File Title
1 'RoboClam' replicates a clam's ability to burrow while using little energy
2 As Age-Friendly Technologies Emerge, Experts Recommend Policy Changes
3 The DARPA Grand Challenge: Ten Years Later
4 Robots, hands-free wizardry wows at high-tech fair
5 Robotic Exploration of Moon, Mars a Priority
6 Rolls-Royce believes time of drone cargo ships has come
7 Curiosity Scoping Out Next Study Area
8 NASA Mars Rover's Next Stop Has Sandstone Variations
9 NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Views Striated Ground
10 Curiosity Adds Reverse Driving for Wheel Protection
11 Curiosity Drives On After Crossing Martian Dune
12 Through the Gap: Curiosity Mars Rover Crosses Dune
13 Mars rover successfully negotiates risky move over sand dune
14 The Curiosity Mars rover vehicle has damaged a wheel
15 Ukrainian situation won't change Russian-Kazakh Baiterek project
16 Take the Plunge: LADEE Impact Challenge
17 New research finds 'geologic clock' that helps determine moon's age
18 Scientists date Moon at 4.470 billion years
19 Misleading mineral may have resulted in overestimate of water in moon
20 ASU camera creates stunning mosaic of moon's polar region
21 NASA Releases First Interactive Mosaic of Lunar North Pole
22 Study on lunar crater counting shows crowdsourcing effective, accurate tool
23 SLS Core Stage Model 'Sounds' Off for Testing
24 Advancing the Technology Readiness Of SLS Adaptive Controls
25 First filament winding operations on new Ariane 6 motor structure completed
26 US to seek licence for domestic production of Russia's RD-180 rocket engines
27 NASA reveals hovering prototype planetary lander Morpheus
28 Boosters for Orion's Launch Vehicle Arrive to Cape Canaveral
29 US considers launching production of Russian rocket engines
30 Rethinking space science, exploration to help solve global problems
31 Panel to discuss forging university-business ties to promote future of space
32 Russia, India to discuss space cooperation
33 Space Industry Leaders Address Affordability of Space Systems
34 Canada unveils new space policy
35 15 million pound investment seals UK France space collaboration
36 Tiny power generator runs on spit
37 Pioneering research offers new insight into improved wave energy testing
38 Pseudogap theory puts physicists closer to high temperature superconductors
39 Lockheed Martin and Atlantis Resources: Harnessing the Power of Ocean Tides
40 Harnessing everyday motion to power mobile devices
41 WELTEC Optimises Wastewater Plants
42 US researchers propose Earth's infrared radiation as renewable energy source
43 York physicists pave the way for more energy efficient technology
44 'Tribo-electric,' the buzzword of the future?
45 Smart glass
46 New, inexpensive production materials boost promise of hydrogen fuel
47 Superconductivity in Orbit: Scientists Find New Path to Loss-Free Electricity
48 LockMart and Victorian Wave Partners Sign World's Largest Wave Energy Deal
49 Vernier and KidWind Bring Sensor Technology to Turbines and Panel Kits
50 Finland targets giant status in global cleantech arena
51 Getting a charge from changes in humidity
52 Atomic-Scale Catalysts May Produce Cheap Hydrogen
53 Energy storage in miniaturized capacitors may boost green energy technology
54 Superlens Extends Range of Wireless Power Transfer
55 Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Agreement Reached
56 Charge Order competes with superconductivity
57 'Universal ripple' could hold the secret to high-temperature superconductivity
58 SMUD Visualizes Smart Grid with Space-Time Insight's Situational Intelligence Software
59 Negative resistivity leads to positive resistance in the presence of a magnetic field
60 Deep Carbon Observatory scientists discover quick recipe for producing hydrogen
61 CWRU researchers report nanoscale energy-efficient switching devices
62 Added molecules allow metal-organic frameworks to conduct electricity
63 Super SQUID
64 X-rays reveal another feature of high-temperature superconductivity
65 A Superconductor-Surrogate Earns Its Stripes
66 New Approach Advances Wireless Power Transfer for Vehicles
67 Scientists unveil 'BionicKangroo Robot'
68 Knowledge transfer: Computers teach each other Pac-Man
69 How electrodes charge and discharge
70 Scientists Track 3D Nanoscale Changes in Rechargeable Battery Material During Operation
71 Antimony nanocrystals for batteries
72 Battery that 'breathes' could power next-gen electric vehicles
73 Peat soils as gigantic batteries
74 Big Step for Next-Gen. Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers
75 Saft to supply lithium-ion batteries to power US military satellite
76 A battery small enough to be injected, energetic enough to track salmon
77 New 'pomegranate-inspired' design solves problems for lithium-ion batteries
78 Gummy material addresses safety of lithium ion batteries
79 Spain's Endesa launches large-scale energy storage project
80 Engineer brings new twist to sodium ion battery technology
81 Nearly everyone uses piezoelectrics--Be nice to know how they work
82 Energy-dense sugar battery developed to power the world's gadgets
83 An improved, cost-effective catalyst for water-splitting devices
84 Organic mega flow battery promises breakthrough for renewable energy
85 Chemical may turn flow battery into cheap energy storage container
86 Batteries as they are meant to be seen
87 Roots of the Lithium Battery Problem
88 Greensmith Energy offers Turn-key energy storage systems up to megawatt scale
89 New thermoelectronic generator
90 KAIST developed the biotemplated design of piezoelectric energy harvesting device
91 Novel Material Stores Unusually Large Amounts of Hydrogen
92 Holistic Cell Design Leads to High-Performance, Long Cycle Lithium-Sulfur Battery
93 Pressure Cooking to Improve Electric Car Batteries
94 Scientists invent self-healing battery electrode
95 Better batteries through biology?
96 New aluminum alloy stores hydrogen
97 Aluminum alloy can store hydrogen, could be fuel cell material
98 Corvus Energy's lithium energy storage system is the world's first to be type--approved by DNV GL
99 Futuristic copper foam batteries get more bang for the buck
100 ISRO examining business model for industries in satellite, rocket production
101 Land a Lunar Laser Reflector Now!
102 Health risks of Mars mission would exceed NASA limits
103 China, Asia-Pacific, will power world tourism: survey
104 Using ethic frameworks for decisions about health standards on long duration spaceflights
105 NASA suspends Russia ties, except on space station
106 Tiangong's New Mission
107 Space Odyssey: China's aspiration in future space exploration
108 New Zealand physicists split and collide ultracold atom clouds
109 Record quantum entanglement of multiple dimensions
110 Hunt for an unidentified electron object