File Title
1 Reference: Italian Culture: Facts, Customs & Traditions
2 Reference: Tooth Sensitivity: Causes, Remedies & Treatment
3 Developing World Boasts Leading Women Conservationists (Op-Ed)
4 'Small' Nuclear War Could Trigger Catastrophic Cooling
5 Is the Creepy Staten Island Clown a Publicity Stunt?
6 Oculus Rift: 5 Virtual Reality Uses Beyond Gaming
7 Why Good Bosses Are Often Unhappy Bosses
8 Finding Flight 370: A Needle in a Garbage Patch?
9 FDA Partners With Vets to Help Animals
10 Hospital Stays Result in Over 720,000 Infections Yearly
11 Quantum Leap: New Tech Could Make Perfectly Secure Communications
12 Gigantic Cambrian Shrimplike Creature Unearthed in Greenland
13 Belgium to Destroy Its Illegal Ivory Next Month
14 Smartphone App May Help People Recover from Alcoholism
15 Bat Soup Blamed as Deadly Ebola Virus Spreads
16 Christian Ink: Mummy's 1,300-Year-Old Thigh Tattoo Revealed
17 Brain Changes in Autism Likely Start Before Birth
18 Bamboo-Munching Pandas Also Have a Sweet Tooth
19 New Dwarf Planet Found at Solar System's Edge, Hints at Possible Faraway 'Planet X'
20 Asteroid Found with Rings! First-of-Its-Kind Discovery Stuns Astronomers (Video, Images)
21 Infection Control: Why Doctors Over-Prescribe Antibiotics (Op-Ed)
22 Two Healthy Lions, and Their Cubs, "Zoothanized" ...Why? (Op-Ed)
23 Reference: Attila the Hun: Biography of the 'Scourge of God'
24 Reference: When and How to Take a Pregnancy Test
25 Reference: Easter Egg Science Experiments
26 The 10 Happiest (and Unhappiest) Jobs in America
27 Facts About the 1964 Alaska Earthquake
28 How the 1964 Alaska Earthquake Shook Up Science
29 Does Dark Energy Spring From the 'Quantum Vacuum?'
30 Washington State Landslide Not Caused by Quake
31 Ukraine's Combat Dolphins Now Swim for Russia
32 5 Myths About Suicide, Debunked
33 1 in 68 US Kids Has Autism Spectrum Disorder
34 US Cases of Invasive Cancer Drop Slightly
35 Flu Vaccine Cuts Hospitalization Risk For Kids, CDC Says
36 10 Amazing Facts About the 1964 Alaska Earthquake
37 First Synthetic Yeast Chromosome Paves Way for Designer Genomes
38 Nearing Collapse? West Antarctica's Glaciers Speeding Up
39 5 Reasons Why West Coast Is More Vulnerable to Mudslides
40 'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life
41 What Is Kombucha?
42 What Is Neuropathy?
43 First-Ever Excavation of Nazi Death Camp Treblinka Reveals Horrors
44 Australia Should Enlist Dingoes to Control Invasive Species (Op-Ed)
45 There's Just One Thing Stopping Killer Shrimp from Wreaking Even More Havoc
46 Hollywood Makes Mental Health an A-List Cause (Op-Ed)
47 How Two Women Brought a Sea Change to Conservation (Op-Ed)
48 Reference: Jane Goodall Biography
49 It's Time to Extend Routine Space Operations to the Moon (Op-Ed)
50 Even the Innocent Should Worry About Sex Offender Apps (Op-Ed)
51 3,300-Year-Old Tomb with Pyramid Entrance Discovered in Egypt
52 To Live Longer We Have to Change Outdated Ideas of What It Means to Grow Old (Op-Ed)
53 6 Mysterious 'Dracula' Ant Species Discovered in Madagascar
54 Does Antimatter Fall Up or Down? New Device May Tell
55 Zzz...Slap! How to Avoid the Creepy-Crawlies of Summer
56 Elementary, My Dear: 8 Elements You Never Heard Of
57 Seashell Armor Could Offer Transparent Protection for Troops
58 Smoking Coffee: A Dumb New Trend?
59 Japan Must Halt Antarctic Whaling Program, UN Court Rules
60 11 Stolen Burial Boxes Seized by Israeli Authorities
61 What Is Jock Itch?
62 Nano[Ag]ressions
63 Future of Wearable Tech: Solar-Powered Dresses and Wi-Fi Suits
64 Climate Change Taking Major Toll Now, UN Report Says
65 Earthquake Shakes Yellowstone But No Volcano Threat Looms, Scientists Say
66 Happily Surprised! People Use More Facial Expressions Than Thought
67 Microbes May Have Caused Earth's Biggest Extinction
68 Flight 370: Another Setback in Search for Missing Jetliner
69 What Is Normal Blood Sugar?
70 How Do Pineapples Grow?
71 How Do Peanuts Grow?
72 Aspirin May Extend Lives of Some Colon Cancer Patients
73 Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Poaching Sea Turtle Eggs
74 Make It 7: More Fruit and Veggie Servings Needed?
75 Deep-sea Fish Inspire Robotic Feeding Model
76 Grammar hardwired into our brains
77 Happily surprised? Sadly angry? Computer tags emotions
78 'Seesaw' current explains past bursts of CO2
79 Mammal extinctions: size isn't everything
80 Animal lab cuts 'pose threat to human health'
81 Japan accepts court ban on Antarctic whaling
82 Air pollution: High levels 'to spread across England and Wales'
83 Pupil, 12, dies after wall collapses at Liberton High School
84 Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg prepare for TV re-match
85 Legal challenges undermining armed forces, say MPs
86 MPs criticise BBC over climate change reporting
87 April Fools Day: 10 stories that look like pranks but aren't
88 Bosnia's wartime rape survivors losing hope of justice
89 R.I.P. Nuts magazine
90 Seven-a-day fruit and veg 'saves lives'
91 Frankie Knuckles: House pioneer dies aged 59
92 'Seven-a-day' fruit and veg call, full employment and April Fool spoofs
93 Thrigby Hall nesting storks may end 600-year wait
94 Ukraine crisis: NATO suspends Russia co-operation
95 MH370: UK submarine joins search for missing plane
96 LinkedIn email addresses exposed by plug-in software
97 How tech firms are celebrating April Fool's Day
98 University wins $1.5 billion patent suit
99 NSA-inspired software sped up code-cracking efforts
100 OKCupid seeks to block Mozilla Firefox over gay rights
101 BBC poll: Web brings more freedom and more surveillance
102 Tsunami warning after 8.0 quake strikes off Chile
103 Decline of overseas students at England's universities
104 Degree checks 'uncover grade fraud'
105 England's schools succeed in problem-solving test
106 UK should eliminate illiteracy in our lifetime--Gove
107 Dementia diagnosis drive raises concern
108 NHS facing biggest ever challenge, says new boss
109 Stem cell scientist 'guilty of misconduct'
110 Self-healing muscle grown in the lab
111 New legislation introduces 'DIY' personal care option
112 Doctors challenge whisky industry on minimum price rules
113 TV political debates: Lessons from history
114 Instant e-libraries for Myanmar universities
115 How 'easy read' makes sense of jargon
116 Matthew Bourne bloods new dancers in Lord of the Flies
117 Beyond exams: Schools assess pupils' other talents