File Title
1 What Life Lessons Are Your Children Learning From Violent Video Games?
2 Study: Violence in Video Games Tied to Child Aggression
3 Peachy News: Breast Cancer Metastasis May Be Slowed By Peach Extract
4 Health Concerns Swirl Around Electronic Cigarettes
5 Harvard Scientists Visualize New Treatments For Retinal Blindness
6 Two Spine Surgeons Are Three Times Safer Than One
7 WHO Pegs Air Pollution As Top Environmental Hazard, Resulting In Millions Of Deaths Annually
8 Off With Your Glasses
9 Newly Developed Chemical Restores Light Perception To Blind Mice
10 Study Shows Invasive Species In Waterways On Rise Due To Climate Change
11 Appalachian Salamanders Appear To Be Shrinking Due To Climate Change
12 Less Patient People Tend To Move Their Eyes Faster
13 Missing Hormone 'Leptin' Found In Birds
14 Phytoplankton Make Scents For Seabirds And A Cooler Planet
15 New Clue To Autism Found Inside Brain Cells
16 EEG Study Shows How Brain Infers Structure, Rules When Learning
17 Did Inbreeding Drive Woolly Mammoths To Extinction?
18 N/A
19 Giant Extinct Amphibian Likely Burrowed In Dry Months
20 New Amphibian Discovered In Northeast India
21 Amphibians: Beware Young Beetles' Deadly 'Siren Call'
22 The Eyes Have It--New Technology Would Read Eye Movements For Passwords
23 Retinal Degeneration May Be Slowed By Moderate Exercise
24 Seeking Out A New Generation On Mission Discovery
25 School Children Are Now Eating More Fruits And Vegetables: Study
26 Pheromone From Asian Longhorned Beetles Could Be Used To Manage Pest
27 Low Testorerone Therapies Could Be Putting Some Men At Heart Attack Risk
28 Magnesium In Plankton Shells Serves As Record Of Ancient Climate Change
29 Tiny Sea Creatures Headed For Extinction, Could Take Local Fisheries With Them
30 Ocean Plankton Gobbling Up Twice The Carbon As Previously Believed
31 New Biological Scaffold Home, Sweet Home, For Stem Cells
32 Controversy Around Stem Cell Discovery May Lead To Retraction
33 Brain Differences In College-Aged Occasional Drug Users
34 Colors And Shapes Can Be Heard By The Blind: Study
35 Young Children Form First Impressions From Faces
36 Researchers Create New Neurons In Brains And Spinal Cords Of Living Adult Mammals
37 Arthropod Brain Road Map And Dictionary
38 A Dinosaur By Any Other Name--Looking At The T. Rex's Original Moniker
39 Well-Preserved Woolly Mammoth With Flowing Blood Discovered In Siberia
40 Construction Workers Unearth 10,000-Year-Old Mammoth Tusk
41 Extinct 'Hobbit' Humanoid Resembled Man, Not Apes, Says New Study
42 Population Size Of Salamanders Helps Predict Forest Ecosystems Health, Inform Forest Management Decisions
43 Innovative Superconductor Fibers Carry 40 Times More Electricity
44 The Tooth Implant Two-Step
45 Programming Regret For Google
46 Most Ancient Supernovas Are Already Discovered
47 New 'Micro-Printing' Process Could Improve Prosthetics And Other Medical Devices
48 Software That Can Discover Malicious Apps Already In The App Store
49 Researchers Explore Optical Origins Of Different Facial Expressions
50 Study Shows Extended Wakefulness Can Result In Neuronal Injury
51 New Eye Layer Possibly Linked To Glaucoma
52 Risk Of Glaucoma Blindness Drops By Half
53 Researchers Discover Potential Drug Targets For Early Onset Glaucoma
54 Obama Administration Proposes $17.5 billion In NASA Funding For 2015
55 NASA Retired Its F-104 20 Years Ago
56 Diet Quality Links Old And Young
