt Pillars Not From Warring Trolls, As Folk Legend Has It
85 Researchers Develop Building 'Belt' For Cheap, Quick Repair Of Earthquake Damage
86 Natural Disasters Were Rampant In 2013, Creating Widespread Chaos
87 What Drives Aftershocks?
88 Genetic Study Clarifies Evolutionary Origin Of Elusive Montane Red Fox
89 Globe-Trotting Foxes Crossed Arctic Land Bridge
90 Rat: Man's New Best Friend
91 Canadian Researchers Find Evidence That Coyotes Really Do Hunt Moose
92 Genetic Evidence Confirms Coyote Migration Route To Virginia And Hybridization With Wolves
93 Genetics Show Eastern Wolves Are Coyote Hybrids
94 Cognitive Performance In Older Adults Improved With Nutritional Supplement
95 Health Spending Is More Efficient For Men Than For Women
96 Research Confirms Age-Related Cognitive Decline Is Genetically Influenced
97 Working Longer--Older Americans' Attitudes On Work And Retirement
98 New Discovery--Copepods Share 'Diver's Weight Belt' Technique With Whales
99 Where Did All The Codfish Go?
100 Switching To A Power Stroke Helps A Tiny Marine Crustacean To Survive
101 Fish Poop May Play Critical Role In Oceans' Carbon Cycle
102 Applied Mathematicians Extend Einstein's Speed Of Light Theory
103 Scientists Solve Mystery Of How Black Holes Produce Hard X-rays
104 Rethinking The Cosmic Speed Limit
105 More Ultramassive Black Holes Than Previously Thought
106 Ask An Expert--The Woodward Effect And General Relativity
107 Decay Used To Create Quantum Information
108 Evidence Shows Incest, Interbreeding Common Among Neanderthals
109 Sunlight Adaptation Region Of Neanderthal Genome Found In Up To 65 Percent Of Modern East Asian Population
110 Researchers Find Additional Evidence Suggesting That Neanderthals Could Speak