File Title
1 Amazon reveals Fire TV video streaming box and gaming controller
2 Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana, coming in April
3 Mouse and keyboard-friendly Windows 8.1 Update arrives April 8
4 Dating the collision that formed the Moon using late-arriving debris
5 New algorithm classifies everything from gene data to POTUS speeches
6 NASA must immediately cease contact with Russia [Updated at 19:30 CDT]
7 Internet of Things is the new Windows XP--malware's favorite target
8 How Boeing merges its data centers with the Amazon and Microsoft clouds
9 Computers used to teach other computers to play Pac-Man, StarCraft
10 Amazon allows Fire TV users to delete their voice recordings
11 15 games worth playing on Amazon's Fire TV [Updated]
12 Hands-on with Nokia's new Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia smartphones
13 More than virtualization: VMware wants to be a security company, too
14 Cassini points to a hidden ocean on Saturn's icy moon
15 Newegg and friends crush a patent troll
16 With California's red light cameras, are pictures admissible evidence?
17 Microsoft open sources a big chunk of .NET
18 A sort of particle-free supersymmetry found in exotic materials
19 Open Network Linux could boost viability of vendor-neutral switches
20 Seismic imaging revisits an old question: What drives continental drift?
21 iFixit's Fire TV teardown discovers Snapdragon 600 and a huge heatsink
22 Creepshots: Microsoft discovers an on-campus peeping tom
23 Regulators adopt more orphan drugs
24 Epigenomics starts to make its mark
25 ExoMars scientists narrow down landing sites
26 El Nino tests forecasters
27 Cancer treatment: The killer within
28 Biologist claims controversial stem-cell method might work
29 Video: Fresh glimpse at iconic dinosaur footprints
30 Publicly questioned papers more likely to be retracted
31 US agency shifts approach to global poverty
32 Hummingbird diversity still booming
33 Icy Enceladus hides a watery ocean
34 Transgenic trees make easy-chew wood for biofuels
35 Lunar dust mission still chasing mystery of 'horizon glow'
36 European Commission report urges legal reform to help scientists text-mine research papers
37 Star birth sparked at the Galaxy's edge
38 Development: Mobilize citizens to track sustainability
39 Policy: Free Indian science
40 Human evolution: Fifty years after Homo habilis
41 Global warming: Improve economic models of climate change
42 Climate policy: Streamline IPCC reports
43 Scientists revive 1,500-year-old Antarctic moss
44 MESSENGER images reveal that Mercury is shrinking (+video)
45 Los Angeles earthquake a prelude to something bigger? (+video)
46 Big bang waves: direct evidence of universe's extraordinary expansion (+video)
47 Big Bang waves: Was Einstein wrong? (+video)
48 How wildflower study shows complex effects from global warming
49 'Strange' dinosaur was closest thing to a bird without being one
50 Did scientists really have to go to the South Pole to spot those Big Bang waves?
51 Paleontologists spot stick insect fossil camouflaging itself as a stick fossil
52 Human nose can sniff out one trillion distinct odors, say scientists
53 Scientists sequence a genome seven times bigger than yours
54 US fisheries laying waste to marine life, says report
55 Fossil fern: not much to show for at least 180 million years of evolution
56 Americans, weary of war on drugs, prefer rehab to jail, poll says (+video)
57 Barnes & Noble takes a hit as Liberty Media guts investment (+video)
58 Obama-Ortiz selfie: Is White House really that mad?
59 As election looms, Afghanistan's history offers lessons--and hope
60 Back to Africa? For some African-Americans, the answer is yes
61 Bob Hansman's inner-city art program became so much more
62 Hidden sea on Saturn's moon Enceladus revealed, boosting hopes for life
63 After Boston Marathon bombings, coordination then chaos, report says
64 China achieves ancient 'dream' of wealth and power. What's missing: respect.
65 Huge 'chicken' dinosaur, a.k.a. 'Mesopotamian feathered demon,' discovered
66 NASA wants to lasso an asteroid, but which one?
67 MIT scientists engineer 'cells that talk to each other'
68 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Doppler effect used to track the aircraft
69 What's the story with those Big Bang waves? A Q&A.
70 Scientists reunite turtle fossils found at least 160 years apart (+video)
71 Goats are not as dumb as you think, say scientists
72 The last of the woolly mammoths may have suffered serious birth defects, say scientists
73 Astronomers spot asteroid with its own ring system
74 Distant dwarf planet: Shepherded by object 10 times the size of Earth?
75 How will capturing an asteroid help put humans on Mars? NASA chief explains.
76 Astronomers dub new dwarf planet 'Biden.' Will the name stick?
77 European scientists build proving ground for Mars rovers
78 In a first, scientists create artificial chromosome
79 Whale sets deep-dive record for mammals
80 Artificial yeast chromosome brings science one step closer synthetic life (+video)
81 Comet close call: boon for science, but worry for craft orbiting Mars (+video)
82 For Los Angeles, La Habra earthquake could offer hints about 'Big One' (+video)
83 Yellowstone earthquake: Biggest in 34 years, but not the 'big one' (+video)
84 On 'Cosmos,' Patrick Stewart lends voice to Uranus discoverer
85 Archaeologists unearth 3,300-year-old Egyptian tomb
86 How an oyster could lead to improved body armor
87 UN orders Japan to stop whaling in Antarctic waters (+video)
88 Humongous solar flare causes radio blackouts
89 Earth's biggest murder mystery: Methane-spewing microbe named prime suspect
90 Zebras' black and white stripes keep biting flies away, according to a new research.
91 Chile earthquake: Is the 8.2 temblor only a foreshock?
92 Ravenous galaxy devours neighbor, leaves crumbs
93 How moist is the moon? Not very, say scientists
94 Peru volcano: Do growing rumblings point to a big eruption to come?
95 NASA to suspend almost all ties with Russia, according to leaked internal memo
96 California and Chile earthquakes giving you jitters? Relax, say geologists.
97 North Korea unveils new logo for its aptly named space agency
98 Hidden sea on Saturn's moon Enceladus revealed, boosting hopes for life
99 How old is the moon? New dating method offers clues.
100 Yellowstone volcano about to erupt? No, bison are just 'frisky,' say scientists.
101 Yellowstone bison fleeing impending supervolcano? No.
102 Can NATO Contain Russian Advances?
103 What a Mammogram Could Do for You: Study Lays Out Risk & Benefits
104 Stealth F-35 Fighter Jets Could Make Overseas Debut This Summer
105 Stem Cell Scientists Guilty of Misconduct, Panel Rules
106 Bellabeat: Prenatal Tracking Review
107 Living Alone Linked with Higher Risk of Melanoma Death in Men
108 Peeing in Pool Causes Surprising Health Hazard
109 How a Medieval Philosopher Dreamed Up the 'Multiverse'
110 Seasonal Birth Rates Could Guide Vaccine Campaigns