File Title
1 Groundbreaking Optical Device Could Enhance Optical Information Processing, Computers
2 Internet Pioneer Honored for Building the Web's First Backbone
3 Intranasal Ketamine Confers Rapid Antidepressant Effect in Depression
4 Most Hospital Pregnancy Tests Found to Be Unreliable After First Few Weeks of Pregnancy
5 Researchers Find Genetic Trigger for RSV-Induced Infant Hospitalizations
6 Searching High & Low for Dark Matter
7 Aging and the Changing Landscape of Memory
8 Older People with Faster Decline In Memory and Thinking Skills May Have Lower Risk of Cancer Death
9 Corralling Milk Microbes That Survive Pasteurization
10 Radiator Labs Wins Popular Science Magazine's Annual Invention Award
11 Researchers Isolate Rare Protein Mutation Said to Influence Intracranial Hemorrhage
12 Proprioceptive Feedback Helps Rehab Patients Learning to Operate Robotic Prosthetic
13 ISTS to Offer Symposium on Collaborative Efforts Between Sea Turtle Conservationists and Fishers
14 China Looks to Science and Technology to Fuel Its Plans for Innovation-Based Economy
15 Science at Play: NSF Funds ASU Research on Nanotechnology Ethics, Education
16 Pancreatic Cancer "Dream Team" Tackles Baffling, Deadly Disease
17 China's Growing Reliance on Lower-Paid Contract Nurses May Compromise Patient Care, New Research Suggests
18 US-China Policy Reaches Delicate Phase, Scholars Say
19 New Children's Center Studies Association Between ADHD and Secondhand Smoke
20 UW Geographer Devises a Way for China to Resolve Its 'Immigration' Dilemma
21 Balancing Food Security and Environmental Quality in China
22 Professor's Book Explores Dynamics Between Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in China
23 Centuries of Global Democracy Have Been Provoked by Who Lived Next Door
24 U.S.-Iran Nuclear Agreement Could Help with Problems in Syria and Iraq
25 Entrepreneur Teams with Sandia Scientists to Bring Life-Saving Vaccines to Far Reaches of the World
26 Edson Scholars Innovate the Future in Medicine, Public Health
27 Ursinus Students Could Discover the Next Big Idea in Entrepreneurial Competition
28 How an Entrepreneurial Engineering Education Nurtured a Biotech Startup
29 Vanishing Rural Banks Mean Small Businesses Must Hustle for Loans from Far-Off Banks
30 Forgotten Entrepreneur Esther Howland Was "the Mother of the American Valentine"
31 Feelings of Failure, Not Violent Content, Foster Aggression in Video Gamers
32 Oral History Discovery Connects Carving in Italy with Kentucky WWII Veteran
33 Docudrama Brings 'Voices of Student Veterans' Alive Across Kentucky
34 Decline of Natural History Troubling for Science, Society
35 Historian Argues Confucianism Emerged After Reign of Emperor Wu
36 Past Is Prologue: 'American Capitalism' Mooc a Primer for 21st Century Survival
37 Private Life of a 'Painter's Painter' Brought Into the Light
38 Most Schools Meet New USDA Drinking Water Mandate; More Steps Needed to Encourage Consumption
39 Scientists Win Grant to Study How Exposure to Prescription Pain Medication in the Womb Affects Developing Brain
40 Study Pegs Fuel Economy Costs of Common Practices
41 Green Is Good
42 See What a Child Will Look Like Using Automated Age-Progression Software
43 Hiking Inca Road Informs Engineer's Research, Teaching
44 Coiling Versus Clipping with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage? Researchers View Results of Six-Year Study
45 NRAO, WVU Expand Broadband Data Network to Bolster Astronomy Research
46 Study Outlines Why Aging May Predispose to Fibrotic Diseases
47 Scientists Firm Up Origin of Cold-Adapted Yeasts That Make Cold Beer
48 Gusev Crater Once Held a Lake After All, Says ASU Mars Scientist
49 Global Survey and Interactive Map Score Urban Developments That Embrace Low-Emission Transportation to Grow Cities of the Future
50 Researchers Discover How the Kissing Disease Virus Hijacks Human Cells
