File Title
1 Flying Microraptor Feasted On Fish, Say Paleontologists
2 River-Bottom Claw Marks Provide Evidence Of Dinosaurs' Swimming Prowess
3 Dinosaur Abdominal Analysis Reveals Wolf-Like Hunting Prowess
4 Velociraptors Didn't Turn Down Free Meals
5 Killer Claws Help Provide New Theory On Evolution Of Flight
6 Cheetahs Aren't Just Fast Hunters, They're Also Adaptable
7 Not All Camouflage Is Equally Effective
8 Not All Prey Falls Victim To Moonlight
9 New Study Reveals How Falcons Hunt
10 After The Mass Extinction Amphibians And Dinosaurs Were The New Large Predators
11 Punctured Cell Membranes Lead To High Blood Pressure
12 EEG Study Shows How Brain Infers Structure, Rules When Learning
13 Dinosaur Lost: Brontosaurus Was Never Real
14 Massive Sauropod Dinosaurs Ate More To Get Much Needed Nitrogen
15 Dinosaur From Utah Was Top Predator, Ruled Over Early Tyrannosaurs
16 King Of Gore: Super Predator Cousin Of T. Rex Found In Utah
17 Terror Bird Not So Terrifying After All
18 Irisin Production During Exercise Boosts Brain Health
19 Metabolite-Rich Pee May Offer Doctors New Diagnostic Tool
20 Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded? New Research Indicates They Were
