File Title
1 Years of high school football not linked to neurocognitive decline, study suggests
2 Significant increase in painkillers prescribed to U.S. adults visiting emergency departments
3 Blood test identifies brain damage from concussion in ice hockey
4 Higher exposure to take-out food could double the odds of being obese
5 Innovative solar-powered toilet ready for India unveiling
6 Quantum physics secures new cryptography scheme
7 Over demanding market affects fisheries more than climate change
8 Using a treadmill while working can boost employee productivity, study finds
9 Google Glass could help stop emerging public health threats around the world
10 Warning: Your open-plan office can make you ill
11 Portable hydrogen fuel cell unit to provide green, sustainable power to Honolulu port
12 Gauging what it takes to heal a disaster-ravaged forest: Case study in China
13 Will plug-in cars crash the electric grid? Not with newly proposed system
14 New York takes lead in state efforts to end ivory trade
15 Sustainable manufacturing system to better consider the human component
16 Sound trumps meaning in first language learning
17 DNA fix for school timetables
18 No one likes a copycat, no matter where you live
19 Education boosts brain function long after school, study shows
20 Gesturing with hands a powerful tool for children's math learning
21 Obesity associated with lower academic attainment in teenage girls, says new study
22 Are you smarter than a 5-year-old? Preschoolers can do algebra
23 New school meal standards significantly increase fruit, vegetable consumption
24 Zoos, aquariums do teach us about biodiversity, largest international study proves
25 Education attenuates impact of TBI on cognition
26 Older adults: Build muscle and you'll live longer
27 Human brains 'hard-wired' to link what we see with what we do
28 We must forget to avoid serious mental disorders, and forgetting is actively regulated
29 Soft robotic fish moves like the real thing: New robotic fish can change direction almost as rapidly as a real fish
30 VLT spots largest yellow hypergiant star: Mix of new and old observations reveals exotic binary system
31 Milky Way amidst a 'Council of Giants'
32 Water-rich gem points to vast 'oceans' beneath Earth's surface, study suggests
33 Eat more, die young: Why eating a diet very low in nutrients can extend lifespan
34 Natural selection has altered the appearance of Europeans over the past 5,000 years
35 Autism, intellectual disability incidence linked with environmental factors
36 Looking to have fun during March madness? Don't bet on it!
37 Rats' brains may 'remember' odor experienced while under general anesthesia, study suggests
38 Bacterial reporters that get the scoop: Engineered gut bacteria 'remembers' what it saw
39 APNewsBreak: NYC inmate 'baked to death' in cell
40 GOP leaders meet in Tenn. amid Common Core discord
41 Jesse Jackson to take on tech's lack of diversity
42 Obama unleashing power of data on climate change
43 Sensors based on a lobster 'nose' may someday sniff out landmines
44 Cheerios get no lift from GMO switch
45 IBM's Watson to help sequence cancer DNA
46 Lawmakers ask: Would Vt. be sued over GMO labels?
47 Autism-friendly NYC show offered for younger kids
48 In U.S. contraception case, a question of corporate rights
49 6 face charges following medical marijuana raids
50 Cholesterol drug may help multiple sclerosis sufferers: report
51 Tamiflu cuts flu death risk by 25%, study shows
52 ND hunters less successful as deer numbers fall
53 Crews work to clean up oil in Ohio nature preserve
54 Cartel inside Kenya fueling rhino, poaching deaths
55 Kenya poaching crisis a 'national disaster,' says Leakey
56 China's smog driving top foreign talent away: U.S. business survey
57 Support strong for open Internet in developing world
58 Google won't face email privacy class action
59 Europe's telecom tie-ups signal big shakeup
60 Exclusive: States to probe Comcast plan to buy Time Warner Cable
61 US files charge against Toyota, $1.2B penalty
62 Beyond Big Data: Prepare for Real-Time Insights
63 'Hair bleach' fuelled primordial soup
64 Dad's baby blues gets worse over time
65 Genes sponge up dolphins' social behaviours
66 New spin on zebra stripe origins
67 'Chicken from hell' dino no match for T. rex
68 Lighting the way to better radar systems
69 'Chicken from hell' sheds new light on bird-like dino
70 Scientists unveil dinosaur dubbed the 'chicken from hell'
71 Ancient Stick Insects Used Plant Cloaking Mechanism at Least 126 Million Years Ago
72 Researchers discover fossils of earliest stick insect to mimic plants
73 Scientists Discover Fossils Of Earliest Stick Insect To Mimic Leaves
74 Stick insect advice: Make like a tree and leaf
75 Fossilized Stick Insect Unearthed In China Dates Back 126 Million Years
76 Google, Microsoft Help U.S. Track Climate Change
77 Aimed At Creating Awareness About Climate Change White House Launches Climate Data Initiative
78 White House Releases Facts on the President's Climate Data Initiative--Empowering America's Communities to Prepare for the Effects of Climate Change
79 WH to unveil new methane strategy this month
80 International Space Station Moved to Avoid Space Debris
81 NASA reports coolant loop problem at ISS
82 Double Trouble: ISS dodges space junk but encounters coolant leak
83 Shoot for the moon: How America can lead the world back
84 Mother Nature Spoils Rare Asteroid Eclipse of Regulus Star
85 Clouds Threaten Rare Chance to See Star "Wink" Over New York
86 Rare Asteroid Eclipse of Bright Star Spoiled by Rain and Clouds
87 Hubble Telescope Spies Amazing Star Factory Inside Space Monkey Head (Photo, Video)
88 'Monkey Head Nebula' Revealed In Stunning Image Celebrating Hubble's 24th Birthday
89 Sea Snakes Can't Drink Salt Water
90 Here's Why The Sea Snake Should Be Called The Sea Camel
91 Sea snakes need fresh water for drinking, UF researcher finds
92 Prehistoric Poop Reveals Early Holocene Bighorn Sheep On Tiburon Island
93 Bighorn History On Tiburon Island Goes Beyond Reintroduction In 1975
94 Google Doodle marks first day of spring
95 Hello, Spring Equinox. Hello, warmer weather and cool Google Doodle
96 Google Celebrates The First Day Of Spring With Doodle Spring Equinox 2014
97 Choose gardens over cleaning to celebrate spring equinox
98 Climate change will reduce crops sooner than expected
99 Professor part of broad effort to educate the public on climate change
100 What We Know About Climate Change...and What More We Need to Do
101 How Concerned Are You About Climate Change?
102 Paving the way for night-vision CLs [Contact Lenses]
103 This 'smart lens' to give you night vision
104 Scientists develop night vision contact lens
105 Night-Vision Contact Lenses That Use Infared Technology May Soon Be Possible, Researchers Say
106 Can Big Data Help U.S. Cities Adapt to Climate Change?
107 Google, Microsoft, Feds Launch Climate Data Tools
108 Obama using power of data to see risks of climate change
109 NASA says civilization to fall
110 Apocalypse Soon: NASA Predicts The End Of The World As We Know It