File Title
1 House panel version of gas-line bill takes shape
2 Some hear race echoes in Va. gay marriage ban
3 Mo. lawmakers mull cannabis extract medicine
4 NY judge: ex-fiance can keep $53K diamond ring
5 Hunger, anxiety as South African mining strike wears on
6 Kansas City police make changes to combat violence
7 Gay men divided over use of HIV prevention drug
8 Some EMTs could drop rank without training by July
9 Sick baby transferred from sailboat to warship
10 Community taking a dive for young cancer patient
11 Radio-collared ringtail is first for Idaho science
12 Harsh winter damages Michigan's fruit trees, vines
13 Reservoir opponents warn of impact on rare wetland
14 RI student burned at unused electric power plant
15 Starrett: Too many people in prison
16 Drought threatens Texas rice farmers' futures
17 US Steel idles Indiana mill due to lack of ore
18 Salmon season opens; fishermen warned about otters
19 Writer-environmentalist Peter Matthiessen dies
20 Time running out to meet global warming target: U.N.
21 Blast at U.S. LNG site casts spotlight on natural gas safety
22 England wheezes through haze of Saharan dust cloud
23 Hidden ocean on Saturn's moon bolsters life theory
24 Volunteers gathering Connecticut frog data
25 Many coast palms damaged by winter's cold
26 Police turn to tech in pursuit of oyster thieves
27 Researchers net 'zombie bass' with electricity
28 Jellyfish show up in area of poor water quality
29 Officials want more invasive pest detectors
30 Study touts benefits of wood pellets for energy
31 In tornado-prone Oklahoma, some better prepared than others
32 Saber-Toothed Cat Remains Found Near Early Human Weapons Suggest Struggle
33 Pigeons can Place Objects in Categories, Study Finds
34 Apatite Skewed Water Estimation on Moon Surface, Researchers Say
35 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Unlikely to Increase Cancer Risk, UN Report
36 Evidence of Ancient Human Interaction Found in Ancient Grain Seeds
37 Geologic 'Clock' Shows Moon Formed Roughly 100 Million Years after Solar System's Birth
38 Festo Develops Robot that Jumps like a Kangaroo [Video]
39 Sharks Use Several Senses to Track Prey
40 Fossilized Dinosaur Chase Scene Rendered in 3D from Old Photos
41 N/A
42 Engineers Design Tattoo-Like Skin Patches to act as Health Monitors [Video]
43 North Korea's Space Agency Named 'NADA,' Emblem Resembles NASA's Logo
44 US Time Now Set by New Atomic Clock
45 Yellowstone Dispels Rumors of Supervolcano Eruption Following Strong Earthquake [VIDEO]
46 Stem Cell Study Overcomes Major Hurdle in Organ Regeneration
47 Genetically Modified Trees Yield Paper, Biofuels with Less Polluting and Chemical Cost
48 Say Bye-Bye to Gray Hair, Researchers Find Way to Reverse The Process
49 Anthropomorphism in Children's Books Leads to Less Factual Learning About Animals
50 Two Halves of Same Individual Sea Turtle Bone Found 160 Years Apart [VIDEO]
51 MIT Researchers Develop Living Material Using E. coli
52 Inbreeding Might have Contributed to Extinction of Woolly Mammoths
53 Global Warming Not Slowing Down, 2013 was Sixth Hottest on Record
54 Scope of Global Fisheries Bycatch Detailed in New Report
55 Ebola Outbreak in Guinea Kills Dozens, May Spread to Other Nations
56 International Court of Justice Halts Japan's 'Scientific' Whaling in Antarctic Seas
57 Rare Florida Panther Killed by Another Panther
58 Durable Mollusk Shells may be Bio-Inspiration for Future Armor
59 Australia's Dingo Classified as Distinct Species
60 Zebra Stripes and Bug Bites Linked in New Study
