File Title
1 Is the power grid too big?
2 Brain size influences development of individual cranial bones
3 Study Tests Theory that Life Originated at Deep Sea Vents
4 Bullying happens to popular teens too
5 Schools have limited success in reducing bullying, new analysis finds
6 Science-themed music videos boost scientific literacy, study shows
7 Cassini reports sub-surface ocean on Enceladus
8 New tweetment: Twitter users describe real-time migraine agony
9 New Forward Look report available "Media in Europe: New Questions for Research and Policy"
10 Researchers empower parents to inspire first-generation college-goers
11 The Trayvon Martin case: Lessons for education researchers
12 Higher social class linked to fewer bone fractures among non-white women
13 Perceptions of student ability, testing pressures hinder some science teachers
14 Remedial courses fail bachelor's degree seekers, but boost those in associate's programs
15 Hi-Tech Innovation Gauges Science Learning in Preschoolers
16 Rebar technique strengthens case for graphene
17 Italian adolescents wrongly believe energy drinks are comparable to soda and sports drinks
18 National survey links teen binge drinking and alcohol-brand references in pop music
19 Most schools meet USDA drinking water mandate; more steps needed to encourage consumption
20 Stressful environments genetically affect African-American boys
21 Violence intervention program effective in Vanderbilt pilot study
22 Hunt for an unidentified electron object
23 Like being inside a star
24 Researchers take mathematical route to fighting viruses
25 Simple, like a neutron star
26 Model now capable of street-level storm-tide predictions
27 Study: Salamanders shrinking due to climate change
28 The altruistic side of aggressive greed
29 Keeping secrets in a world of spies and mistrust
30 Democratizing data visualization
31 New Guidance System Could Improve Minimally Invasive Surgery
32 Evolocumab safely drops LDL cholesterol well below statin-only baseline
33 Wind energy: On the grid, off the checkerboard
34 One currency, one price?
35 Overcoming structural uncertainty in computer models
36 New model shows moderate resource use & reduced economic inequality keys to sustainability
37 New risk factors for avalanche trigger revealed
38 New algorithm aids in both robot navigation and scene understanding
39 Math modeling integral to synthetic biology research
40 'RoboClam' hits new depths as robotic digger
41 How coughs and sneezes float farther than you think
42 New model combines multiple genomic data
43 Older people with faster decline in memory/thinking skills may have lower risk of cancer death
44 Periodontal disease associated with cardiovascular risk in large multicenter study
45 Patients over 65 have more complications after colorectal cancer surgery
46 Polysaccharides from Angelica sinensis alleviate oxidative damage to neurons
47 660 nm red light-enhanced BMSCs transplantation for hypoxic-ischemic brain damage
48 Physical function and sense of autonomy determine life-space mobility in older people
49 The surgical treatment of bilateral benign nodular goiter
50 Automated age-progression software lets you see how a child will age
51 Genetic defect may confer resistance to certain viral infections
52 Researchers discover how the kissing disease virus hijacks human cells
53 Spike in postoperative cardiac surgery deaths may be linked to 30-day survival measurement
54 New research shows huge disparities between the decisions made by coroners
55 Henry Ford Hospital cited: World's first surgical innovators for patient safety standards
56 Fathers Can Lower Their Children's Risk of Going Hungry by Staying Involved
57 Where Credit is Due: How Acknowledging Expertise Can Help Conservation Efforts
58 National survey links teen binge drinking and alcohol brand references in pop music
59 Chronic smoking can diminish postural stability
60 What songbirds tell us about how we learn
61 The surprising truth about obsessive-compulsive thinking
62 Report reveals adoption breakdown rate and the experiences of adoptive families in crisis
63 Physical activity is beneficial for late-life cognition
64 Study examines mental health toll exacted on civilians working with military in war zones
65 New research finds 'geologic clock' that helps determine moon's age
66 NASA Should Use an Ethics Framework When Making Decisions About Health Standards For Long Duration and Exploration Spaceflights
67 Gravity measurements confirm subsurface ocean on Enceladus
68 Fermi Data Tantalize With New Clues To Dark Matter
69 A Once-Only Cataclysmic Event and Other Mysteries of Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle [et el.]
70 Geology Spans the Minute and Gigantic, from Skeletonized Leaves in China to Water on Mars [et al.]
71 Watching for a black hole to gobble up a gas cloud
72 Bacteria Get New Badge as Planet's Detoxifier
73 BOSS quasars track the expanding universe--most precise measurement yet
74 Searching High & Low for Dark Matter
75 Chance meeting creates celestial diamond ring
76 Gusev Crater once held a lake after all, says ASU Mars scientist
77 Spinal stimulation helps 4 patients with paraplegia regain voluntary movement
78 Google Glass puts the focus on Parkinson's
79 Stellar string caught orbiting black hole
80 Old or new? Violinists can't tell
81 Supplement linked to longer life in mice
82 Ancient marsupial tougher than Tassie tiger
83 Row erupts over influenza drug Tamiflu
84 Plans to curb wind turbines onshore will push up electricity bills
85 Map illustrates 'Russian GPS' failure
86 'RoboClam' could anchor submarines
87 Czech Republic: Wolves return after a century absence
88 Ebola outbreak 'most challenging' as Guinea deaths pass 100
89 Global dip in renewable energy investment
90 Rare blackthroated blue robins spotted in China
91 Northern Europe hit by most bee deaths--EU study
92 World 'needs Plan B' on climate--IPCC
93 Australian triathlete injured after drone crash
94 Saturn's Enceladus moon hides 'great lake' of water
95 Trees: A personal and national legacy of Evelyn's Sylva
96 A shark cull divides a nation
97 Malaysia Airlines MH370: Searching in an ocean of uncertainty
98 Why bamboo is booming again in Taiwan
99 Dark matter hunt: LUX experiment reaches critical phase
100 France on alert for prowling wolves
101 Search for MH370 switches underwater
102 The riddle of the Voynich Manuscript
103 Missing plane: Potential 'game-changer' for recovery
104 Half-century milestone for IBM mainframes
105 Cosmos speed-check probes dark energy
106 Living with Williams Syndrome, the 'opposite of autism'
107 The woman who lost a dog and gained 200 sloths
108 Cancer virus discovery helped by delayed flight
109 Bloodhound Diary: Coping with volcano conditions
110 Volcanic islands merge in Pacific Ocean