File Title
1 New evidence raises questions about the link between fatty acids and heart disease
2 Cultural hitchhiking: How social behavior can affect genetic makeup in dolphins
3 Sea anemone is genetically half animal, half plant
4 Archaeologists discover earliest complete example of a human with cancer, from 3,000 years ago
5 Tremors of the Big Bang: First direct evidence of cosmic inflation
6 Student deciphers 1,800-year-old letter from Egyptian soldier
7 Lied-to children more likely to cheat, lie
8 Fried foods may interact with genes to influence body weight, say experts
9 An end to animal testing for drug discovery?
10 Precise reason for health benefits of dark chocolate: Thank hungry gut microbes
11 Building heart tissue that beats: Engineered tissue closely mimics natural heart muscle
12 Study fingers chickens, quail in spread of H7N9 influenza virus
13 Bees capable of learning feats with tasty prize in sight
14 Strongest evidence yet of two distinct human cognitive systems
15 Amazon inhales more carbon than it emits, NASA finds
16 Pocket diagnosis: App turns any smartphone into a portable medical diagnostic device
17 Vaccination: No-refrigeration, spray vaccine could curb diseases in remote areas
18 Gut bacteria can cause life-threatening infections in preterm babies
19 New pathway connected to type 2 diabetes
20 Fast synthesis could boost drug development
21 Drinking alcohol several times a week increases risk of stroke mortality
22 New method is a thousand times more sensitive to performance-enhancing drugs
23 Tamiflu reduces risk of death by 25% in adults hospitalised with H1N1 pandemic influenza
24 Statin may slow untreatable, progressive stage of multiple sclerosis
25 Increased adiposity and reduced physical activity in children: Cause or effect?
26 Neuroscience 'used and abused' in child rearing policy
27 Bright future for protein nanoprobes
28 Child ADHD stimulant medication use leads to BMI rebound in late adolescence
29 Children exposed to methamphetamine before birth have increased cognitive problems
30 Form of epilepsy in sea lions similar to that in humans, researchers find
31 Rise in heart attacks after Hurricane Katrina persisted six years later
32 Mental health on the go: Reducing anxiety with smartphone app
33 Electronic media associated with poorer well-being in children
34 High utilization of neuroimaging for headaches despite guidelines
35 Suppressing unwanted memories reduces their unconscious influence on behavior
36 New heart failure symptom: Shortness of breath while bending over
37 When the flu bug bit the Big Apple, Twitter posts told the tale
38 Knowing whether food has spoiled without even opening the container
39 Stress undermines empathic abilities in men but increases them in women
40 What's so bad about feeling happy?
41 Who's afraid of math? Study finds some genetic factors
42 Time out: Spanking babies is surprisingly common, U.S. study finds
43 Three quarters of people with seasonal, pandemic flu have no symptoms
44 Major 'third-hand smoke' compound causes DNA damage and potentially cancer
45 Intelligent people are more likely to trust others
46 Best value for top quark's mass: Tevatron and LHC scientists announces first joint result
47 Football displays fractal dynamics: Real-time dynamics in a football game subject to self-similarity characteristics
48 New window into quantum physics opened with superconductivity in LEDs
49 New lens design drastically improves kidney stone treatment
50 Coercivity of material changed by patterning surface
51 Scanning electron microscopes: Getting rid of bad vibrations
52 Real-looking snow in Disney's 'Frozen' based in simulations that predict blast scenarios
53 Stretchable antenna for wearable health monitoring
54 Nanotube composites greatly increase efficiency of next generation of solar cells
55 High-strength materials from the pressure cooker: New materials made quickly and in eco-friendly manner
56 Fierce 2012 magnetic storm just missed us: Earth dodged huge magnetic bullet from the sun
57 First interactive mosaic of lunar north pole
58 New view of supernova death throes in 3-D
59 Geographers create 'easy button' to calculate river flows from space
60 Hubble revisits the Monkey Head Nebula
61 Astronomers complete cosmic dust census
62 Mercury's contraction much greater than thought, new imaging shows
63 An experiment recreates the crust of Jupiter's moon Europa
64 Lunar crater counting shows crowdsourcing is accurate tool
65 Oxygen's different shapes described
66 New statistical models could lead to better predictions of ocean patterns
67 Follow the ant trail for drug design: Ant behavior inspires software design
68 Toward 'vanishing' electronics and unlocking nanomaterials' power potential
69 New airborne GPS technology for weather conditions takes flight
70 Flexible electronics: Flexible carbon nanotube circuits more reliable and power efficient
71 Fast-moving cells in human immune system walk in stepwise manner
72 Harnessing everyday motion to power mobile devices
73 Big data tackles tiny molecular machines
74 Emotion detectors could make driving safer
75 Nanoscale optical switch breaks miniaturization barrier
76 Ancient DNA shows moa were fine until humans arrived
77 Earliest evidence of limb bone marrow in the fin of a 370 million year old fish
78 Humans drive evolution of conch size
79 Owl monkeys don't cheat: Intensive fathering plays a role
80 'Breaking bad': Insect pests in the making
81 Global food trade can alleviate water scarcity
82 Reintroduction experiments give new hope for plant on brink of extinction
83 Nineteen new speedy praying mantis species discovered that hide and play dead to avoid capture
84 Study of complete RNA collection of fruit fly uncovers unprecedented complexity
85 Scent of the familiar: You may linger like perfume in your dog's brain
86 NASA historic Earth images still hold research value
87 Climatologists offer explanation for widening of Earth's tropical belt
88 Researchers take on fighting disastrous consequences of extreme changes in climate before they occur
89 The frozen truth about glaciers, climate change and our future
90 Avoiding environmental hazards: Lessons from a tiny worm
91 Biodiesel from alligator fat reduces waste
92 Rocky mountain wildflower season lengthens by more than a month
93 Chicken bones tell true story of pacific migration
94 How the science of deer hunting can help patients with diabetes
95 Shale could be long-term home for problematic nuclear waste
96 Back to life after 1,500 years: Moss brought back to life after 1,500 years frozen in ice
97 Why did humans replace Neanderthals? Paleo diet didn't change, the climate did
98 Little Foot is oldest complete Australopithecus, new stratigraphic research shows
99 Understanding how mountains and rivers make life possible
100 Africans' ability to digest milk linked to spread of cattle raising
101 Extinct California porpoise had a unique underbite
102 New fossil species reveals parental care of young from 450 million years ago
103 Most of the sand in Alberta's oilsands came from eastern North America, study shows
104 Origin of life: Simulating how Earth kick-started metabolism
105 Dinosaur skull may reveal T. rex's smaller cousin from the north
106 Canadian drinking-age laws have significant effect on deaths among young males
107 Young women most at risk least likely to be offered HPV vaccine
108 China halves tuberculosis prevalence in just 20 years
109 U.S. headache sufferers get $1 billion worth of brain scans each year
110 Democrats, Republicans see each other as mindless, unless they pose a threat