File Title
1 Room lighting affects decision making, study suggests
2 Consuming animal protein could prevent functional decline in older men
3 Smartphone app reduces stress for anxious people
4 Building muscle in senior years could prolong life
5 Medication to treat high blood pressure associated with fall injuries in elderly
6 A lower ratio between index and ring fingers is associated with higher risk of developing severe osteoarthritis in the knee, says study
7 Motorbike crash victim's face repaired with 3D printing
8 Archaeologists discover 3,000-year-old skeleton with metastatic cancer
9 What are the health benefits of tomatoes?
10 Eating grilled meat 'increases risk of Alzheimer's and diabetes'
11 Could understanding how the brain processes music help treat illness?
12 Exercise, removal of belly fat 'reverses cognitive decline in obese mice'
13 Diabetes, high blood pressure in middle age linked to brain damage
14 Older women 'twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's than breast cancer'
15 New drug could reverse age-related cognitive decline
16 Colon cancer rates decreasing among older Americans
17 Gut microbes may play a role in colorectal cancer
18 Mailing free test kits improves colon cancer screening rates
19 Cheap urine test for cancer steps closer
20 Device to prevent cancer patient hair loss being tested at UCLA
21 Potent driver of metastasis identified
22 Stem cells from fat tissue show promise in reconstructive surgeries for face and skull
23 Gut bacteria play a role in why dark chocolate is so good for you
24 A relationship between gut bacteria and blood cell development helps the immune system fight infection
25 A potential treatment target for multiple sclerosis offered by PD-L1
26 In multiple sclerosis, antibodies detected years before symptoms
27 3-D changes in DNA may lead to a genetic form of Lou Gehrig's disease
28 ALS-linked gene causes disease by changing genetic material's shape
29 Missing link identified that could impact the treatment of muscular diseases
30 How ALS moves through the body
31 Diet high in calories and carbs could slow ALS progression
32 $1 billion a year is spent on brain scans for headache sufferers
33 New smartphone apps 'detect epilepsy and improve stroke care'
34 Iron deficiency increases stroke risk by making blood sticky
35 Where does 'hidden fat' come from?
36 Medications that work against each other prescribed to one in five older Americans
37 Children in the UK are eating too much salt, new study finds
38 Early warning system for epidemics
39 Drug protects mice against malaria brain damage and raises levels of a neuroprotective factor in humans
40 Some of the ancient mysteries of leprosy revealed
41 Primates protected from deadly Marburg virus
42 Malaria: 57% of African population live in high-risk infection areas
43 Could global warming push malaria to higher elevations?
44 Researchers show stem cells from muscle can repair nerve damage after injury
45 Mature, functioning liver cells made from skin cells
46 New leukemia immune cell therapy shows promise
47 More advanced math and reading in kindergarten benefits school performance
48 Benefits of breast-feeding 'overstated,' says sibling study
49 Men receive faster care than women for heart attacks, study shows
50 When moving out of high-poverty areas, girls thrive but boys suffer
51 How does meeting on Facebook affect meeting face to face?
52 Sitting too much linked to major disability after 60, regardless of exercise
53 Alzheimer's death toll larger than reported, study says
54 Red meat and exercise could be the key to keeping body and mind in peak condition as we age
55 Glucosamine fails to prevent deterioration of knee cartilage, decrease pain
56 Researchers discourage rheumatology patients from using cannabis
57 Nanoparticles used to target inflammation-causing immune cells
58 Acupuncture 'could treat inflammation and save lives'
59 Tissue Fusion to commercialize laser surgical device developed at University of Colorado
60 Some cancers evade detection by silencing parts of immune system cells
61 Biomarkers could tell doctors when concussed athletes are safe to compete
62 New APA autism guidelines 'reduce diagnosis by more than 30%'
63 Genetic mutations discovered that could prevent type 2 diabetes
64 First device to prevent migraine headaches wins FDA approval
65 Cornerstone Pharma demonstrates ability to disrupt growth of cancer cells
66 Study examines gap in federal oversight of clinical trials
67 Heart risks of glucose-lowering drugs being overlooked in clinical trials
68 Intravaginal ring providing dual protection against HIV and pregnancy is first of its kind to enter a clinical trial
69 First clinical trial of type 1 diabetes treatment developed by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researcher has extremely positive results
70 International stem cell corporation announces positive interim data from primate study Parkinson's disease cell therapy
71 Protein synthesis studied in stem cells for the first time
72 Nutrition & probiotics are key factors for digestive health
73 New constipation treatment under study for Parkinson's patients
74 Gut bacteria essential for immune cell development
75 Marijuana may protect the immune system against HIV and slow disease progression
76 Viruses in 700-year-old human feces have antibiotic resistance genes
77 The importance of microbial diversity in gut health and disease
78 The exact gut bacteria involved in Crohn's disease identified
79 Multiple sclerosis: raising awareness of a complex disease
80 Plant extract offers hope for infant motor neurone therapy
81 Study finds high utilization of neuroimaging for headaches despite guidelines
82 Warning--ticks may cause double trouble
83 How does the FDA 'approve' medical products?
84 A supercomputer could change how diseases are treated
85 Sight-saving eye drops could replace injections
86 Smartphones to diagnose diseases in real time
87 C-section babies have higher odds of being overweight adults
88 TV, computer, video game use 'linked to poorer child well-being'
89 Parents 'increase infant's obesity risk through feeding and activity practices'
90 Vigorous exercise tied to reduced flu risk
91 The 5-second rule is not an urban myth, say researchers
92 Serious diarrheal infection in kids linked to antibiotics
93 Scientists uncover trigger for most common form of intellectual disability and autism
94 Major breakthrough in developing new cancer drugs: Capturing leukemic stem cells
95 Immune cells regulate blood stem cells
96 Inherited predisposition to leukemia found in infants
97 Scientists explore promising new option for first line of attack in lymphoma
98 Stem cell study opens door to undiscovered world of biology
99 Leukemia gene mutation linked to new childhood growth disorder
100 Cyberbullying 'causes suicidal thoughts in kids more than traditional bullying'
101 Potential heart attack drug with no side effects
102 Making defibrillators as common as fire extinguishers could save lives
103 Each 15-minute delay steals 1 month of healthy life for stroke sufferers
104 Drinking age of 21: review confirms it saves lives
105 Higher risk of suicide and autism in children born to older dads
106 Does meditation have benefits for mind and body?
107 Effective treatment for youth anxiety disorders has lasting benefit
108 New research could signal progress in osteoarthritis pain relief
109 HIV vaccine hope found in immune system of a unique patient
110 Gene therapy used to block HIV without drugs