File Title
1 Europeans' Appearance Altered Over Five Millennia Of Natural Selection
2 Survey Finds Frog Abnormalities Are Rare
3 Studying The Science Behind Bullfrog Jumping Abilities
4 Underground Adventures Of A Mediterranean Frog
5 New Frog Species Discovered In New York City
6 Springy Tendons Key To Frogs' Amazing Leaps
7 Illegal Diabetes Treatments Targeted By FDA Officials
8 Common Diabetes Drug Shows Promise As Lung Cancer Treatment
9 Scientists Help Identify Possible Botulism Blocker
10 A Better Botox?
11 Study Compares 2 Types Of Botulinum Toxin For Cosmetic Use
12 Scorpion Venom--Bad For Bugs, Good For Pesticides
13 Sewing Thread, Fishing Line Used To Create Powerful Artificial Muscles
14 Insects May Not Need Muscle To Move Limbs
15 Drug Candidate Designed At Scripps Research Institute Leads To Improved Endurance
16 New Research Challenges 50 Years Of Muscle Knowledge
17 Bats Use Recycled Energy For Take-off
18 Quantum Droplet Discovered In Semiconductor
19 Superconductivity In Orbit
20 Flaws In Diamonds Pave The Way For Nanoscale MRI
21 Laser Light Used For Ultra Sensitive Detection Of Radio Waves
22 Harnessing Everyday Motion To Power Our Mobile Devices
23 Flexible Carbon Nanotube Circuits Made More Reliable And Power Efficient
24 Researchers Reduce Coercivity Of Material By Patterning Surface
25 UCSB Physicists Apply Einstein's Theory To Superconducting Circuits
26 DNA Sleuths Reveal That Giant Squid Around The World Are One Single Species
27 'Electric Skin' Helps Squid Camouflage Themselves
28 Hidden Fresco Found In Artwork Via TSA Scanner Technology
29 TSA Pulling Revealing Body Scanners From US Airports
30 The Death Of The Battery?
31 Inexpensive Magnetic Field Sensor From 'Plastic Paint'
32 International Study Finds Lower-Dose IUDs Are Safe And Effective
33 New Research Could Lead To Men's Birth Control Pill In Ten Years Or Less
34 Birth Control Pills Linked To Glaucoma
35 Algorithm Paves Way For Future 'Smart Sand'
36 Evolutionary Lessons For Wind Farm Efficiency
37 Nature's Mathematical Formula For Survival
38 Algorithm Accurately Predicts Which Cars Will Run Red Lights
39 Children Could Benefit From Physical Activity Through Gardening
40 Increasing Number Of Dogs Ingesting Marijuana
41 Astronomers Use Cluster Of Galaxies As A Giant Telescope
42 Australian Astronomers Discover Oldest Star With The SkyMapper Telescope
43 Analysis Confirms Likelihood That Particles Smaller Than Higgs Boson Exist
44 Potential Way To Make Graphene Superconducting
45 Vertical Wind Turbines May Boost Offshore Power
46 Study Shows Wind Power Can Cause Power Grid Problems, Offers Solution
47 Perovskite Holds Promise For Inexpensive Solar Cells That Light Up At Night
48 Utilizing Thermal Energy More Efficiently
49 Direct Visitors To News Sites More Engaged Than Social Network Referrals
50 Brain's Reward System Responsible For Love, Or Hatred, Of Music
51 Gratitude Or Guilt? People Spend More When They 'Pay It Forward'
52 Overcome Stage Fright Just By Thinking About It
53 Can Phobias Be Unlearned Vicariously?
54 Getting Excited Helps With Performance Anxiety More Than Trying To Calm Down
55 Owl Monkeys Don't Cheat
56 For Understanding Family Structure To Trauma: New Technology Is Yielding Bigger Data
57 Just Thinking About Light Or Dark Can Change Your Pupil Size
58 Athletes And The Words For Actions
