File Title
1 Women arrested in Adderley Primary School fraud inquiry
2 University marking ban 'on hold' after new pay offer
3 Primary school places revealed as squeeze continues
4 New teachers 'can't risk mortgages,' says union leader
5 Examiners 'may accommodate Ramadan fasting'
6 Teachers 'should check holiday plans for FGM clues'
7 Bullying is 'impacting' school grades of victims
8 Trojan Horse probe headed by ex-Met chief Peter Clarke
9 Pupils 'addicted to tablet computers,' teachers warn
10 Parents 'baffled by Inset days,' teachers are told
11 Police 'still not listening,' Lawrence tells teachers
12 Families have less time together, teachers warn
13 Trojan Horse: 25 schools probed over alleged takeover plot
14 Laws calls for a period of 'stability' in education
15 Mass DNA tests at French school over rape
16 Graduate starting salaries 'drop 11% over five years'
17 Teachers report rise in mental health fears
18 It's getting mighty crowded
19 Who are the 55 bodies buried at the Dozier school?
20 Hospital infection rates must come down, says watchdog
21 Bowel cancer screening uptake 'must improve'
22 Eighteen Northern Ireland care homes get reprieve
23 Malcolm Green may have lived with earlier op, inquest told
24 Crohn's patient Lizzie Rose loses egg-freezing case
25 Burnley woman 'terrified' waking up at point of surgery
26 Pressure sensors to help prevent pain for amputees
27 Public services 'must learn from Stafford hospital scandal'
28 GP opening hours scheme 'to benefit seven million patients'
29 GP out-of-hours care in Cardiff and Vale 'diabolical,' watchdog claims
30 Should drug firms make payments to doctors?
31 How can music make your ears bleed?
32 Routine operations: Is a crisis brewing?
33 Boston bombing: Couple still strong one year after tragedy
34 Adolescent girl's romantic relationships affect their mental health
35 New test can diagnose asthma, even in the absence of symptoms
36 Relationship between vitamin D deficiency and cognition examined
37 Isolating immune cells to study how they ward off oral diseases
38 Refined categorization may improve prediction of patient survival in RECIST 1.1
39 How food texture impacts its perceived calorie content
40 New study sheds light on factors likely to lead to development of Meniere's Disease
41 Help needed to keep female parolees crime-free
42 Are low-calorie restaurant menus making us fat?
43 Blocking protein partnership has implications for cancer treatment
44 Infants' hair can offer clues to life in the womb
45 Ovarian cancer patients may benefit from nanoparticles designed to deliver three cancer drugs at a time
46 Transgender health disparities revealed by new study from Harvard
47 New standards proposed for gauging muscle decline in older adults
48 Alarming increases in pre-diabetes and diabetes in blacks, Hispanics and the elderly; obesity partly to blame
49 Prenatal exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors associated with autism and developmental delays in boys
50 Scientists discover how antifungal drug amphotericin works
51 Commercial fishing injuries could be reduced by changes in processing and handling
52 Mechanism helps explain persistence of hepatitis C virus
53 Chronic inflammation may be linked to aggressive prostate cancer
54 Experts call for higher exam pass marks to close performance gap between international and UK medical graduates
55 Is UK shale gas extraction posing a risk to public health?
56 Vitamin D: 'no clear evidence of health benefits,' say researchers
57 Interferon-free therapy for hepatitis C 'cured' 90% of patients
58 'Casual marijuana use changes the brain,' researchers say
59 Chimeric mouse study 'could have prevented human deaths in 1993 drug trial'
60 Scientists suggest how infection worsens stroke-induced brain damage
61 Social media: how does it really affect our mental health and well-being?
62 Modified stem cells may offer way to treat Alzheimer's disease
63 Is it time to change the way babies are held immediately after birth?
64 Apathy in older adults linked to increased brain shrinkage
65 1 in 20 American adults 'misdiagnosed in outpatient clinics each year'
66 Teens more likely to attempt suicide following concussion
67 Key 'sperm meets egg' protein discovery holds promise for fertility treatments
68 Teens who conform to gender norms 'more likely to engage in cancer-risk behaviors'
69 For the first time, scientists use MRI to identify brown fat in a living adult
70 Diabetes-related complications have declined, CDC say
71 New studies investigate malaria resistance and susceptibility in children
72 Gene variant makes eaters of processed meat 'more likely to get colorectal cancer'
73 Could blueberries help treat Parkinson's disease?
74 Is reduced salt intake linked to the fall in deaths from cardiovascular disease?
75 Chinese herbal remedy 'just as effective as methotrexate against arthritis'
76 Study on Mt. Everest shows how people get type 2 diabetes
77 Lab-grown nostril and vagina constructed with similar techniques
78 College-aged drug users 'have impaired brain activity' linked to anticipation
79 A new risk for energy drink users
80 'Remarkable but brief antidepressant effect' from party drug Ketamine
81 Exercise and occasional drinking may protect against visual impairment
82 Scientists test the brain region that makes us averse to alcohol
83 Poor oxytocin development could be to blame for alcohol and drug addiction
84 An end to animal testing for drug discovery?
85 Fertility experts in pioneering 'mediterranean diet' IVF study
86 New model proposed for clinical trials
87 Tamiflu and Relenza review questions effectiveness against flu
88 CDC sodium intake guidelines 'excessively and unrealistically low'
89 The hormone that allows us to love may also encourage us to lie
90 Are allergies made worse by stress?
91 They know when you are faking it: computer recognizes mock pain
92 More advanced math and reading in kindergarten benefits school performance
93 Materialistic people 'more likely to be depressed and unsatisfied'
94 Older women 'twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's than breast cancer'
95 Could understanding how the brain processes music help treat illness?
96 'Thinking skills best in people who had better cardio fitness in youth'
97 Diabetes, high blood pressure in middle age linked to brain damage
98 Why is there an inverse association between cancer and Alzheimer's?
99 Scientists discover big clue to how caffeine wards off Alzheimer's
100 Green tea may boost our working memory
101 The origin of Lou Gehrig's disease may have just been discovered
102 More women experience cardiac arrest during childbirth than is reported
103 Aspirin may help women with recent pregnancy loss conceive and have a baby
104 Difficulty getting pregnant could be due to stress
105 Autism begins in the womb, according to a new study
106 For the first time, a degenerated organ is fully restored in a living animal
107 Being overweight may benefit older people
108 'A glass of milk a day' may delay knee osteoarthritis in women
109 Low back pain is number 1 cause of disability worldwide
110 Epilepsy diagnosis may be improved by new clinical definition