File Title
1 Storing Sunlight Could Create Constant Solar Energy
2 Robotic Arm Turns Musician into Cyborg Drummer
3 Restoration of Third Law of Thermodynamics in Spin Ice Films Unexpected, Researchers Say
4 RoboBass: New Soft Robot Can Execute Escape Maneuvers Like a Real Fish [VIDEO]
5 Waterless, Solar-Powered Toilet Could be Answer for Communities Lacking Adequate Sanitation Systems
6 Graphene-Based Materials Could Help Make Infrared Contact Lenses
7 MIT's RoboClam Could Being [sic: Bring] High Tech to the High Seas [VIDEO]
8 NASA's "Starshade" Spacecraft Prototype Could Help Find Earth-Like Worlds
9 Scientists Create Martian Atmosphere on Earth Using Test Chamber 'MARTE'
10 Durable Mollusk Shells may be Bio-Inspiration for Future Armor
11 Self-Regenerating Artificial Muscle Tissue a Breakthrough for Bio-Engineers
12 Moth Eyeballs are Inspiration for New Anti-Glare Coating
13 FDA Announces New Drug for Advanced Prostate Cancer
14 Prostate Cancer Patients: Eat More Vegetable Fats, Olive Oil and Nuts for Better Survival Rate
15 Diet and Exercise May Protect Against Highly Aggressive Prostate Cancer: A Study
16 Why Men Should Lay Off Fish Oil Supplements
17 New Salt Study Questions if a Low-Sodium Diet is Really Necessary
18 Woman Gives up Food, Living off Water and Sunlight for Six Months
19 Offering Small Amounts of Formula to Newborns May Pave Way for Longer Breastfeeding
20 Captive Chimpanzees to be Listed as Endangered, Including Research Chimps
21 Ovarian Cancer Research: Can Dogs Sniff it Out and How Does it Work?
22 Researchers Warn of Dangers Associated with Fake, Untested Stem Cell Research
23 New Guidelines Created to Detect Autism in Children
24 Gobbling Down Supplements, Vitamins Has More Risks than Benefits, Doctor Warns
25 Vitamin D Supplements Ineffective in Osteoporosis Protection
26 Key cells in touch sensation identified: Skin cells use new molecule to send touch information to the brain
27 Tracking the transition of early-universe quark soup to matter-as-we-know-it
28 Watching for a black hole to gobble up a gas cloud: Gas cloud's fate illuminates growth of supermassive black holes
29 Gravity measurements confirm subsurface ocean on Saturn's moon Enceladus
30 Fermi data tantalize with new clues to dark matter: Gamma rays from center of Milky Way galaxy
31 Brain region for resisting alcohol's allure found
32 Self-assembled silver superlattices create molecular machines with hydrogen-bond 'hinges' and moving 'gears'
33 Blood test could detect solid cancers
34 Food quality will suffer with rising carbon dioxide, field study shows
35 Does a junk food diet make you lazy? Psychology study offers answer
36 Materials, electronics that dissolve when triggered being developed
37 'Like a giant elevator to the stratosphere:' Newly discovered atmospheric layer may impact Earth's climate
