File Title
1 'Dwarf planet' in deep space has water
2 First planet found around solar twin in star cluster
3 SF State astronomers discover new planet in Pisces constellation
4 New kind of planet or failed star? Astrophysicists discover category-defying celestial object
5 NASA Kepler Provides Insight About Enigmatic But Ubiquitous Planets, Five New Rocky Planets
6 Newfound planet is Earth-mass but gassy
7 Earth appears to be an oddity, astronomers say
8 Researchers use Hubble Telescope to reveal cloudy weather on alien world
9 Using an Atmosphere to Weigh a Planet
10 First detection of a predicted unseen exoplanet
11 Innovative instrument probes close binary stars, may soon image exoplanets
12 Astronomers solve temperature mystery of planetary atmospheres
13 Sun's energy influences 1,000 years of natural climate variability in North Atlantic
14 Plasma plumes help shield Earth from damaging solar storms
15 Hinode Views Sunspot Activity
16 Giant sunspot seen making third trek across surface of the sun
17 NASA Orbiter Safe After Unplanned Computer Swap
18 NASA Mars Orbiter Examines Dramatic New Crater
19 MRO Reveals A More Dynamic Red Planet
20 Launcher assembly begins for Ariane 5 Flight VA218
21 Arianespace in spotlight at Satellite 2014: expects another record-breaking year
22 ESO VLT Shows Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko Brighter Than Expected
23 NEOWISE Spies Its First Comet
24 Subaru Telescope Detects Rare Form of Nitrogen in Comet ISON
25 A good year to find a comet
26 Software helps astronomers find faint, tiny comet in deep solar system
27 Rosetta wide awake as check-up continues
28 NASA Instruments on European Comet Spacecraft Begin Countdown
29 Rosetta: To Chase a Comet
30 Spacesuits And Moon Notes Among The Stars At Bonhams NYC Auction
31 Russia to launch three lunar rovers from 2016 to 2019
32 Control circuit malfunction troubles China's Yutu
33 China's Lunar Lander Still Operational
34 Death Stars in Orion Blast Planets before They Even Form
35 Astronomers reveal 'largest yellow star ever'
36 Galaxies in the early Universe mature beyond their years
37 Critical mass not needed for supernova explosions
38 Fat or flat: getting galaxies into shape
39 Closest, brightest supernova in decades is also a little weird
40 Stream of stars in Andromeda satellite galaxy shows cosmic collision
41 With A Deadly Embrace, 'Spidery' Pulsars Consume Their Mates
42 The Hubble Showdown: Starbursts versus Monsters
43 Diamonds in the tail of the scorpion
44 NASA's Chandra Sees Runaway Pulsar Firing an Extraordinary Jet
45 When stars explode, it's a messy business
46 IBEX research shows influence of galactic magnetic field extends well beyond our solar system
47 The oldest star in the universe? Maybe, maybe not!
48 Four new galaxy clusters take researchers further back in time
49 ANU astronomers discover oldest star
50 Researchers identify one of the earliest stars in the universe
51 Red skies discovered on extreme brown dwarf
52 GOES EXIS Quadruplets Together in a Cleanroom "Nursery"
53 Astronomers discover new brown dwarf--except this one is red
54 Heavy Metal in the Early Cosmos
55 NASA and ESA Space Telescopes Help Solve Mystery of Burned-Out Galaxies
56 Solving a 30-year-old problem in massive star formation
57 Scientists probe mystery of early 'dead' galaxies in the universe
58 NASA Spacecraft Take Aim At Nearby Supernova
59 Galaxies on FIRE: Star Feedback Results in Less Massive Galaxies
60 Distant quasar illuminates a filament of the cosmic web
61 Himiko and the Cosmic Dawn
62 The Star That Should Not Exist
63 Hubble Probes Interior of Tarantula Nebula
64 Supernova's super dust factory imaged with ALMA
65 New Studies Give Strong Boost to Binary-Star Formation Theory
66 Researchers Achieve Breakthrough in Robotics for Space Exploration
67 Robots, hands-free wizardry wows at high-tech fair
68 Robotic Exploration of Moon, Mars a Priority
69 Rolls-Royce believes time of drone cargo ships has come
70 Kinshasa co-op hopes to conquer the world with traffic robots
71 Satellite guardians join search for missing plane
72 China 'deploys satellites' in search for Malaysia plane
73 Lockheed Martin and Teammates Resume Transition of US Nuclear Facility Management
74 Russia warns could halt foreign arms checks
75 Islanders afraid to go home 60 years after Bikini Atoll H-bomb
76 Israel PM says Iran only winner from nuclear talks
77 Russia can rid the world of nuclear weapons by reinforcing START
78 Russia still relies on nuclear triad--Putin
79 Scientist drafts urban nuclear shelter guide
80 Iran defends development of advanced centrifuges
81 N-test legacy in stratosphere bigger than thought, study
82 Catching signals from a speeding satellite
83 Excalibur Prototype Extends Reach of High-Energy Lasers
84 Israeli company to unveil laser defense
85 Northrop Grumman Unveils Advanced Pulse Generation Technology
86 US military reveals laser can down drones, mortars
87 Volcanoes saw species survive ice ages: study
88 First-ever 3D image created of the structure beneath Sierra Negra volcano
89 Volcanoes, including Mount Hood in the US, can quickly become active
90 Volcanoes helped offset man-made warming
91 Mount Hood study suggests volcano eruptibility is rare
92 Volcanoes, including Mt. Hood, can go from dormant to active quickly
93 Three dead, flights disrupted as Indonesia volcano erupts
94 Indonesia orders 200,000 to evacuate as volcano erupts
95 New Indonesian volcanic eruption halts search
96 Fears death toll could rise in Indonesia volcano eruption
97 Indonesian volcano spews fresh lava
98 More than 25,000 flee Indonesian volcano
99 Supervolcano eruptions are triggered by melt buoyancy
100 Indonesian volcano erupts 30 times as 20,000 displaced
101 19,000 Indonesians flee erupting volcano
102 Thousands evacuated as El Salvador volcano spews ashes
103 Volcanic formation conjoins existing Japan island
104 New volcanic island off Japan could be permanent, scientists say
105 Italy volcano eruption dies down, airport re-opens
106 Chelyabinsk meteor to help develop nanotechnology
107 Optical nano-tweezers take over the control of nano-objects
108 NIST microanalysis technique makes the most of small nanoparticle samples
109 The thousand-droplets test
110 Molecular Traffic Jam Makes Water Move Faster through Nanochannels
111 Physicists at Mainz University build pilot prototype of a single ion heat engine
112 Quantum dots provide complete control of photons
113 New boron nanomaterial may be possible
114 Molecular nano-spies to make light work of disease detection
115 No nano-dust danger from facade paint
116 Extraordinary sensors pushed to their boundaries
117 Discovery at nanoscale has major implications for manufacturers
118 New magnetic behavior in nanoparticles could lead to even smaller digital memories