61 Age-Related Disease Risk Lowers with Restricted Calorie Diet, Monkey Study Reveals
62 N/A
63 Obama Issues Memo on Icelandic Whaling Calling for Diplomatic Pressure, but No Trade Sanctions
64 Veteran Swimmer "Taken" by Shark in Australia
65 Carnivorous Mammal Research Biased Toward Larger, Broad-Ranging Animals
66 Fences Can Do More Harm Than Good in the Wild
67 Evolution of Hummingbird Traced Across the World
68 ESO Releases New Image of Fornax A: The Galaxy Eater
69 Incense Smoke as Bad as Cigarette Smoke? New Study Warns of Potential Health Risks
70 Dinner Time: Milky Way's Black Hole About to Consume a Cloud of Gas
71 Climate Change Linked with Longer Wildflower Blooming Season in Rocky Mountains
72 Social Behavior can Shape Genetic Makeup in Dolphins, Researchers Find
73 Natural Bleach in Primordial Soup Helped Evolution of Life, Researchers Say
74 Researchers Discover 66-Million-Year Old 'Chicken from Hell' Dinosaur
75 Terminally-Ill Zoo Worker gets a Goodbye Kiss from Giraffes [Video]
76 Ancient 'Shrimp Cousin' Filtered Food like Modern Whales, Researchers Say
77 Killer Dolphin Fleet of Crimea to join Russia
78 No Evidence that Organic Foods Lower Cancer Risk, Oxford Researchers Say
79 Big Brown Bats Make Special Sounds to Warn Rivals, Researchers Find
80 Oxfam: World is 'Woefully Unprepared' for Food Supply Threats Presented by Climate Change
81 Invasive Weeds Threaten Ireland's Waterways as Warming Temperatures Set Stage for More Growth
82 Methane Emissions to Increase with Global Warming
83 Federal Government Lists Lesser Prairie Chicken as Threatened Species
84 Autumn is Starting Later in the Year, Spring Starting Earlier, New Vegetation Study Suggests
85 Deforestation in Sandy Soil Ecosystems Releases Most CO2 into Atmosphere
86 Sea Ice in Arctic Melting for Longer Periods over Last 4 Decades [VIDEO]
87 California Snowpack Level at Fifth Lowest Since 1930 [VIDEO]
88 Self-Regenerating Artificial Muscle Tissue a Breakthrough for Bio-Engineers
89 Salt Intake Level of Most Americans Healthier than CDC Guidelines, Researchers Say
90 Ebola Outbreak in Guinea Continues to Spread, Worrying Disease Control Experts
91 Ketamine Can Help Treat Severe Depression
92 Engineers Design Tattoo-Like Skin Patches to act as Health Monitors [Video]
93 FDA Okays Handheld Device that Reverses Painkiller Overdose
94 Three Los Angeles County Men Die due to Invasive Meningococcal Disease
95 West African Ebola Outbreak Now Suspected in Mali
96 Obesity may Lead to Colon Cancer, Study Suggests
97 Eating Watermelon Could Lower Blood Pressure in Overweight Individuals
98 Childhood Eczema Persists into Adulthood: Study Finds
99 Depression Raises Heart Failure Risk by 40 Percent, Norwegian Study Finds
100 Yale Study Challenges the Idea of 'Permanent El Nino,' Says Tropics will Get Warmer in Future
101 New Planet Discovered in Far Perimeter of Solar System
102 Tiny Asteroid with Ring System a Surprising First Find for Astronomers
103 NASA Releases New Image of Comet Set for Close Approach to Mars
104 Mini Version of Mars Designed to Test Rover on Earth
105 Rosetta Mission's Comet Lander Wakes Up From Deep Space Sleep
106 Astronauts' Hearts Take on Spherical Shape in Zero Gravity
107 Strong, X-Class Solar Flare Causes Radio Blackout, Creates Radio Waves of its Own [VIDEO]
108 Craters' Age Suggest Mercury Saw Extended Period of Volcanic Activity
109 Skydiver Films Meteorite Speeding Past Him During Free Fall [VIDEO]
110 Super-Sized "El Gordo" Galaxy Cluster is Oldest, Most Massive Known