59 Dreading Pain Can Be Worse Than Pain Itself
60 Understanding How You See In The Dark
61 Spouse's Voice Easier To Hear, But Also Easier To Ignore
62 Sensory Performance Could Be Enhanced Through Targeted Ultrasounds
63 Damaged Eyes May Regain Their Sight Through New Technique To Deliver Stem Cell Therapy
64 Study Identifies Potential New Strategy To Improve Odds Of Corneal Transplant Acceptance
65 First Corneal Transplant With Pre-loaded Donor Tissue Performed At Massachusetts Eye And Ear
66 Using Knowledge And Proven Insecticides To Bait Mosquitoes
67 Oxygen 'Sponge' Presents Path To Better Catalysts, Energy Materials
68 The Surface Of The Sea Is A Sink For Nitrogen Oxides At Night
69 Ozone Depletion Over Ocean Caused By Sea Surface Iodine
70 High Levels Of Atmospheric Chlorine Detected In Alaska
71 Looking To Geology To Find Answers Of How Life On Earth Originated
72 First Evidence Of Life Deep Under Oceanic Crust Realized
73 Algae Draws Energy From Other Plants
74 Caltech Researchers Use Stalagmites To Study Past Climate Change
75 Deglaciation Data Opens Door For Earlier First Americans Migration
76 More Than A Million Years of Climate History Revealed
77 Mountainous Ecosystems Acted Like A Thermostat For Millions Of Years
78 Engineers Teach Old Chemical New Tricks To Make Cleaner Fuels, Fertilizers
79 In Moral Behavior, 'Virtual' Reality Is Something Else Altogether
80 25 Years Of DNA On The Computer
81 Sewer Gas Accelerates Plant Growth, Development
82 Researchers Searching For Solar System's Chemical Recipe
83 Catalyst That Makes Hydrogen Gas Breaks Speed Record
84 Under Pressure, Sodium, Hydrogen Could Undergo A Metamorphosis, Emerging As Superconductor
85 Puzzling Seismic Activity Beneath Colombia Resolved By 'Caldas Tear'
86 Scientists Map Deepest Part Of The Ocean
87 Large Magma Chamber Sits Below World's Most Active Volcano
88 Water Escaping From Earth's Oceans Into Mantle
89 Galapagos Islands' Volcanic Plume Not Where It Should Be
90 New Sensor Developed To Scan Planetary, Lunar Atmospheres
91 Ocean Currents May Shape Europa's Icy Shell
92 Europa Surface Cracks Associated With One-Time Tilted Axis
93 NASA Scientists Pinpoint Ideal Regions For Study Of Europa's Interior
94 Window Into Europa's Ocean Opened By Astronomers
95 Tungsten Found In Aquifer Groundwater
96 Making Drinking Water From Sea Water Simply And Cheaply
97 Polynesian Chickens May Have Flown The Coop, But They Didn't Make It To South America: Study
98 DNA Clamp To Grab Cancer Before It Develops
99 Researchers Shocked To Discover Hidden DNA Code
100 DNA Helicity And Elasticity Explained On The Nanoscale
101 'Virtual Earthquake' Technique Used To Predict Los Angeles Earthquake Risk
102 Utah Copper Mine Landslide Triggered Earthquakes
103 One In Four Earthquakes Worldwide Come From Deep Within Earth
104 Wind More Sustainable Than Solar Power
105 Beyond The Petri Dish And Lab Rat: Using A Surrogate To Test Drugs' Effects On The Human Body
106 Finding Could Explain Age-Related Decline In Motor Function
107 More Evidence Shows Evolution Of Birds From Dinosaurs
108 Beaks Were Functionally Important In Protecting Dinosaur Skulls
109 Brain Study Helps Unravel Characteristics Of 'Black Sheep' Dinosaur
110 Revision To Rules To Decipher Color In Dinosaurs Suggests Connection Between Color And Physiology