File Title
1 Ancient volcanic explosions shed light on Mercury's origins
2 Mercury's contraction much greater than thought
3 Mercury, the incredible shrinking planet
4 Fermi Data Tantalize With New Clues To Dark Matter
5 Dark energy hides behind phantom fields
6 LUX dark matter results confirmed
7 Europe lofts first Copernicus environmental satellite
8 NASA Radar Watches Over California's Aging Levees
9 A satellite view of volcanoes finds the link between ground deformation and eruption
10 Japan orders to shoot down any new N Korea ballistic missile launches
11 US to send two more missile defense ships to Japan: Hagel
12 Taking action to deliver agriculture growth, jobs, food security in face of climate change
13 Tracking sperm whales' ecology through stomach contents
14 A new species of horseshoe worm discovered in Japan after a 62-year gap
15 Field study shows why food quality will suffer with rising CO2
16 Researchers find arid areas absorb unexpected amounts of atmospheric carbon
17 Daily serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils can significantly reduce bad cholesterol
18 SmartCell project: Novel plant biotechnology approach for sustainable production of pharmaceutical compounds
19 Experience helps restaurant managers stick with local foods
20 Longer catch-and-release time leaves largemouth bass nests more vulnerable to predators
21 Trees go high-tech: process turns cellulose into energy storage devices
22 A new tiny species of crayfish from the swamps of coastal eastern Australia
23 UC Geographers Develop a System to Track the Dynamics of Drought
24 Tracking Sugar Movement in Plants
25 New methodology to find out about yeast changes during wine fermentation
26 Sea Otters Can Get the Flu, Too
27 Stanford scientists discover a novel way to make ethanol without corn or other plants
28 Farming for improved ecosystem services seen as economically feasible
29 Water users can reduce the risk of spreading invasive species
30 GM crops under the microscope at international debate
31 Unity is strength in the marketing of smallholder farm produce
32 Sunken logs create new worlds for seafloor animals
33 Oyster aquaculture could significantly improve Potomac River estuary water quality
34 Stanford scientists model a win-win situation: growing crops on photovoltaic farms
35 UC Led Research Finds Chips With Olestra Cause Body Toxins to Dip
36 Scientists firm up origin of cold-adapted yeasts that make cold beer
37 Guarding grapes and other tales from papyri
38 Neck ribs in woolly mammoths provide clues about their decline and eventual extinction
39 Natural history dying of neglect
40 Ancient nomads spread earliest domestic grains along Silk Road, study finds
41 World's oldest weather report could revise Bronze Age chronology
42 Dinosaur chase reconstructed 70 years after excavation
43 Lactase persistence alleles reveal ancestry of southern African Khoe pastoralists
44 'Homo' is the only primate whose tooth size decreases as its brain size increases
45 Study: Indigenous societies' 'first contact' typically brings collapse, but rebounds are possible
46 From athletes to couch potatoes: Humans through 6,000 years of farming
47 New method confirms humans and Neandertals interbred
48 Extinct carnivorous marsupial may have hunted prey larger than itself
49 Researchers say Neanderthals were no strangers to good parenting
50 Scientists reconstruct ancient impact that dwarfs dinosaur-extinction blast
51 Renewable energy market share climbs despite 2013 dip in investments
52 Scientists find missing piece of air particle equation hiding in the walls
53 The tiniest greenhouse gas emitters
54 US schoolchildren exposed to arsenic in well water have lower IQ scores
55 A Few Winners, But Many More Losers
56 Researchers: Permafrost thawing could accelerate global warming
57 Snowstorms and power outages present elevated risk for carbon monoxide poisoning
58 Gothenburg Scientist in Nature: Climate Models Underestimate Costs to Future Generations
59 Lead continues to be a serious threat to California condor populations
60 Rare leafcutter bee fossils reveal Ice Age environment at the La Brea Tar Pits
61 ORNL study pegs fuel economy costs of common practices
62 Expanding energy access key to solving global challenges
63 Genome sequencing of MRSA infection predicts disease severity
64 DNA data could help doctors treat MRSA shows new study
65 Butterfly larvae mimic queen ant to avoid detection
66 UC San Diego Researchers Develop Bacterial 'FM Radio'
67 Breastfeeding and infant sleep
68 Technical tests of biodiversity
69 Toward a faster, more accurate way to diagnose stroke
70 Rabbits kept indoors could be vitamin D deficient
71 Can animals really help people in hospitals, aged care?
72 Promising agents burst through 'superbug' defenses to fight antibiotic resistance
73 One of the last strongholds for Western chimpanzees
74 Green is good
75 No compromises: JILA's short, flexible, reusable AFM probe
76 Counting the invisible by sound--a new approach to estimate seabird populations
77 Bone marrow stem cells show promise in stroke treatment, UCI team finds
78 Synthetic collagen promotes natural clotting
79 Skulls of red and giant pandas provide insight into coexistence
80 Access to primary care appointments varies by insurance status
81 Characteristics of patients in states expanding or not expanding Medicaid
82 Crafty alcohol advertising directed at US adolescents through music and branding
83 Poor neighborhoods create misfortune, ill health
84 Are Southern death-row inmates more polite?
85 Graphic photos on tobacco packs save lives: WHO
86 Scientists disagree on responsible research
87 Geography Research Could Improve the Effectiveness of Hospital Patient Transport Services
88 Are women in Iran who use Facebook less likely to wear a veil?
89 Few Americans know where elected officials and candidates stand on government support for research
90 Logo Color Affects Consumer Emotion Toward Brands, MU Study Finds
91 Synthetic gene circuits pump up cell signals
92 Scalable CVD process for making 2-D molybdenum diselenide
93 Study: Black carbon is ancient by the time it reaches seafloor
94 Rice U. study: Creativity and innovation need to talk more
95 Location Matters When it Comes to Deal Making says new study from UofT's Rotman School of Management.
96 ACA could change costs for auto, malpractice and other insurance, study finds
97 USA top in the world for entrepreneurship
98 TGen study identifies growth factor receptors that may prompt the spread of lung cancer
99 Age Does Not Predict Success for Individuals Sentenced to Court-based Mental Health Treatment Programs, MU Researcher Finds
100 Are chromium supplements helpful in lowering blood sugar levels?
101 A bad penny: Cancer's thirst for copper can be targeted
102 EASL publishes online recommendations on the management of hepatitis C
103 Scientists in Singapore develop novel ultra-fast electrical circuits using light-generated tunneling currents
104 Tiny Step Edges, Big Step for Surface Science
105 Refreshingly cool, potentially toxic
106 Recycling astronaut urine for energy and drinking water
107 New 'switch' could power quantum computing
108 Low-risk patients three times less likely to be admitted to hospital in medication therapy management (MTM) study of home-health patients
109 One Kind of Supersymmetry Shown to Emerge Naturally
110 Emerging research suggests a new paradigm for "unconventional superconductors"
111 The Motion of the Medium Matters for Self-assembling Particles, Penn Research Shows