21 New Nanomedicine Resolves Inflammation, Promotes Tissue Healing
22 Medical Trial Of Cocoa Flavanols And Heart Health To Be Launched
23 Ancient Indonesian Climate Shift Linked To Glacial Cycle
24 Researchers Find No Relief From Extreme Heat During Global Warming Hiatus
25 Researchers Track Mountain Lions In California To Reveal Impact Of Human Development
26 Fountain Of Youth May Be Sitting In Your Medicine Cabinet
27 Men's and Women's Hearts React Differently to Diabetes Drug
28 Common Diabetes Medication Helps Treat Ovarian Cancer
29 Inactivation And Recovery Of Potassium Channels Controlled By Water Molecules
30 Humans And Rodents Process Their Mistakes
31 How Living Cells Solved A Needle In A Haystack Problem To Produce Electrical Signals
32 Brandeis University Researchers Illuminate Key Structure In Heart Cells
33 Muscle Function Improves With HRT
34 Muscles May Permanently Remember Brief Exposure To Performance-enhancing Drugs
35 Kessler Researchers Find Aerobic Exercise Benefits Memory In Persons With MS
36 Researchers Propose New Method For Achieving Nonlinear Optical Effects
37 First Heralded Single Photon Source Made From Silicon Demonstrated
38 Classical Physics: Breaking The Limits
39 Squeezed Laser Will Bring Gravitational Waves To The Light Of Day
40 Single Atom Stores Quantum Information
41 Nanoscale Pillars Could Radically Improve Thermoelectric Materials
42 First Biological Evidence On Earth Of Ancient Supernova
43 Despite Warnings, Magnet-Related Injuries On The Rise Among Children
44 Ultra-Strong Magnets Pose Serious Threat To Kids When Swallowed
45 First Opal-Like Crystals Discovered In Meteorite
46 Innovative Superconductor Fibers Carry 40 Times More Electricity
47 Cell-Saving Drugs Could Reduce Brain Damage After Stroke
48 Brain Degeneration In Huntington's Disease Caused By Amino Acid Deficiency
49 Cutting-Edge Superconductors Assist In Astronomical Observation
50 World's Most Powerful Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser
51 Smartphone Apps Can Tip Off Passengers Selected For Additional TSA Screening
52 Polymers Can Behave Like Semimetals
53 Portable, Virus-Powered Recharging Source On The Horizon?
54 Power Generation Technology Based On Piezoelectric Nanocomposite Materials Developed By KAIST
55 Insect Cyborgs As First Responders
56 'Magic Carpet' Modeled After Manta Ray
57 Coal Plant Closure In China Led To Improvements In Children's Health
58 Gout Isn't Always Easy To Prove: CT Scans Help Catch Cases Traditional Test Misses
59 Blurred Lines? Sexual Boundaries Are Not Really All That Blurred
60 Study Reveals Just How Much Women Don't Know About Their Reproductive Health
61 More 'At-Risk' Middle Schoolers Sexting
62 New Cryptography Scheme Secured By Quantum Physics
63 D-Wave Chip Passes Rigorous Tests
64 NSA Targeting Quantum Computing for Next Level Of Surveillance
65 Secure, Single-use Computer Memories Possible With Quantum Physics
66 NSA Building Encryption-Busting Super Computer
67 UCLA Biologists Uncover The Secrets Involved In Leaf Size, Shape
68 Some Grasses Have An Evolutionary Advantage For Better Photosynthesis
69 Ancient Human Predecessors Were Tree-Climbing Bark Eaters
70 Hacking Code Of Leaf Vein Architecture Allows Predictions Of Past Climate
71 Why Are Leaf Epidermal Cells Shaped Like Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces?
72 Photosynthesis Study Clears Path To Developing New Super-crops
73 Alpine Rock Cress Uses Ribonucleic Acid To Tell When It's The Right Time To Flower
74 What Makes Plants Grow Toward The Light?
75 Are We Hard-Wired To Follow Celebrity Medical Advice?
76 Washington State's Hazy Mess: Marijuana And The Feds
77 Governors File Petition To Ease Rules On Medical Marijuana
78 Marijuana Is Less Harmful Than Sugar, According To American News Poll
79 Spectacular Stellar Landscape Painted With Young Stars
80 Is Higgs Boson The Source Of Dark Energy?
81 Hawking: Higgs Boson Discovery Made Physics Less Interesting
82 Is The Universe Infinite? Not Likely, Say Physicists
83 Keeping Realistic Expectations About Wind Energy
84 French Firm Creates Water From Air
85 Noise Research To Combat 'Wind Turbine Syndrome'
86 First Theses On Optimum Use Of Wave Energy Using OWC System Defended At University Of The Basque Country
87 Harvesting Wasted Power Using TriboElectrification
88 Tesla Museum To Be Built At Recently Purchased Wardenclyffe Laboratory
89 Pine Tree Branches Turned Into Effective Water Filtration Systems
90 Lizard Moms May Prepare Their Babies For A Stressful World
91 Low Levels Of Pro-Inflammatory Agent Help Cognition In Rats
92 Fear Of Holes May Have Evolutionary Origins
93 Smells Become Stinkier When Anxiety Takes Hold
94 Back Off! Size Of Personal Space Larger For Those With Anxiety
95 Can Phobias Be Unlearned Vicariously?
96 Oxytocin Makes Men More Attracted To Their Partners
97 Male Monogamy Evolved To Thwart Infanticide
98 Scientists Locate Possible Location Of Imagination In The Human Brain
99 Adding Movement To 'Dry Run' Mental Imagery Enhances Performance
100 Brain Activity Helps Predict Individual's Test Performance
101 Women Have Bigger Pupils Than Men
102 Study Of Olfaction In Fruit-Eating Bats Could Shed Light On Our Own Sense Of Smell
103 At Arm's Length: Plasticity Of Depth Judgment
104 Bats Rely On Vision To See Ahead, Echolocation To Catch Insects: Study
105 iBatsID: New Tool Can Differentiate Bats By Sound
106 Touch Receptors In Skin Distinguish Textures Via Vibrations
107 Study Finds One Drink May Be One Too Many For Older Drivers
108 Going Out With Friends Could Make You More Likely To Drink Alcohol
109 Light To Moderate Alcohol Leads To Good Cheer At Danish High-School Parties
110 Insect-Repelling Compounds Could Lead To Safe Alternative To DEET