File Title
1 The promise and peril of nanotechnology
2 Mixing silicon with other materials improves the diversity of nanoscale electronic devices
3 New battery technology employs multifunctional materials
4 Scientists track 3-D nanoscale changes in rechargeable battery material during operation
5 Scientists watch nanoparticles grow: Analysis allows tailoring materials for switchable windows, solar cells
6 Study reveals details of logical circuits built using living slime molds
7 Of mice and molecules: In vivo photoacoustic imaging using semiconducting polymer nanoparticles
8 Researchers show polymerized nanocubes form complex structures
9 Fabricating nanostructures with silk could make clean rooms green rooms
10 Turning graphite into diamond
11 Diamonds are an oil's best friend
12 Heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices at 200 degrees Celsius
13 Study uncovers secrets of a mollusk's unique bioceramic armor
14 Experts create intelligent 'plaster' to monitor patients
15 Nano scale, mega scope
16 Researchers develop technique to measure quantity, risks of engineered nanomaterials delivered to cells
17 Nano-paper filter removes viruses
18 Carbon nanotubes find real world applications
19 Finding the mix: Solar cell efficiency a delicate balance
20 Researchers developing cheap, better-performing lithium-ion batteries
21 Nanoparticle trapped with laser light temporarily violates the second law of thermodynamics
22 Nanosheets and nanowires
23 Carbon nanotubes grow in combustion flames
24 Good vibrations: Using light-heated water to deliver drugs
25 Building better catalysts for splitting water
26 Explaining interactions between light, heat, and charge carriers in silicon photonic microresonators
27 Semiconductor material can be magnetized with light, suggesting new technology opportunities
28 Revolutionary solar cells double as lasers
29 Physicists propose explanation for metals behaving badly
30 Rainbow-catching waveguide could revolutionize energy technologies
31 A personal tour of the Australian Synchrotron, and a few of its impacts on Australia
32 HFML sets world record with a new 38 tesla magnet
33 A promising concept on the path to fusion energy
34 A breakthrough in creating invisibility cloaks, stealth technology
35 Ultrabright lasers help switch single photons
36 Ultrabright lasers help switch single photons
37 Physicists split and collide ultracold atom clouds (w/ Video)
38 First phononic crystal that can be altered in real time
39 Helmholtz Prize for the 'new' ampere
40 'Optical oracle' could quickly solve complex computing problems
41 Democratizing science with high speed networks
42 Generations of supercomputers pin down primordial plasma
43 Researchers identify two key characteristics never before measured of Lambda particle
44 Should physicists work to the sound of silence?
45 New laser technology could divert lightning strikes
46 High-pressure cryocooler prepares proteins for X-ray crystallography
47 Physics researchers provide new insights into quantum dynamics and quantum chaos
48 A bound on the natural width of the Higgs boson
49 Building a neutrino detector with scraps and ingenuity
50 A cure for clashing qubits: Researchers successfully entangle different-color photons
51 First sightings of solar flare phenomena confirm 3-D models of space weather
52 The search for seeds of black holes
53 Creating virtual universes with Swinburne's Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory
54 Cleaner NASA rover sees its shadow in Martian spring
55 Scientists at work: Building up BICEP2 at the South Pole to make discovery of the year
56 NASA aces delicate operation with aircraft tail
57 Russian spacecraft docks at ISS after two-day delay (Update)
58 A tetrad of Lunar eclipses
59 The opposition of Mars
60 Reworking the human genome so people can colonize other planets
61 Comet lander awakes from long hibernation
62 Crucial radar outage scrubs Cape Canaveral launches for several weeks
63 Give a name to ESA's zone of silence
64 Second HI-SEAS Mars space analog study begins
65 NRL to launch SSULI on April 3rd: Will measure ionosphere electron density
66 NASA releases images of X-class solar flare
67 'Cosmic barometer' could reveal violent events in universe's past
68 New measurement technique could help astronomers find planets hidden in data
69 Black hole makes 'String of Pearls' clusters
70 Misleading mineral may have resulted in overestimate of water in moon
71 Star-quakes reveal content of stars which are hotter and more massive than the Sun
72 SpaceX's next-generation reusable rocket roars in tie-down test
73 Chipmaker Marvell told to pay $1.5 billion in patent case
74 Apple says Samsung knew iPhone would be big seller
75 Samsung: Patents developed by Google engineers (Update)
76 Wind energy: On the grid, off the checkerboard
77 Windows 8 updates expected at Microsoft conference
78 Coalition wants US to end bulk data sweep
79 Freighter without crew
80 Mobile robots support airplane manufacturers
81 Samsung boss ordered to appear before Indian court
82 A new optical inspection system reviews wire, pipe, rails at 10 meters a second and finds defects in real time
83 Detecting diamonds with X-ray technology
84 Smaller microchips that keep their cool
85 Robots learning to work with humans
86 Less energy, more creativity
87 App happy: Wedding help in the palm of your hand
88 Judge tosses man's claim of ownership of Facebook
89 Earthquake research explores use of high-performance concrete
90 Enhanced autopilot system could help prevent accidents like 2009 Air France 447 crash
91 Deep water search for jet could turn on robot subs
92 BlackBerry ending US licensing deal with T-Mobile (Update)
93 Reduced fuel use by US drivers a persistent trend
94 French cinema braces for Netflix launch
95 Twitter maps show Americans' beer preferences
96 Apple, Samsung trade barbs as new patent trial opens
97 Intel makes new moves on Edison: Atom yes, Quark no
98 Real-life CSI: What can investigators really tell from gunshot residue?
99 An answer to the perennial question: Is it safe to pee in the pool?
100 Biological testing tool, ScanDrop, tests in fraction of time and cost of industry standard
101 Beer marinade could reduce levels of potentially harmful substances in grilled meats
102 Researchers develop world's first fluorescent sensor to detect common illicit date rape drug within seconds
103 Battery dissolves in water, holds promise for biomedical implants
104 Chemists mimic bombardier beetles to safeguard ATMs
105 Seasonal seaweed highlights chemical diversity
106 Fingerprint of dissolved glycine in the Terahertz range explained
107 Better diagnosis of parasitic infections via ultrasound enrichment of rare cells
108 Conductivity and chemical effects of carbon coating on electric car batteries
109 Photosynthesis reimagined
110 New gel to promote bone growth on implants used in surgical procedures