File Title
1 Science Deniers Are Freaking Out About "Cosmos"
2 Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos encompasses everything--except creationism, apparently
3 Creationism Is Not Being Ignored On 'Cosmos'--It's Actually The Focus
4 'Cosmos': Science isn't a religion
5 Two Fossils of Extinct Turtle United After 160 Years
6 Scientists Assemble Sea Turtle Fossil: Discovered more than 160 Years Apart [Video]
7 Other Half of Ancient Turtle Fossil Matched to Bone Found Over 160 Years Ago
8 Turtle bone found in 1800s had been missing its other half--till now
9 For once, pieces of the fossil puzzle fit nicely
10 Strange Neck Bone Could Be Reason For Mammoths Disappearance
11 Ancient Fossils of Woolly Mammoths Suggest They Died of Birth Defects
12 Mammoth vertebral abnormality hints at reasons for extinction
13 Bizarre rib bones show woolly mammoths were vulnerable to extinction
14 Scientists Create Martian Atmosphere on Earth Using Test Chamber 'MARTE'
15 Vacuum Chamber Mimics Martian Environment
16 Vacuum Chamber Mimics Surface of Mars
17 This chamber simulates Mars right here on Earth
18 Goats Are Smart? Study Shows Animals Are Quick To Learn And Have 'Excellent' Long-Term Memories
19 Goats aren't dummies
20 Goats are quick learners who can remember solutions to problems: Study
21 Goats are much smarter than they might appear at first glance, a study has shown.
22 IPCC report downplays economic impacts of climate change, reviewer says
23 A Bigger Nod to Uncertainty in the Next Climate Panel Report on Global Warming Impacts
24 Climate scientists in Japan to study warming risks
25 Why are salamanders in the Eastern U.S. shrinking?
26 Salamanders Shrinking Because Of Climate Change; 8 Percent Smaller Than In 1980s
27 Salamanders Are Shrinking As Their Habitats Warm Up
28 Salamanders shrink as mountain home heats up
29 IPCC chief: Worst can be avoided with action now
30 IPCC indicates Climate Change danger approaching, severe floods, economic damage possible
31 UN panel scientist calls UN global warming report CRAZY, demands own name stricken
32 Act now and worst of climate change can be avoided: IPCC chief
33 Fairchild Garden bringing 'Million Orchids' to Fla. trees
34 Bringing A 'Million Orchids' To Florida's Trees
35 Paintings of Sunsets Shed Light on Past Air Quality
36 Famous paintings help global warming experts track climate change over the decades: Here's how
37 Famous Paintings Offer Clues To Earth's Past Atmosphere
38 Famous Paintings Yield Secrets About Earth's Past That May Help Predict Future Climate Change
39 Engineers Design 'Living Materials'
40 Researchers Discover How to Design Non-Living, Living Material
41 New Living Materials Can Change Properties Over Time
42 Alarming verdict on year of wild weather
43 Weather extremes 'consistent' with man-made climate change: UN
44 The only camera to make it to the Moon and back sold at auction for $1 million
45 Hasselblad Camera, Used On The Moon, Sells For Nearly A Million Bucks
46 Astronaut's Hasselblad makes 1/2 million pounds
47 Camera Used by Astronauts on Moon "Pulls $940 Gs" at Auction
48 Which spacesuit should NASA should make? Agency reveals three bizarre designs--and wants YOU to pick the one that launches
49 NASA wants you to choose its next spacesuit--here are the three options
50 NASA invites public to choose look of next spacesuit
51 NASA Wants You To Pick Design For Next Spacesuit (PHOTOS)
52 Dream Chaser space vehicle under design at Michoud
53 Mark Sirangelo: Lockheed-Sierra Nevada Team Uses NASA Facility to Build Spacecraft Parts
54 Dream Chaser: New Space Plane Being Built In New Orleans
55 Yellowstone Supervolcano is Active, but Not Likely to Erupt in Near Future
56 Sitting on the world's largest volcano
57 Yellowstone supervolcano could be dying, geologists say
58 Will the Yellowstone supervolcano erupt during our lifetime?
59 Videos: 5 projects worth seeing at the North Museum Science & Engineering Fair
60 1,000 Students Compete for Awards, Scholarships at County Science and Engineering Fair
61 Peterson is grand prize winner of Mines science fair
62 Could Californium Solve Nuclear Energy's Biggest Problem? Obscure Element Can 'Recycle' Radioactive Waste
63 New research could mean safer storage and recycling of radioactive material
64 Californium Could Change The Ballgame On Radioactive Waste
65 Dayton lab tests generators for Mars rovers
66 University of Dayton lab testing generators that power NASA's Mars rover
67 1 in 25 patients gets infection in hospital
68 One in 25 patients has an infection acquired during hospital stay, CDC says
69 New estimate: 1 in 25 hospital patients get an infection
70 CDC Director: Hospital infections down but still deadly, dangerous
71 Hospital Infections Still Common, but Rates of Many are Down
72 Questions raised again about Secret Service culture
73 Secret Service Agents May Get Shield From U.S. High Court (1)
74 Supreme Court justices weigh case of 2004 Bush protests
75 Secret Service agents on Obama detail sent home from Netherlands after night of drinking
76 Supreme Court hears case against Secret Service
77 SCOTUS skeptical of anti-George W. Bush protesters
78 Mom of girl who shaved head: Focus on cancer-stricken friend
79 School Sends Home Girl Who Shaved Head in Support of Classmate with Cancer
80 Meet the Awesome Kid Who Shaved Her Head to Support Her Friend...and the School That Punished Her
81 Report: California's healthiest and unhealthiest counties
82 Blood sugar test not enough to predict heart disease
83 Measuring Glucose Doesn't Improve CVD Risk Predictions
84 Information On Blood Sugar Does Not Help Predict Cardiovascular Risk, Research Shows
85 Predicting CVD Risk Not Helped by Looking at HBA1c
86 Woman, 74, freed after 32 years in prison for murder she didn't commit
87 Pollution Killed 7 Million People Worldwide in 2012, Report Finds
88 WHO: Air pollution caused one in eight deaths
89 1 in 8 deaths linked to air pollution, World Health Organization says
90 7 million deaths worldwide in 2012 due to air pollution, India among worst offs: WHO
91 Risk of Ebola outbreak in S. Africa ruled out
92 Liberia probes Ebola-like cases
93 Death toll rises to 63 in Ebola outbreak in West African nation of Guinea
94 Terror grips Ebola-hit west Africa
95 Liquid nicotine in e-cigs can kill you
96 Liquid Nicotine Poisonings up 300 percent!
97 5 Substances in your home more harmful than E-Cigarettes
98 Brain changes seen in college-aged stimulant users
99 Brain Differences In College-Aged Occasional Drug Users
100 Occasional Drug Users suffer Changes in Brain
101 Bogus Pills Found In Bottles Of Weight-Loss Drug In 7 States
102 Bogus Pills Found In Bottles Of Weight-Loss Drug In 7 States
103 GSK reports tampering of some bottles of weight-loss drug
104 Kamala Harris's Ethical Malpractice
105 Mumps may have spread to Delaware County; residents urged to take precautions
106 Mumps Outbreak Reaches Outside Ohio State Campus
107 Legalize Medical Marijuana, Doctors Say in Survey
108 First-of-its-kind medical marijuana law signed in Utah
109 Utah to welcome marijuana for limited medical use
110 'Violent games breed violence'