File Title
1 Container rethink: Ooho team cooks up water holder
2 Chemical probe profiles live-cell organelle activity, adds to understanding of lysosome dynamics
3 Optical components made of multiresponsive microgels
4 Catalysts caught in the act undergo radical rearrangements during reactions
5 Researchers develop technique for pasteurizing raw eggs
6 Synthesizing textiles from sugar
7 Quantifying sensory data
8 Chemists settle debate about conversion of light
9 Innovative fingerprint analysis is trialled by police
10 New field of "strain engineering" could open up areas of materials research
11 Tiny crystals to boost solar
12 The science of champagne fizz: How many bubbles are in your bubbly?
13 Going batty for jumping DNA as a cause of species diversity
14 New yeast species travelled the globe with a little help from the beetles
15 Dog watch: How attention changes in the course of a dog's life
16 Will roe deer persist? Climate change spells disaster for species unable to keep up
17 Male extinction prevented by promiscuous females
18 'Touched' female cockroaches reproduce faster
19 Scientists solve the riddle of zebras' stripes
20 Monkey caloric restriction study shows big benefit, contradicts earlier study
21 Maggots may provide protein for future animal feed
22 Students help protect endangered species in Africa
23 A pest management toolbox to reduce pesticide use
24 Environmental hormones--tiny amounts, big effects
25 Asian elephants that reproduce at a younger age are more likely to die younger
26 Analyzing living cells quickly and accurately
27 Scientists eager to participate in public discourse on environment
28 Quarter of Europe's bumblebee species risk extinction, study says
29 Anthropologist turns to the alpaca
30 New insight into links among nitrogen, herbivores and plant biodiversity
31 Study finds pigeons and other animals can place everyday things in categories like humans
32 Researchers help shed new light on popular New Zealand parrot
33 Phage 'cocktail' wipes out 99% of E. coli in meat, spinach
34 Research model unlocks secrets of wolf pack behavior
35 Study shows male bowerbirds manipulate female color perception
36 Study shows medium-sized mammals may be more at risk of extinction than large or small species
37 First peanut genome sequenced
38 The role of wrath in modern social movements
39 Stigmas, once evolutionarily sound, are now bad health strategies
40 London skeletons reveal secrets of the Black Death
41 Bizarre bovid species found from the Late Miocene of Linxia Basin, China
42 Reporting 'misrepresents' business sustainability
43 Academic workplace bias against parents hurts nonparents too
44 11 ancient burial boxes recovered in Israel (Update)
45 'Ivory tower' bucking social media
46 Research shows link between states' personalities and their politics
47 Movies show black police officers good for entertainment only, study says
48 Space tech provides Africa's first Islamic insurance for herders
49 Research highlights challenges faced by high conflict families
50 Researcher finds Canadian policing costs too high
51 Bullying targets popular kids, not only those who are marginalized
52 3 Qs: Seth Mnookin discusses the challenges and impacts of science writing
53 A new mathematics for experimental science
54 Male-dominated societies are not more violent, study says
55 New study shows the Euro leading to uniform prices across countries
56 Should family businesses always keep it in the family?
57 Overcoming structural uncertainty in computer models
58 Ancient nomads spread earliest domestic grains along Silk Road, study finds
59 Self-segregation of races in public areas
60 Neanderthal variants in genes involved in lipid catabolism
61 Humans and saber toothed tiger met at Schoningen 300,000 years ago
62 World's oldest weather report could revise Bronze Age chronology
63 Obesity primes the colon for cancer, study finds
64 Factor present in gestational and type 2 diabetes could provide new treatment options
65 Plugged in but powered down
66 Swimming pool urine combines with chlorine to pose health risks
67 Study finds link between child's obesity and cognitive function
68 Therapeutic agent reduces age-related sleep problems in fruit flies
69 The mammography dilemma: Complex benefits and harms of mammography require individualized approach
70 Heart attack gene, MRP-14, triggers blood clot formation
71 Gene therapy improves limb function following spinal cord injury
72 Team points to new ways to prevent relapse in cocaine-addicted patients
73 Mode of action of new multiple sclerosis drug discovered
74 Probiotics do not help infants with colic, trial finds
75 Unvaccinated infants act as 'kindling' to fuel epidemics
76 Molecular signature of heart attack predicts longer-term outcomes
77 Cell metabolism discovery could lead to treatments for cancer, common cold
78 Levels of sodium intake recommended by CDC associated with harmful health outcomes
79 Likely culprit in spread of colon cancer identified
80 Researchers deliver novel stroke test in pharmacies
81 Too much running tied to shorter lifespan, studies find
82 Imaging tool gives insight into origins of Alzheimer's
83 Endurance sport improves neuronal connections to muscle fibers
84 Contrary to expectations, life experiences better use of money than material items
85 Men who started smoking before age 11 had fatter sons
86 Positive, negative thinkers' brains revealed
87 The origin of twins
88 Noisy brain signals: How the schizophrenic brain misinterprets the world
89 Research method integrates meditation, science
90 Coffee consumption reduces mortality risk from liver cirrhosis
91 Strain-specific Lyme disease immunity lasts for years, research finds
92 Crib mattresses emit potentially harmful chemicals, engineers find
93 Pathological complete response predictor of favorable breast cancer outcome
94 Pharmocogenomics has not fulfilled its promise to developing countries
95 US OKs 1st hay fever allergy immunotherapy tablet
96 '3-D' test could reduce reliance on animals for testing asthma and allergy medications
97 Why were young males behind recent attacks on schools and public gatherings?
98 Wales considers curb on e-cigarettes
99 Study shows Florida's participation in ACS NSQIP resulted in statewide improvement
100 New survey launched into Group B streptococcus infection in babies
101 Tobacco promotions still reaching youth
102 An easier, safer, and more accurate treatment for pancreatic cancer
103 Kids are at risk for sun damage during spring break
104 Eyes in the aisles: Why is Cap'n Crunch looking down at my child?
105 Five new Ebola cases in Guinea in 24 hours
106 How self-exclusion works for Canberra's problem gamblers
107 Low Intensive Care Unit staffing levels affect patient survival
108 First point of care blood test for heart disease in Malawi
109 Three DNA methylation markers ID recurrence in bladder cancer
110 CMS: Medicare beneficiaries saved $3.9 billion on meds in 2013
111 Untrained volunteers may do harm as well as good during disasters, study finds
112 Green light for Phase II clinical trial using interstitial photodynamic therapy
113 World-first clinical trial launches for advanced bowel cancer
114 British adults want to cycle more but feel unable to make the final move
115 Guinea's Ebola victims wait for death
116 Obama cheers seven million health care sign ups