File Title
1 UCSB Physicists Apply Einstein's Theory To Superconducting Circuits
2 Kids' Medical Devices Sometimes Do More Harm Than Good
3 Birth Control Pill The Most Accepted Form Of Contraception Among Majority Of Parents
4 70% Of Women Use Birth Control During Their First Sexual Experience
5 Never Forget A Face
6 Computer Algorithm May Soon Be Picking Hipsters Out Of The Crowd
7 Painting Software Lets You Paint Digitally Using Your Own Strokes
8 New Technique Speeds Data Compression Algorithms By Shrinking Data
9 Robots Required In Hunt For ET
10 Black Holes Heated The Early Universe Later Than Previously Believed
11 Planets Do Not Influence Solar Activity, Study Finds
12 A Wide Range Of Masses Observed In Type Ia Supernovae
13 NuSTAR Takes A Peek Inside A Supernova
14 Nearby Type Ia Supernova Caught In The Act
15 Engineers Present Battery-Less Technology For Wireless Gadgets
16 Newly Developed Microchip Mimics Processing Power Of The Human Brain
17 Spotting The Invisible Cracks In Wind Turbines
18 50 Year Analysis Of Hit Songs Yields Tips For Advertisers
19 How Can We Teach Our Children To Be Safer?
20 Making Driving Safer Using Emotion Detectors
21 Universally Understood Expressions Of Emotion Are Mainly Specific To Western Culture
22 Humans Display Four, Rather Than Six, Basic Emotions
23 Is Your Fear Of Being Single Making You Settle For Less?
24 Male Eurasian Jays Know That Their Female Partners' Desires Can Differ From Their Own
25 Depression May One Day Be Treated With A Peptide Nasal Spray
26 Study Suggests People Possess An Innate, Unconscious Lie Detector
27 Anxiety Reduced With Smartphone App
28 No Empathy Link Found In Study Of Contagious Yawning
29 Fruit Fly Study Strengthens Connection Among Protein Misfolding, Sleep Loss, And Age
30 Specific Brain Cells Found That Determine When Its Sleepy Time
31 Are Circadian Rhythms The Key To Treating Obesity And Diabetes?
32 Late Night Smartphone Work Disrupts Sleep, Drains Productivity
33 National Study Finds Donor Age Not A Factor In Most Corneal Transplants
34 Prolonged Sitting Doubles Risk Of Disability For Senior Citizens
35 Minority Political Candidates Just Need A Chance
36 Six-Year-Old Connor Johnson Demonstrates The 'Right Stuff'
37 NASA's 2013 Astronaut Candidates To Discuss STEM Education At Smithsonian Event
38 I Need My 'Space'!
39 Attract-and-kill Approach Developed To Tackle Argentine ants
40 Complex Social Learning In Bumblebees Demonstrated
41 Organic Particle Ingredients Formed By New Gas-phase Compounds
42 Researchers Demonstrate Effective Recycling Of Radicals During Isoprene Degradation
43 The Unseen Environmental Costs Of Surface Mining
44 Scientists: Coal Is Better, Cheaper For Making Graphene Quantum Dots
45 Evidence Shows Dust And Sand Deposits In China Are Controlled By Rivers
46 Scientists Debunk Theory On End Of 'Snowball Earth'
47 Abandoned Mine May Offer Clues About Permanent CO2 Sequestration
48 Zinc Sulfate, Sugar Alcohol Zinc Sprays Improve Apple Quality
49 Yin-Yang Effect Of Sodium And Chloride Presents Salt Conundrum
50 Meteorite Impacts Brought Life-Producing Phosphorus To Early Earth
51 Primordial Soup Was Powered By Primitive 'Batteries'
52 Let Fungus Reproduce
53 New Semiconductor Has Promise For 2D Physics And Electronics
54 Like Being Inside A Star
55 Recovering Valuable Substances From Wastewater
56 Researchers Grow Carbon Nanofibers Using Ambient Air Instead Of Toxic Ammonia
57 Obese People May Lower Their Blood Pressure With Watermelon: Study
