File Title
1 An increase in vitamin D deficiency diagnoses
2 Belief that eating disorders 'only affect women' hinders treatment for men
3 Marijuana pills and sprays ease MS symptoms
4 'Autism rates soar 30% in 2 years,' CDC say
5 Infant circumcision is becoming less common in the US, but why?
6 CDC say e-cigarette-related calls to US poison centers have soared
7 'Childhood obesity costs $19,000 per child,' researchers say
8 Sperm quality and male fertility
9 New DNA test offers miscarriage clues
10 Uterine cancer risks decrease by 81% with bariatric surgery
11 Organic food does not reduce women's risk of cancer
12 Quick, simple blood test for solid cancers looks feasible
13 Healthy fast food advertising for kids goes unnoticed, study shows
14 Better sleep 'could be prescribed to treat metabolic disorders'
15 Weight loss: counting calories more important than 'eating little and often'
16 Like obesity, being underweight is also tied to earlier death
17 New study shows how junk food diets prompt laziness
18 Chocolate could prevent obesity and diabetes, study suggests
19 By mimicking a low-carb diet, glucosamine promotes longevity
20 Stronger kids have lower risks for diabetes and heart disease
21 Study reports major advance in synthetic biology
22 Congress budget pact good for global health but NIH cuts threaten US innovations
23 Health, education and globalization of world's economy
24 Enhancing detection of infectious disease biomarkers using shrink wrap
25 Half the population of the Americas is at risk of diseases carried by small insects
26 Ebola outbreak in Guinea is unprecedented, says aid agency
27 Key regulator of colon cancer discovered
28 First treat tumors with radiotherapy to directly kill cancer cells, making immunotherapy more effective
29 Engineered bacteria sense, remember, and report on their experience in the gut
30 New diagnostic test for bowel diseases
31 Levels of potentially harmful substances in grilled meats could be reduced by beer marinade
32 Low-dose aspirin use linked to improved colon cancer survival
33 Scientists identify protein that spurs spread of colon cancer
34 Gut bacteria may encourage colon cancer by suppressing DNA repair
35 'Sewing machine' idea gives insight into origins of Alzheimer's
36 Baker's yeast analyzed to discover potential for combating neurological conditions like Parkinson's, cancer
37 Impaired new learning identified in patients with Parkinson disease
38 Complex relationship between slow-wave sleep and odor memory revealed
39 New Parkinson's disease chemical messenger discovered
40 New approach promises to transform care for patients with long term conditions
41 New discoveries place lack of energy at the basis of Parkinson's Disease
42 Genetics can explain why infections trigger onset of different types of rheumatoid arthritis
43 Study of immune response could lead to development of new pharmacological strategies to treat chronic inflammatory diseases
44 Motor learning: Lining up our sights
45 FDA approves first implantable hearing device for adults with a certain kind of hearing loss
46 Mood-stabilizing drug may reduce risk of developing head and neck cancer
47 Avoiding brain damage during surgery through anesthetic technique
48 Hearing loss affects old people's personality
49 Abandoned antibiotic makes a comeback
50 Social groups alleviate depression
51 One-third of patients to survive intensive care 'will suffer from depression'
52 Tooth loss linked to depression and anxiety
53 Vitamin D supplements 'do not reduce depression'
54 Discovery offers hope for new treatments for retinal blindness
55 Major breakthrough in eye disease therapy
56 Regenerative medicine a step closer as new method yields potent, renewable human stem cells
57 Scientists have discovered a potentially novel form of therapy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration that uses a component of our immune system
58 Pterygium, common eye condition, treated non-surgically
59 Why do our eyes widen in fear and narrow in disgust?
60 Study could offer clues for developing new antiviral treatments
61 New target in flu virus may open route to better drugs
62 Drinking coffee linked to decreased liver cirrhosis death risk
63 Paralyzed men move legs following spinal shock treatment
64 Method can replace live animals in skin allergy tests according to validation study
65 Allergy-cancer connection discovered
66 Persistent stress can cause frequent allergy symptoms
67 Painkillers linked to heightened irregular heartbeat risk in older adults
68 Treating mitochondrial disease with vitamin B3
69 Evidence supports it, so why are parents still reluctant to vaccinate their children?
70 Researchers teach a computer to recognize 21 different human emotions
71 Nearly half of Americans believe in medical conspiracy theories
72 3D-printed kidneys could become standard for simulated cancer surgery
73 Forget wristbands, the future of health tracking is skin-mounted, say scientists
74 Researchers create smartphone device that performs blood tests
75 Prolotherapy: nonsurgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis
76 Improved accuracy in diagnosis for epilepsy with new clinical definition
77 Similar epilepsy syndromes produced by gene mutations in flies and humans
78 Form of epilepsy in sea lions similar to that in humans, Stanford researchers find
79 Novel optogenetic tool could be used in neuroscience to study the switching of neural networks
80 Sleep disruption in brain disorders
81 Rebalancing the autistic brain with low doses of antianxiety drugs
82 Mood-stabilizing drug could reduce risk of head and neck cancer
83 Much of bone comprises shock-absorbing 'goo' that stops it shattering
84 Green tomatoes may hold the answer to bigger, stronger muscles
85 Why being double-jointed can be a pain in the gut
86 New gel to promote bone growth on implants used in orthopaedic and dental surgical procedures
87 Researchers testing gene therapy to thwart effects of multiple sclerosis
88 Statins slow the progression of advanced multiple sclerosis in clinical trial
89 Researchers show stem cells from muscle can repair nerve damage after injury
90 Research my lead to development of novel therapeutic agents for multiple sclerosis
91 Multiple sclerosis: raising awareness of a complex disease
92 Men with blood type O have lower recurrence of prostate cancer
93 New test could accurately predict prostate cancer recurrence
94 Stroke mortality increased by drinking alcohol several times a week
95 Health concerns swirl around electronic cigarettes
96 Does smoking on TV affect rates of real-life tobacco consumption?
97 Smokers' taste buds 'do not allow them to taste bitterness of coffee'
98 E-cigarettes 'should not be marketed as smoking cessation aids'
99 Cardiovascular disease, related deaths drop after Michigan implements public smoking ban
100 Decline in preterm births and asthma linked with smoking bans
101 Elderly women may benefit from higher amounts of protein
102 New blood test 'accurately predicts breast cancer recurrence'
103 Gender differences in how the heart responds to exercise: findings challenge a long-held formula for peak heart rate
104 Men 'size-up' male competition by watching dance moves
105 Exercise in youth makes for stronger, bigger bones through life
106 Is there a gene for procrastination?
107 Alarming spread of drug-resistant TB threatens global health
108 Multi-drug resistant TB: How is Europe responding to the challenge?
109 How can we combat drug-resistant TB?
110 HIV/STI prevention: the double whammy of multiple sex partners and drinking