File Title
1 Scientists unmask the climate uncertainty monster
2 Bacteria get new badge as planet's detoxifier
3 Antibiotics in manure a far-reaching impact on abundance of human pathogenic bacteria in soils
4 Amborella, a record of the evolution of flowering plants
5 A balanced carbon footprint for the Amazon River
6 The Indian cousin of El Nino: The second climatic problem child
7 Extinctions reduce speciation
8 UN climate report: Pricing of carbon dioxide emissions critical
9 Large-scale fences can cause ecological meltdown, study shows
10 Hummingbirds' 22-million-year-old history of remarkable change is far from complete
11 Indigenous societies' 'first contact' typically brings collapse, but rebounds are possible
12 'Homo' is the only primate whose tooth size decreases as its brain size increases
13 Dinosaur chase reconstructed 70 years after excavation
14 Europeans have three times more Neanderthal genes for lipid catabolism than Asians or Africans
15 Ancient nomads spread earliest domestic grains along Silk Road: Earliest known East-West interaction pushed back 2,000 years
16 Ancient stormy weather: World's oldest weather report could revise bronze age chronology
17 Humans and saber-toothed tiger met in Germany 300,000 years ago
18 Corals don't lie: Centuries of rising sea levels and temperature data revealed
19 Ancient whodunit may be solved: Methane-producing microbes did it!
20 Brazil is site of the first regional ocean health index
21 Americans using more energy, according to new analysis
22 Don't move a mussel (or a clam, or a snail)
23 Driving: Intelligent warning systems may make 'dilemma zone' safer
24 '3-D' test could reduce reliance on animals for testing asthma and allergy medications
25 Eyes in the cereal aisle: How Cap'n Crunch's gaze is influencing your purchasing
26 Unvaccinated infants act as 'kindling' to fuel epidemics
27 Oxytocin, 'love hormone,' promotes group lying, according to researchers
28 Clinical trial results inconsistently reported among journals, government website, study suggests
29 Gratitude, not 'gimme,' makes for more satisfaction, study finds
30 Agroforestry systems can repair degraded watersheds
31 Smoke-free air policies seem to protect the heart
32 Keeping secrets in a world of spies and mistrust
33 Important and complex systems, from the global financial market to groups of friends, may be highly controllable
34 A majority prefers letting computers decide
35 Quantum physics secures new cryptography scheme
36 Over demanding market affects fisheries more than climate change
37 Using a treadmill while working can boost employee productivity, study finds
38 Google Glass could help stop emerging public health threats around the world
39 Warning: Your open-plan office can make you ill
40 Limiting screen time improves sleep, academics, behavior, study finds
41 Four in 10 infants lack strong parental attachments
42 Natural history must reclaim its place, experts say
43 Secret to cutting sugary drink use by teens found by new study
44 Life lessons: Children learn aggressive ways of thinking and behaving from violent video games, study finds
45 Preterm children at increased risk of having math problems
46 Genes play key role in parenting: Children also shape parents' behavior
47 School hearing tests do not detect noise exposure hearing loss
48 Children exposed to methamphetamine before birth have increased cognitive problems
49 Time out: Spanking babies is surprisingly common, U.S. study finds
50 New evidence linking fruit and vegetable consumption with lower mortality
51 Autism begins in pregnancy, according to study: Cortical layers disrupted during brain development in autism
52 Biological evidence of positive and negative people in the world
53 Carbohydrate digestion and obesity strongly linked
54 Good bacteria that protects against HIV identified
55 New way to filter light: May provide first directional selectivity for light waves
56 Scientists solve the riddle of zebras' stripes: Those pesky bugs
57 Erasing a genetic mutation: Researchers reverse a liver disorder in mice by correcting a mutated gene
58 Part of hagfish slime mystery solved
59 Energy breakthrough uses sun to create solar energy materials
60 Russia regrets NASA halting cooperation, warns of impact on ISS
61 Galactic Serial Killer
62 Galactic serial killer
63 A close look a the nearest standard candle supernova in several decades
64 Simple, like a neutron star
65 Herschel completes largest survey of cosmic dust in local Universe
66 VLT spots largest yellow hypergiant star
67 Death Stars in Orion Blast Planets before They Even Form
68 Astronomers reveal 'largest yellow star ever'
69 Galaxies in the early Universe mature beyond their years
70 Critical mass not needed for supernova explosions
71 Fat or flat: getting galaxies into shape
72 Closest, brightest supernova in decades is also a little weird
73 Stream of stars in Andromeda satellite galaxy shows cosmic collision
74 With A Deadly Embrace, 'Spidery' Pulsars Consume Their Mates
75 The Hubble Showdown: Starbursts versus Monsters
76 Diamonds in the tail of the scorpion
77 NASA's Chandra Sees Runaway Pulsar Firing an Extraordinary Jet
78 When stars explode, it's a messy business
79 IBEX research shows influence of galactic magnetic field extends well beyond our solar system
80 The oldest star in the universe? Maybe, maybe not!
81 Four new galaxy clusters take researchers further back in time
82 ANU astronomers discover oldest star
83 Researchers identify one of the earliest stars in the universe
84 Red skies discovered on extreme brown dwarf
85 China preps satellite to help detect quakes
86 Sensors and satellites deployed to save Pompeii
87 Last look at Sentinel-1
88 Studying crops, from outer space
89 NASA Completes Global Hawk ATTREX Flights For 2014
90 Ground Validation: Contributing to Earth Observations from Space
91 India developing satellites to study stars
92 The DZZ-HR satellite is fueled for Arianespace's upcoming Vega launch
93 Soyuz ready for Sentinel-1A satellite launch
94 NASA to hurt itself by cutting ties with Russia
95 Monster "El Gordo" Galaxy Cluster Bigger Than Thought
96 Hubble: Magnifying the Distant Universe
97 Hubble Peers at the Heart of NGC 5793
98 Hubble Nets an Interstellar Butterfly
99 Hubble Looks Into Terzan 7
100 Hubble Looks in on a Nursery for Unruly Young Stars
101 Hubble, Hubble, Seeing Double
102 Hubble Looks At Messier 65 and Its History
103 Hubble Views Stellar Genesis in the Southern Pinwheel
104 Hubble Eyes Galaxy as Flat as a Pancake
105 Hubble's New Shot of Proxima Centauri, our Nearest Neighbor
106 ISS conducts debris avoidance maneuver
107 Hubble Sees a Spiral Home to Exploding Stars
108 Sentinel-1 performs opening dance routine
109 Phoenix Makes Strides in Orbital Robotics and Satellite Architecture Research
110 US seniors see slow migration to tech: study