58 3D Computer Models Used To Solve Age-old Geologic Riddle
59 Researchers Explain The Mechanisms Behind Off-Rift Volcanoes
60 Researchers Recreate Europa's Crust In The Lab
61 Earthquakes Could Be Indicator Of Volcanic Eruption
62 Sea Snakes Need Fresh Water For Drinking
63 The Search For Water On Two Planets
64 New Technique Developed To Allow Frequent Water Quality Monitoring For Suite Of Pollutants
65 Scientists Working On Facial Reconstruction Method Using Genetic Material
66 Researchers Discover Underlying Genetics Tied To Increased Risk For Stroke And Cardiovascular Disease
67 Significant Increase In Emergency Room Opioid Prescriptions
68 Eating Cooked Meat Increases Odds Of Developing Alzheimer's Disease
69 Unusual New HIV Drug Resistance Mechanism Revealed
70 Mentally Demanding Jobs May Keep Your Mind Sharp Long After You Retire
71 Children Who Are Lied To More Likely To Cheat And Lie Themselves
72 Advances In Glass Alloys Lead To Strength, Flexibility
73 Image Transport Through New Fiber Architecture Rivals That Of Current Endoscopy Imaging Fibers
74 Brain Activity During Slow-Wave-Sleep Differs Between Mammals And Birds
75 Differences In The Motor Cortex Possibly Linked To Insomnia
76 Researchers Measure Characteristics And Differences Between Healthy And Diseased Myelin Bilayers
77 New Research Sheds Light On How The Body Regulates Fundamental Neuro-Hormone
78 DNA Barcodes Help Identify Palms
79 Plants Reawaken After 400 Years Buried Under Canadian Glacier
80 Fossils Indicate Dinosaurs May Have Shaken Tail Feathers In Elaborate Mating Display
81 Dinosaur Attracted Mates Much Like A Peacock
82 Male And Female Dinos Shared Nesting Duties, Says New Study
83 Chinese Study Provides Evidence That Early Birds Had Four Wings Instead Of Two
84 Feathered Dinosaurs May Have Been The Norm
85 New Dinosaur Species Is Largest Known Feathered Animal
86 Microraptor Had Black, Iridescent Feathers, Scientists Report
87 After The Mass Extinction Amphibians And Dinosaurs Were The New Large Predators
88 Infidelity Linked To Large Testicles
89 Teeth Continuously Replaced In Large Sauropod Dinosaurs
90 Study: Allosaurus Ate Less Like A Crocodile, More Like A Falcon
91 Fossilized Toe Prints Identified As Belonging To Large Ancient Bird
92 Dinosaurs Were Literally Large In Numbers
93 Fossil Discovery May Be Of Earliest Dinosaur Known
94 Dinosaurs May Not Have Been Cold-Blooded After All
95 Human Activities In Southeast Atlantic Affect Humpback Whale Routes
96 Unique Collaboration Proves Way To Minimize Seismic Survey Impacts On Rare Whales And Other Species
97 Five Distinct Humpback Whale Populations Identified In North Pacific Ocean
98 Bottom-Feeding Observed In Gulf Of Maine Humpback Whales
99 End-Permian Extinction Was Nearly Instantaneous, According To MIT Researchers
100 Epic Burgess Shale Site Found In Canada's Kootenay National Park
101 Energy-Efficient Robot Inspired By Atlantic Razor Clam Dynamics
102 Food Security Nurtured By Ancient Clam Gardens
103 Scientists Find New Reason To Eat Oats For Heart Health
104 Scientists Discover Second Instance Of Global Warming-Caused Mammal Shrinkage
105 Greenhouse World: Are Our Oceans Headed For The Same Fate?
106 Climate Change Drove Shrinkage In Ancient Horse
107 Modern Coyotes Much Smaller Than Their Ice Age Ancestors
108 Mountain Lion Kittens Discovered To Be Product Of Inbreeding
109 Captive Lion Reintroduction Programs Operate Under 'Conservation Myth'
110 Report: Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs Could Be Extinct In 10 Years