File Title
1 NASA Rover Opportunity's Selfie Shows Clean Machine
2 John C. Houbolt, Unsung Hero of the Apollo Program, Dies at Age 95
3 NASA Completes LADEE Mission with Planned Impact on Moon's Surface
4 Russia plans to get a foothold in the Moon
5 Russian Federal Space Agency is elaborating Moon exploration program
6 Impact glass stores biodata for millions of years
7 Planet Kepler 186 is good parallel to Earth, but there is little chance to detect life
8 Ultra-fast electrical circuits using light-generated tunneling currents
9 Researchers bolster development of programmable quantum computers
10 To bridge LEDs' green gap, scientists think really small
11 Chipmaker Marvell told to pay $1.5 billion in patent case
12 Heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices at 200 degrees C
13 Computing with Slime
14 Research brings new control over topological insulator
15 Scientists open a new window into quantum physics with superconductivity in LEDs
16 Rice synthetic biologists shine light on genetic circuit analysis
17 Tiny Step Edges, Big Step for Surface Science
18 Cork trees offer greener source of polyester
19 A new twist for better steel
20 Math modeling integral to synthetic biology research
21 Chile quake pushes copper price to three-week high
22 Shock-absorbing 'goo' discovered in bone
23 It looks like rubber but isn't
24 Getting rid of bad vibrations
25 Novel membrane reveals water molecules will bounce off a liquid surface
26 Heat-Based Technique Offers New Way to Measure Microscopic Particles
27 Researchers Describe Oxygen's Different Shapes
28 Squeezing light into metals
29 Waterloo physicists solve 20-year-old debate surrounding glassy surfaces
30 ADS builds 'space furnace' to test materials of the future on the ISS
31 Silver gone astray
32 In the eye of a chicken, a new state of matter comes into view
33 UT Dallas-led team makes powerful muscles from fishing line and sewing thread
34 Gecko-inspired Adhesion: Self-cleaning and Reliable
35 Carbon dioxide from exhaust fumes used to make new chemicals
36 Physicists produce a potentially revolutionary material
37 Theorists predict new forms of exotic insulating materials
38 Towards tailor-made adhesives
39 Quicker method paves the way for atomic-level design
40 Faster X-ray technology paves the way for better catalysts
41 Chameleon of the sea reveals its secrets
42 Microwires as mobile phone sensors
43 Spider silk ties scientists up in knots
44 Chemists unveil 'water-jet' printer
45 Mollusc shells inspire super-glass
46 What makes superalloys super--hierarchical microstructure of a superalloy
47 Quantum superconductor-metal to glass transition observed
48 Physicists discover new type of particle using Large Hadron Collider
49 One Kind of Supersymmetry Shown to Emerge Naturally
50 Quantum Photon Properties Revealed in Another Particle-the Plasmon
51 New Zealand physicists split and collide ultracold atom clouds
52 Record quantum entanglement of multiple dimensions
53 Hunt for an unidentified electron object
54 There must be particles out there smaller than Higgs particle
55 Crystals ripple in response to light
56 Optimising custody is child's play for physicists
57 Europe mulling plans for huge, next-generation atom smasher
58 Researchers Find Unambiguous Evidence for Coherent Phonons in Superlattices
59 Quarks in the looking glass
60 Rice lab clocks 'hot' electrons
61 Hugging hemes help electrons hop
62 Progress in the fight against quantum dissipation
63 Improving the human-robot connection
64 RoboClam hits new depths as robotic digger
65 New algorithm aids in both robot navigation and scene understanding
66 'RoboClam' replicates a clam's ability to burrow while using little energy
67 As Age-Friendly Technologies Emerge, Experts Recommend Policy Changes
68 Majority of Americans doubt the Big Bang theory
69 Major discovery bolsters Big Bang theory of universe
70 Swirls in remnants of Big Bang may hold clues to universe's infancy
71 Glasses strong as steel: A fast way to find the best
72 Earthquake simulation tops one quadrillion flops
73 Hot mantle drives elevation, volcanism along mid-ocean ridges
74 Computer models solve geologic riddle millions of years in the making
75 Dynamic stressing of a global system of faults results in rare seismic silence
76 San Francisco's big 1906 quake was third of a series on San Andreas Fault
77 Large landmasses existed 2.7 billion years ago
78 Atlas Mountains in Morocco are buoyed up by superhot rock
79 Earliest ancestor of land herbivores discovered
80 Faithful allies since the Cretaceous
81 Graduate student brings extinct plants to life
82 Ancient 'spider' images reveal eye-opening secrets
83 Counting calories in the fossil record
84 Ancient shrimp had advanced cardiovascular system
85 Ancient whodunit may be solved: The microbes did it!
86 The first insects were not yet able to smell well
87 Unique chromosomes preserved in Swedish fossil
88 Earliest evidence of limb bone marrow in the fin of a 370-million-year-old fish
89 Simulating how the Earth kick-started metabolism
90 Europe's largest terrestrial predator dinosaur found in Portugal
91 An ancient 'Great Leap Forward' for life in the open ocean
92 Oldest bit of crust firms up idea of a cool early Earth
93 Evolution stuck in slime for a billion years
94 Ancient reptile birth preserved in fossil
95 Giant mass extinction may have been quicker than previously thought
96 Mass extinction may not cause all organisms to 'shrink'
97 Strange marine mammals of ancient North Pacific revealed
98 Largest evolutionary study of sponges sheds new light on animal evolution
99 Pompeii-style volcano gave China its dinosaur trove
100 University of Hawaii scientists make a big splash
101 Scientists reveal why life got big in the Earth's early oceans
102 Discovery of new Tiktaalik roseae fossils reveals key link in evolution of hind limbs
103 Mapping Amino Acids to Understand Life's Origins
104 Fossil pigments reveal the colors of ancient sea monsters
105 After a 49-million-year hiatus, a cockroach reappears in North America
106 Fossil in amber shows ancient reproduction process of flowering plants
107 Mapping the demise of the dinosaurs
108 Air temperature influenced African glacial movements
109 Preglacial landscape found deep under Greenland ice
110 The role of oceanic carbon reservoir over glacial cycles
111 New technology helps paleontologists see Ice-Age bee in intricate detail
112 Rare leafcutter bee fossils reveal Ice Age environment at the La Brea Tar Pits
113 Permafrost thawing could accelerate global warming
114 Finnish research improves the reliability of ice friction assessment
115 New clues to decline and extinction of woolly mammoths
116 Study provides crucial new information about how the ice ages came about
117 Dynamic atolls give hope that Pacific Islands can defy sea rise
118 Odds that global warming is due to natural factors: Slim to none
119 Global warming not taken seriously: World Bank's Kim
120 Fox News leads all TV news in misleading climate change coverage
121 Climate: UN experts see options to brake juggernaut
122 US to tackle methane in climate change push
123 White House launches website to visualize climate change
124 Weather extremes 'consistent' with man-made climate change: UN
125 Climatologists offer explanation for widening of Earth's tropical belt
126 UCLA study yields more accurate data on thousands of years of climate change