File Title
1 Marijuana for Vets With PTSD Study Begins
2 Pelvic Exercises May Help His Sex Life
3 Pelvic Floor Exercises Can Treat Lifelong Premature Ejaculation
4 Pelvic Floor Exercises Effective in Treating Premature Ejaculation in Men
5 Men's lifelong premature ejaculation can be treated by pelvic floor exercises
6 What Voodoo Dolls And Low Blood Sugar Say About Your Relationship
7 Blood Sugar Levels Tied to Anger Against Spouses: Study
8 Spouses with low blood sugar get angrier at each other
9 Why Your Spouse May Be 'Hangry' for a Fight
10 Mumps outbreak in Ohio nearly doubles this month
11 Ohio Outbreak Now Involves Over 200 Mumps Cases
12 Ohio mumps outbreak increases to 212 cases
13 Excessive TV Watching Linked To Poorer Sleep In Kids
14 Study Supports Detrimental Effects Of Television Viewing On Young Childrens Sleep
15 After being mauled by raccoon, Michigan girl getting new ear
16 Charlotte Ponce eager for surgery to create new ear: 'I get to wear earrings'
17 Girl savagely mauled by pet raccoon as a baby will finally have a right ear after 12 years...and it's made out of her ribs
18 Procedure to give raccoon-mauled girl new ear
19 How Harmless Bacteria Quickly Turned Into a Flesh-Eating Monster
20 Scientists pinpoint when harmless bacteria became flesh-eating monsters
21 How flesh-eating bacteria exploded into epidemic
22 Into an Epidemic
23 Jenny McCarthy Faces Backlash After "Pro-Vaccine" Op-Ed: It's "Too Late to Play Cute" With What You've Said
24 Jenny McCarthy: I am not anti-vaccine but do believe vaccines cause autism
25 'I Never Told Anyone Not to Vaccinate'
26 New York and United States Government Finalize $8 Billion Medicaid Agreement
27 State to use $8 billion in Medicaid savings to help struggling Brooklyn hospitals
28 New York finalizes $8 billion Medicaid accord with federal government
29 Pluto may have deep seas, ancient faults
30 Bees have antennae up for memories
31 Beards might be back, but not for long
32 First exo-moon candidate discovered
33 Space Legs for NASA's Robonaut 2 to Ride SpaceX Dragon Into Orbit
34 What Is Dry Socket?
35 How Do Clouds Form?
36 Soldiers Prefer Synthetic Marijuana
37 Drunken Monkeys: Does Alcoholism Have an Evolutionary Basis?
38 How Obesity May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
39 New Earthquake Hits Nicaragua
40 Some Monkeys Are (Really) Monogamous
41 What Science Communicators Can Learn from Listening to People (Op-Ed)
42 What the Heck is Gastroschisis?
43 Don't Panic About Heartbleed but Have a Spring Clean Anyway (Op-Ed)
44 Thinking About Death Can Make You Value Life More
45 Recruiters Reveal Most Wanted Tech Skills
46 Deep Dive to Explore Unknown Ocean Life Starts Today
47 The Black Box: An Australian Invention That Nearly Didn't Happen
48 10 Personality Traits Employers Are Looking for Most
49 Death Isn't Taboo, We're Just Not Encouraged To Talk About It (Op-Ed)
50 Too Little Weight Gain During Pregnancy Linked to Child's Obesity
51 Brain Tumor Risk Higher for Teens Who Stop Growing Later
52 US States with the Most and Least Tax Dread
53 Mysterious Ancient Moroccan Rock Pile Explained
54 Tax Time! Which States Complain the Most?
55 Silver Lining? Rare Night-Shining Clouds Are Becoming More Common
56 See-Through Sex: Your Partner Knows When You're Faking
57 Beyond the Higgs: 4 Weird Facts About Other Bosons
58 Bad Moon Rising? Preacher Ties Blood Moons to Biblical Prophecies
59 Asian Pollution Boosts Pacific Storm Power
60 What a Gas! Arctic's Ozone Hole Looking Good
61 Stadium Acoustics Pump Up the Volume
62 How Flesh-Eating Bacteria Evolved To Be Deadly
63 Geologic Wonder: See the Grand Canyon from Space
64 Mad at Your Spouse? Low Blood Sugar May Be to Blame
65 What Is Quinine?
66 How Do Dolphins Sleep?
67 Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?
68 New Sweet-Smelling Bat Species Identified
69 Elusive 'Exotic Hadron' Particles Confirmed
70 500-Million-Year-Old Embryos Fossilized in Rare Find
71 Alzheimer's Gene Has Greater Effect on Women
72 Reference: What is Anthropology?
73 Reference: Varicose Veins & Spider Veins: Causes & Treatment
74 Drowning Still a Top Cause of Death for Young Kids
75 Chilean Mummies Reveal Signs of Arsenic Poisoning
76 'Clever Editing' Warps Scientists' Words in New Geocentrism Film
77 Near-Complete T. Rex Skeleton Arrives at Smithsonian
78 Viagra Ice Cream Arouses Controversy
79 Unhappy Workers Name Their Biggest Complaints
80 Cub Watch Begins After Panda's Artificial Insemination
81 Google-Owned Company Rejects Military Funds for Robotics Contest
82 Lab-Grown Esophagus Could Aid Cancer Patients
83 How Personality Increases Risk of Drug Abuse
84 Spinal Cord Damage May Be Fixed with New Therapies
85 How to Cook the Perfect Steak (with Science)
86 Alleged Grave-Robbing Cannibal Brothers Arrested--Again
87 Even Casual Pot Use Changes the Brain
88 Plant-Derived Nanotubes Provide Personalized DNA Delivery
89 Hipster Science: Women Prefer Men With Facial Hair
90 Reference: SIDS: Causes & Prevention
91 Reference: Liver: Function, Failure & Disease
92 Reference: PTSD: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
93 Tanned Girls, Tobacco-Chewing Dudes: Gender Norms Affect Teen Cancer Risk
94 Can Science Eliminate Extreme Poverty? (Op-Ed)
95 Crater Creator Uses Explosions to Find the Secrets of Volcanoes (Op-Ed)
96 Herb Supplements Are the Most Common Complementary Medicine in US
97 The 50 Fastest Growing Online Jobs
98 Body Slam This! Ancient Wrestling Match Was Fixed
99 The Science Behind 'Impossible' Videos: New Show Demystifies Online Acts
100 How Harmless Bacteria Quickly Turned Into a Flesh-Eating Monster
101 The Nation's T. Rex Invades the Smithsonian
102 Why Are Black Bear Attacks Up in Florida?
103 Monarch Butterflies Shrink, Get Paler After Skipping a Meal
104 Severe Scurvy Struck Christopher Columbus's Crew
105 Can an Unmanned Mini Yellow Submarine Find Missing Flight 370?
106 Your Weird Animal Questions Answered: Love in the Animal Kingdom
107 Solar Chimneys Can Convert Hot Air to Energy, But Is Funding a Mirage?