57 Electric Flowers Help Transfer Pollen To Pollinator
58 Scientists Discover Mutation That Leads To Novel Moth Perfumes
59 Bee Monitoring System Could Serve As Early Warning System For Global Food Shortages
60 Hawkmoths Can Actually See Humidity
61 Eastern US Water Supplies Affected By Changing River Chemistry
62 Botanist Discovers Cave Dwelling Nettle In China
63 Bacteria Plays Role In Formation Of Dolomite
64 Structure Of Tough Sea Urchin Spines May Inspire Engineers
65 Iron Fertilization Helped Plankton Thrive During The Last Ice Age
66 Americans Excited Over DNA Breakthroughs, But Many Worry About The Implications: Poll
67 Spanish Team Grows Fake Skin Using Stem Cells From Umbilical Cord
68 Immunotherapy Data Heralds New Era Of Lung Cancer Treatment
69 Research Maze Projects Images On The Floor Where Rodents Look
70 Brain Structure, Function Predict Future Memory Performance In Children, Adolescents
71 Animate, Inanimate, But Also Social
72 Students Remember More With Personalized Review, Even After Classes End
73 Innovative Technology Developed To Regenerate Functional Neurons After Brain Injury
74 Keeping It Local: Protecting The Brain Starts At The Synapse
75 Novel Materials Created From Genome Of Elastomeric Materials
76 Scientists Find Specific Human Brain Cells That Make Mice Smarter
77 Nerve-less Sponge Has Clues To Nervous System Evolution
78 Unique Chromosomes Preserved In Jurassic Plant Fossil
79 Scientists Find New Bird-Like Dinosaur--Anzu Wyliei
80 Exceptional Fossils Of 160 Million Year Old Doahugou Biota
81 Bigger Really Was Better For Early Prehistoric Life
82 Publicly Available Collection Summarizes New Research On Sauropod Gigantism
83 Russian Boy Finds 30,000-Year-Old Well-Preserved Mammoth Fossil
84 Iowa Man Finds Woolly Mammoth In Backyard
85 Woolly Mammoth Could Give Clues Toward New Artificial Blood For Humans
86 Scientists Unearth Oldest Woolly Rhino In Tibet
87 Woolly Mammoth Hybrid Discovered
88 Passive Acoustic Monitoring Reveals Clues To Calling Behavior And Movements Of The Minke Whale
89 Possible Solution For Binge Eating And Obesity
90 Motion And Muscles Don't Always Work In Lockstep
91 Little Foot Is The Oldest Complete Australopithecus
92 Ancient Sloths Went Out Of The Trees And Into The Water
93 New Species Of Torvosaurus Was Largest European Land Predator
94 2 Million Years Ago, Human Relative 'Nutcracker Man' Lived On Tiger Nuts
95 Newly Discovered Fossils Shed New Light On Origin Of Carnivoraforms
96 New Genus Of Saber-toothed Cat Was Native To Florida
97 Prehistoric Toothy Predators Had Beefier Arm Bones
98 New Species Of Big Cat Discovered In Tibet Fills Evolutionary Gap
99 What Do American Bullfrogs Eat When They're Away From Home? Practically Everything!
100 Snakes Evolve Along Similar Path Of Poison Resistance Say Biologists
101 UCLA Stem Cell Scientists Uncover For The First Time Why The Human Heart Can't Regenerate Itself
102 Simple Chemical Cocktail Shows First Promise For Limb Re-Growth In Mammals
103 First Steps Taken In Creating Diamond Transistors
104 Using Strain To Tune A New Quantum Material
105 Researchers Demonstrate New Principle For Magnetic Recording
106 Ion Beams Used To Create New Kinds Of Valves For Use In Spintronics
107 Another Feature Of High-temperature Superconductivity Reaveled By X-rays
108 Super SQUID
109 Vortex Pinning May Lead To Breakthroughs In Superconducting
110 Shocker: Squid Get Tired After 3-hour Sex Session