51 'Death Stars' in Orion Blast Planets Before They Even Form
52 ALMA Sees Icy Wreckage in Nearby Solar System
53 River or [sic: of] Hydrogen Flowing through Space Seen with Green Bank Telescope
54 Supernova's Super Dust Factory Imaged with ALMA
55 Stony Brook University Named a Groundwater Guardian Green Site
56 Expert Pitch: With Heartbleed, Time Is Not on Your Side
57 Iowa State Engineers Build Software Tools to Assure Security of Smartphones
58 Brain Research Tracks Internet Safety Performance, Dispels Assumptions, Identifies Traits of Those at-Risk
59 UAB Research Improves Ease and Security of Password Protections
60 Georgia Tech Project Ensures 'What You See Is What You Send'
61 World must end 'dirty' fuel use--UN
62 Airbus to build critical European weather satellites
63 Hepatitis C: New drug treatment 'is a breakthrough'
64 Germany's green dreams meet harsh reality
65 Doctors implant lab-grown vagina
66 Flies can manoeuvre like fighter jets
67 Call to review pet rabbit protection in UK
68 Pickles increases energy policy role
69 Plans to curb wind turbines onshore will push up electricity bills
70 UN set to warn countries over 'dash for gas'
71 UN dilemma over 'Cinderella' technology
72 Cities on frontline of climate change struggle
73 Challenge to Titanic sinking theory
74 Dark matter hunt: LUX experiment reaches critical phase
75 France on alert for prowling wolves
76 NATO alarm at east Ukraine violence
77 Missing plane MH370: HMS Echo in 'black box' search
78 Nigel Evans says CPS should pick up 130,000 pounds legal bill
79 Blackpool toddler with 'number of serious injuries' dies
80 Goggles help surgeons 'see' tumours
81 Chiwetel Ejiofor's post Oscars plans are low-budget
82 Twitter superstar: Win friends and influence followers
83 The storyteller of Marrakech
84 Germans not keen to ruffle Russian feathers
85 Cyril Smith abuse claims: Family 'saddened' by new book
86 Brighton motorist survives 80ft. cliff fall into the sea
87 Glasgow 2014: Red Road flats demolition dropped from opening
88 US government warns of Heartbleed bug danger
89 Controversy flares as Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board
90 Google Glass to go on sale for one day
91 BBC was 'complacent' over failed 100 million pounds IT project
92 US card thief faces lengthy jail term
93 'Selfie' body image warning issued
94 Somalia in high speed internet 'culture shock'
95 Power up your small business with hi-tech finance
96 Heartbleed bug: What you need to know
97 Heartbleed Bug: How to memorise a new password
98 Spider invasion prompts Mazda software fix
99 Windows XP users face end to Microsoft support
100 Deadly fire destroys homes in Chile's Valparaiso
101 Parents 'asked to pay for text books by schools'
102 'Grunting' teens need school help, says head teacher
103 Classroom teddy bears 'prompt competitive parenting'
104 Immigration rhetoric putting off overseas students--peers
105 Highest ever number of school staff
106 Children in council care housed 'too far from home'
107 Tougher A-levels and GCSEs for arts subjects
108 Derby College tackles forced marriage
109 Birmingham 'Trojan Horse' plot 'started 20 years ago'
110 Sex education given an ancient twist
111 Parenting scheme dubbed a 'flop' by Labour
112 Online students can't help being sociable
113 Why is education never an emergency?
114 When little voices take to a big stage
115 Prostate cancer tests miss severity in half of cases
116 England 'being caught up on NHS performance'
117 Men 'don't know how to check for testicular cancer '
118 Mental health cuts cost the NHS millions, charity says
119 Eating disorders in young men 'are being overlooked'
120 Scottish organ donations 'double since 2007'
121 Six-fold increase in steroid users, says charity
122 Can you live without processed food?
123 Bereaved parents' voices heard at last
124 Ugandan clinics selling bogus HIV certificates
125 Paralysed men move again with spinal stimulation