File Title
1 Reference: What Is Plaque?
2 Reference: Who Invented the Steam Engine?
3 World's Most Advanced Computers Unravel the Universe's Most Primitive Processes (Op-Ed)
4 Why Did Congress Just Sink Flood Insurance Reform? (Op-Ed)
5 Cutting Through the Confusion on Treating Prostate Cancer (Op-Ed)
6 8 Things Bosses Do to Make Workers Happy
7 Florida Pythons Navigate Home Over Record-Breaking Distance
8 Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?
9 Finally, A Subway Grip Clean Enough To Lick
10 Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Hosts Private Space Travel Debate Tonight: Watch Live
11 Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?
12 'Nana Tech': Smart Shoes & Handheld EKGs Could Keep Seniors Safe
13 2 Bright-Yellow Poppy Species Identified in Western US
14 Helping Identify Performance-Enhancing Drugs, Through Chemistry
15 Tracking Lost Flights: Light-Based Radar Tech Is More Precise
16 Plankton Poo Plays Critical Role in Ocean's Twilight Zone
17 Protective Brain Molecule May Stave Off Alzheimer's
18 How Do Antibiotics Work?
19 Study: Civilization Doomed by Overconsumption, Wealth Inequality (Infographic)
20 Why Is the Ocean Blue?
21 Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit Another Milestone
22 Mindfulness Meditation May Reduce Drug User Relapse
23 Woman's 'Dying' Fingers Saved by Nerve Surgery
24 Flashy New 'Chicken from Hell' Dino Discovered
25 Fossil Immortalizes Ancient Insect's Leaf Mimicry
26 Strict Parenting Linked to Higher Obesity Risk in Kids
27 To Keep Kids Safe, Explain, Explain, Explain
28 Water Births May be Risky, Doctors' Groups Say
29 Can Bleach Help Solve the Origin of Life in the Primordial Soup? (Op-Ed)
30 In the Digital Age, the Humanities Can Afford to Go On the Offensive
31 A Crocodile Hunt, Redefined, in Southeastern Cuba (Op-Ed)
32 Reference: Botox: Uses and Side Effects
33 Reference: Cavities (Tooth Decay): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
34 Modern Family (Planning) for Animals (Op-Ed)
35 Power To The People? Everyone Can Do Citizen Science (Op-Ed)
36 7 Ways You're Tarnishing Your Personal Brand
37 5 Weird Ways to Measure Happiness
38 Flight 370: The Tech Behind the Hunt for Missing Malaysian Plane
39 What Your Favorite Music Reveals About Your Buying Habits
40 Why Happiness Scares Us
41 Top Quark: Mass of World's Heaviest Elementary Particle Found
42 Amazon Rainforest Breathes In More Than It Breathes Out
43 5 Wacky Ways to Quantify Happiness
44 Fossils Put Dent in Geoengineering Claims
45 The Nose Knows: Humans Can Smell More Than 1 Trillion Scents
46 Immortalized Fossil Fern Reveals Evolutionary Standstill
47 Sea Anemones Are Half-Plant, Half-Animal, Gene Study Finds
48 Happy Spring! Expect A Cold One
49 White House Launches New Climate Data Website
50 Futuristic Vertical-Flight Aircraft Move Closer to Reality
51 Fish Oil Supplements: A Look at the Possible Benefits
52 Reference: Facts About Flight 370: Passengers, Crew & Aircraft
53 The Stinky Way Cuckoo Birds Earn Their Keep
54 After Flight MH370 is Found, What Happens Next? (Op-Ed)
55 Cutting Power-Plant Carbon Could Save U.S. $60 Billion by 2020 (Op-Ed)
56 Invertebrates Inject a Bit of Romance During Sex--By Stabbing Each Other (Op-Ed)
57 Can Animals Be Too Happy, or Have Too Much Fun? (Op-Ed)
58 Art, As It Transforms the Environment
59 Reference: Coloring Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes
60 Reference: Hormone Replacement Therapy: Types, Benefits & Risks
61 'Invisibility' Cloak May Hide Things from Sonar
62 Man Develops Rare Reaction to Spider Bite
63 Happiness is viral, thanks to social media
64 Targeting molecular interaction of Marburg virus and host protein may arrest this lethal virus
65 Cryoablation and nanoparticle-encapsulated anticancer drug combined to destroy cancer stem-like cells
66 Study finds heart scans only useful in prescribing statins under certain conditions
67 How the brain stores memories by time
68 For some women response to emotional stress may be linked to heart artery dysfunction
69 How the flu bug bit Google
70 American Muslims' attitudes toward organ donation
71 A novel protein identified in fruit flies may explain how biological clocks regulate human sleep
72 Intelligent people 'more likely to trust others'
73 Reversible mechanism discovered that increases muscle elasticity
74 Africans' ability to digest milk likely due to spread of cattle raising
75 Mouse model created to act as biosensor
76 Molecular mechanism discovered that actively regulates the process of forgetting
77 Brain damage caught in the act
78 Fighting cancer with light-activated drug delivery by nanoparticle
79 Colorectal cancer: the risk factors, symptoms and importance of screening
80 High vitamin D levels may increase breast cancer survival
81 Food packaging chemicals 'may be harmful to human health'
82 Too much protein in middle age 'as bad as smoking'
83 13 million more Americans deemed eligible for statins
84 After joint replacement surgery, statins may lower blood clot risk
85 High potency statins linked to better outcome following a heart attack
86 Statins slow the progression of advanced multiple sclerosis in clinical trial
87 Brain switch that says 'it is time to sleep' found
88 Scientists discover how ALS spreads through the body
89 High stress levels 'increase frequency of headaches'
90 Patients with even slightly high blood pressure 'at increased risk of stroke'
91 Dog and human brains have 'voice areas' in same places
92 New blood test predicts Alzheimer's, dementia
93 'Largest ever' trial of adult stem cells in heart attack patients begins
94 Vegetarian diet could be used to lower blood pressure
95 Experts question link between saturated fat and heart disease
96 A diet low in saturated fat 'will not prevent heart disease or prolong life'
97 Dark chocolate 'good for the heart,' study suggests
98 Self-administered patches could be the future for flu vaccination
99 Warning: Your open-plan office can make you ill
100 New target discovered for dengue virus vaccine
101 Over 75% of people with the flu do not have symptoms
102 Research on 3D scaffolds sets new bar in lung regeneration
103 Lung transplantation: A treatment option in end-stage lung disease
104 Organ transplant approach might end lifelong drug treatment
105 Stand-alone organ donor facility is more efficient than a hospital
106 Reconstructing faces using human stem cells from fat
107 Alzheimer's onset could be triggered by sleep disturbances
108 Insomniacs have different brain activity in region responsible for movement
109 Infant sleep machines could damage babies' hearing
110 New study suggests contagious yawning is not linked to empathy