File Title
1 Similarities identified between HIV/AIDS and opioid addiction epidemics
2 Disappointing test results as drugs fail to reawaken dormant HIV infection
3 Good bacteria identified that protects against HIV
4 HIV and hepatitis C vaccines move a step closer with new technique
5 Could transplant drugs replace antiretrovirals in HIV treatment?
6 A natural protein, Elafin against gluten intolerance?
7 'Defenders' in immune cells could beat invading bacteria
8 New approach to spine surgery dramatically improves safety
9 Cognitive impairment after surgery
10 Weight loss surgery treats type 2 diabetes in obese patients
11 New ammunition in the fight against Type 2 diabetes
12 3D-printed implants restore baby's breathing
13 New research explains why binge drinking prolongs wound recovery time
14 Teen binge drinking linked to identifying alcohol brands in pop music
15 CDC: 'More effort needed to fight hospital infections'
16 'No peeing in the pool,' say researchers--it can pose serious health risks
17 Droplets from coughs and sneezes travel farther than you think
18 New app turns any smartphone into a portable medical diagnostic device
19 New genetic disease identified in children
20 Light-activated neurons from stem cells restore function to paralysed muscles
21 Stem cells created from a drop of blood
22 Could Silly Putty help treat neurological disorders?
23 'Mini heart' may help people with blood flow problems
24 First stem cell model for bipolar disorder could lead to new treatments
25 Stem cell-derived pancreatic cells under the skin replace insulin
26 Smartphone app reduces stress for anxious people
27 Researchers find that influenza has an Achilles' Heel
28 Complex brain functional network connection after stroke
29 Prosthetic limbs: should they be more advanced by now?
30 Inducing biological tissue damage with plasma tool may destroy cancer cells
31 Healing chronic wounds with vibration
32 Molecular function of the "hairless" gene may explain why mutations contribute to the pathogenesis of a rare form of hair loss
33 Scientists observe how rotavirus infection can accelerate type 1 diabetes
34 Researchers devise new, stretchable antenna for wearable health monitoring
35 Women need iron and calcium for strength and exercise performance
36 Kessler Foundation researchers link endogenous body temperature to relapsing-remitting MS and fatigue
37 Predicting prostate cancer survival by measuring circulating tumor cells
38 Most men with early prostate cancer do not benefit from primary androgen deprivation therapy
39 Radical treatment for advanced prostate cancer may herald major survival advantage over conventional treatment
40 New method for prostate cancer detection can save millions of men painful examination
41 MRI helps diagnose prostate cancer more accurately
42 WHO: air pollution responsible for 1 in 8 global deaths
43 A high-fat diet can increase risk of certain types of breast cancer
44 Chemotherapy may be assisted by natural plant compounds
45 Breast cancer: lack of resources in low-income countries 'alarming'
46 Study adds to mounting evidence of the role systemic inflammation may play in heart health
47 Elafin decreases the enzymatic reaction that increases the toxicity of peptides derived from gluten
48 'Carb breakdown' gene linked to obesity
49 Could genome sequencing of MRSA allow doctors to gauge strain severity?
50 Fighting antibiotic resistance with honey
51 New agents may revitalize antibiotics to fight superbugs
52 New generation of antibiotics may lie with small peptides
53 Drug-resistant bacterial infections on the rise in American children
54 The safety, efficacy and value of water fluoridation in oral health care
55 First study to provide biological evidence that there are positive and negative thinkers
56 Can you beat jet lag with a smartphone app?
57 Migraines: unique data collected from sufferers sharing pain on Twitter
58 New measures for curbing lifetime heart disease risk
59 Eat one daily serving of legumes to keep away 'bad cholesterol'
60 Bone loss and inflammation reversed in immune disorder by dental team
61 Periodontal disease associated with cardiovascular risk in large multicentre study
62 Classifying gum disease genetically could help earlier diagnosis and treatment
63 Sleep apnoea linked with blood sugar levels
64 Researchers discover how our body clock reacts to environmental changes
65 'Insomnia may increase the risk of stroke,' researchers say
66 FDA approves Topamax for migraine prevention in adolescents
67 Dizziness and headache can be symptoms of stroke, especially in women, minorities and younger patients
68 New research explores the impact of stress reduction on migraine attacks
69 LDL cholesterol safely dropped well below statin-only baseline with evolocumab
70 13 million more Americans deemed eligible for statins
71 Seasonal fluctuations in cholesterol levels
72 Statin use guidelines for cholesterol vary in US and Europe
73 Children in the US: 1 in 3 may have high cholesterol
74 Longer TV hours linked to reduced sleep in young kids
75 The soluble fiber in oats helps lower total and LDL cholesterol but the cardiovascular health benefits of oats goes beyond fiber
76 Statins may offer added benefit for men with erectile dysfunction
77 Statins may improve erectile function in men with high cholesterol
78 Prostate cancer patients given brachytherapy more likely to maintain erectile function
79 Reversing erectile dysfunction without medication
80 Females have penises in sex-reversed cave insects
81 Ancient plants 'frozen in time' by space impacts
82 EU green light for UK carbon capture and storage project
83 'Most Earth-like planet yet' spotted by Kepler
84 South Korea seeks arrest of Sewol ferry captain
85 Ukraine crisis: Kiev reaches out to eastern rebels
86 Brighton teenager Abdullah Deghayes killed in Syria
87 Everest avalanche kills at least 12 Sherpa guides
88 Martin Freeman warms up for Richard III by freezing in Fargo
89 Gabriel Garcia Marquez: 'He made a reader of me'
90 What makes Jerusalem so holy?
91 Rahul Gandhi: Congress' favourite son heading for defeat?
92 Who, What, Why: Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?
93 Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy
94 Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies
95 One-fifth of gardeners admit throwing snails over fence
96 Man killed as boat capsizes at Bideford Bar, Devon
97 Kim Novak speaks out over Oscar ceremony jibes
98 Teen's Facebook brag costs dad $80,000 lawsuit settlement
99 Fatal crash cyclist Junior Heffernan was 'doing 40mph'
100 Asteroid 2012 DA14 in record-breaking Earth pass
101 Tech tools make selling to the world child's play
102 Teachers' union to hear calls for strike in June
103 Child bullying victims still suffering at 50--study
104 Nigeria abductions: Military admits girls still missing
105 Women arrested in Adderley Primary School fraud inquiry
106 Foreign doctors should face tougher exams, study says
107 NHS information scheme 'mishandled'
108 Sacked doctor 'was unfairly dismissed,' tribunal rules
109 10 sartorial moments that tell us a lot about politics