File Title
1 Scientists pinpoint source of 'bio-duck' sound
2 Asteroids whack Earth more often than thought
3 Potential for human superbugs in cow dung
4 Citizen science a winner for shark conservation
5 Tiniest insects now in digital 3D colour
6 Marijuana may cause heart problems in young adults
7 UK centre to shoot for nuclear fusion record
8 Mystery of 'ocean quack sound' solved
9 Asteroid impact risks 'underappreciated'
10 Graphene 'wonder material' made with kitchen blender
11 'Little progress' on forest protection plan
12 Energy storage: The key to a smarter power grid
13 'Friendly' drone on dog leash takes off
14 Czech deer still avoid Iron Curtain
15 Police make Syria plea to UK Muslim women
16 Ukraine move in Sloviansk draws stern Putin warning
17 Crime falls 15% in England and Wales
18 Labour Party seeks to cut links with Co-op Bank
19 Bernie Ecclestone denies bribery in Germany trial
20 The unlikely debt capital of Britain
21 The birds of Shakespeare cause US trouble
22 Astrotourism skyrockets in Chile
23 England's regional sign language dialects 'in decline'
24 Cornish people granted minority status within UK
25 RAF fighter jets scrambled to investigate Russian planes
26 Elderly care demand to 'outstrip' family supply
27 Actress Jodie Foster marries girlfriend
28 Stephen Sutton makes 'largest' cancer charity donation
29 Coronation Street star Barbara Knox denies drink-drive charge
30 Seven hurt in Forres silo explosion
31 DJ Dave Lee Travis denies indecent assault charge in court
32 Video: A new kind of tech bubble
33 Warhol works recovered from old Amiga disks
34 The hidden meaning within your furniture
35 US watchdog to propose new net neutrality rules
36 Roads in Essex and Wales have slowest broadband speeds
37 Apple announces share buyback as earnings rise
38 Facebook earnings surge on mobile advertising
39 NYPD Twitter campaign 'backfires' after hashtag hijacked
40 Zynga in widening loss as founder Mark Pincus leaves
41 Pocket Printer secures Kickstarter cash
42 Forget Silicon Valley, meet Silicon Bali
43 Post Office staff get 7.3% rise over three years
44 University tuition-fee change savings 'uncertain'
45 More UK students consider study abroad, poll suggests
46 Asthma inhalers could go into schools
47 Exam pressure: What the private tutor saw
48 Will minority status help Cornwall?
49 Paedophile teacher abused boys at schools around world
50 Dog bites highest in deprived areas
51 I caught Ebola in Guinea and survived
52 Anatomy of the cost of a new drug
53 Binge drinking 'link to overeating'
54 Plastic surgeons 'worried' young want procedures
55 Breast cancer drug price reduction urged
56 A 'third of UK adults struggle' to afford healthy food
57 Most of MP Ann Clwyd's claims over late husband's care rejected
58 Ty Hafan hospice care boss cleared of misconduct
59 Secret to happy kids--a bit of TV and the odd takeaway
60 Why insurers should fund medical research
61 Reprieve for Men: Y Chromosome Is Not Vanishing
62 Men Are Here to Stay, Thanks to the Y Chromosome's Indestructible Genes
63 Y Chromosome has Major Role in Men's Survival, Study Finds
64 Lowly Y chromosome may deserve some respect after all
65 New Reliable Qubit Breakthrough May Make Quantum Computing a Reality
66 Qubit Reliability Breakthrough Makes Commercial Quantum Computing Possible
67 Reliable Quantum Computing Superconducting Qubit Array
68 Obama Gets Kick Out of Soccer-Playing Asimo Robot
69 Obama finds robots 'a little scary'
70 Obama finds Japanese robots 'a little scary'
71 Soccer-playing robot gives Obama a break in Japan
72 Climate Change Affecting Health of Congo Rainforest
73 Congo Rainforest Faces Major Changes from Long-Term Drought
74 Congo Rainforest 'Browning' Due to Climate Change
75 NASA Finds Drought May Take Toll on Congo Rainforest
76 Study Finds Less Green in the Congo Rain Forest
77 Time-lapse video shows powerful asteroids strike Earth with surprising frequency
78 Risk of asteroid hitting Earth higher than thought
79 Asteroids hit Earth with force of nuclear blasts
80 Two Astronauts Successfully Complete Spacewalk to Replace Backup Computer
81 International Space Station computer replaced in spacewalk
82 NASA tries space kits to engage kids in science and space
83 littleBits And NASA Bring Space Down To Earth With New 'Space Kit'
84 LittleBits' Space-Themed Electronics Kit Is Plug-and-Play and NASA-Approved
85 Build Your Own Mini Mars Rover With These Brilliant, NASA-Approved Blocks
86 Shrimp key to new material that can build tougher jets
87 Two black holes in death dance 2 billion light years away
88 Scientists discover new mineral in Australia
89 Experts 'edit' DNA to cure genetic disease
90 Toilet flushes may help power homes
91 Scientists discover 'upside-down' planet
92 US Supreme Court conflicted over Indian-American's breakthrough technology
93 Bio-Duck Sound In Southern Ocean Revealed To Be Whales
94 Source Of Mysterious Duck-Like Sound In Antarctic Identified
95 Eerie bio-duck mystery solved, identified as whales
96 Massive Iceberg Six Times the Size of Manhattan Watched in Antarctica (VIDEO)
97 Giant Antarctica Iceberg Puts NASA On Alert
98 Massive Iceberg Six Times The Size Of Manhattan Breaks Off Antarctica (VIDEO)
99 Dana Milbank: NASA goals moving too fast
100 Buzz Aldrin Wants NASA To Send Astronauts To Asteroid, Not Lasso It
101 Manned mission to Mars necessary for our species to survive, says NASA chief
102 New Reliable Qubit Breakthrough May Make Quantum Computing a Reality
103 For Poop Transplants, Frozen Feces Work Just Fine
104 Origins of Y Chromosome Revealed: Male 'Genetics' Emerged 180 Million Years Ago
105 The Y Chromosome is Here to Stay with Stable Genes: Men are Not Disappearing
106 Wider Hips may Suggest a more Promiscuous Woman: Study
107 Women like Taller Men, Men don't Really Care: Study
108 NYC 20 Times More Likely To Flood Now Than It Was In 1800s
109 New York City Flood Risk Has Risen 20-Fold Since Late 1800s, Study Says
110 Hemihelix: Engineers Discover Perversion Of Nature Using Rubber Bands