38 More Earthquakes for Chile? Seismic gap has not been closed
39 Light-activated neurons from stem cells restore function to paralyzed muscles
40 Off the shelf, on the skin: Stick-on electronic patches for health monitoring
41 Parental obesity and autism risk in the child: Is paternal obesity a greater risk factor than maternal obesity?
42 Scaffolding protein promotes growth, metastases of epithelial ovarian cancer
43 Increased risk of developing lung cancer after radiotherapy for breast cancer
44 Smoking visibility mapped for the first time
45 Potential drug targets in deadly pediatric brain tumors
46 Zombie cancer cells eat themselves to live
47 Ankle fractures could be significant risk factor for subsequent fracture
48 Visualizing a safe place reduces procedural pain
49 Poor sleep doubles hospitalizations in heart failure patients
50 Movies synchronize brains: Brain activity patterns show remarkable similarities across different people
51 Look into the future with genetic programming
52 The long and the short of telomeres: Loneliness impacts DNA repair, parrot study shows
53 Work with small peptide chains may revolutionize study of enzymes, diseases
54 Grandparents may worsen some moms' baby blues
55 Recurrent head and neck tumors have gene mutations that could be vulnerable to cancer drug
56 Depression increases heart failure risk by 40%
57 Mountain climbing without the headaches
58 Toward a clearer diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome
59 Insomnia may significantly increase stroke risk
60 Low-dose aspirin won't prevent pregnancy loss, study shows
61 Does too much time at the computer lead to lower bone mineral density in adolescents?
62 In mice, obese dads produce heavier daughters with epigenetically altered breast tissue
63 Impact of long-term vitamin D insufficiency on fracture risk
64 Weight loss efforts start well, but lapse over time
65 Smoking may dull obese women's ability to taste fat, sugar
66 Chowing down on watermelon could lower blood pressure, study suggests
67 Morning rays keep off pounds
68 Running, cardio activities in young adulthood may preserve thinking skills in middle age
69 Call for circumcision gets a boost from experts
70 Bio-inspired unmanned aircraft capable of soaring like birds
71 Groundbreaking optical device could enhance optical information processing, computers
72 Inspired by moth eyeballs, chemists develop gold coating that dims glare
73 New algorithm aids in both robot navigation and scene understanding
74 To bridge LED green gap, think small...really small: Nanostructures half a DNA strand-wide show promise for efficient LEDs
75 Light-guiding gels provide new avenues for drug detection, delivery
76 New U.S. time standard: Atomic clock will neither gain nor lose one second in about 300 million years
77 Quantum computing: Quantum photon properties revealed in another particle--the plasmon
78 Researchers probe the next generation of 2-D materials
79 Researchers design trees that make it easier to produce paper
80 Monster 'El Gordo' galaxy cluster is bigger than thought
81 Ancient volcanic explosions shed light on Mercury's origins
82 Regolith of small asteroids formed by thermal fatigue
83 'Geologic clock' helps determine moon's age
84 Galactic serial killer: Galaxy engulfed several other galaxies in its violent history
85 Misleading mineral may have resulted in overestimate of water in moon
86 'Cosmic barometer' could reveal violent events in universe's past
87 Astronauts' hearts become more spherical in space
88 Hubble sees Mars-bound comet sprout multiple jets
89 First sightings of solar flare phenomena confirm 3-D models of space weather
90 Synthetic genetic clock keeps accurate time across a range of temperatures
91 Computer models soybean crop with 8.5% more productivity, using 13% less water
92 Quantum cryptography for mobile phones
93 'Unbreakable' security codes inspired by nature
94 Enhanced autopilot system could help prevent accidents like 2009 Air France 447 crash
95 Overcoming structural uncertainty in computer models
96 'Chemical atlas' provides unique understanding of ocean geochemistry
97 Knowledge transfer between computers: Computers teach each other Pac-Man
98 Computer maps 21 distinct emotional expressions--even 'happily disgusted'
99 Physicists split and collide ultracold atom clouds using steerable 'optical tweezers'
100 Ancient shrimp-like animals had 'modern' hearts and blood vessels
101 Freshwater turtle crosses the Aegean Sea
102 Long-fingered bat goes fishing
103 3-D structure for malaria parasite genome constructed
104 Bacterial gut biome may guide colon cancer progression
105 Antioxidants can protect against omega 6 damage--or promote it
106 Mechanism that makes tumor cells sugar addicted discovered
107 New species of horseshoe worm discovered in Japan after a 62 year gap
108 Some long non-coding RNAs are conventional after all
109 Tracking sperm whales' ecology through stomach contents
110 Arid areas absorb unexpected amounts of atmospheric carbon