File Title
1 From stench to resource: Splitting hydrogen sulfide with solar energy
2 Analysis probes charge transfer in porous battery electrodes for the first time
3 Scientists develop new way to make food ingredient from rice bran oil
4 Study solves part of hagfish slime mystery
5 Scientist developing materials, electronics that dissolve when triggered
6 Chemists' work with small peptide chains may revolutionize study of enzymes and diseases
7 New findings to help extend high efficiency solar cells' lifetime
8 Antibiotic resistance enzyme caught in the act
9 The cooperative effects of tension and elasticity
10 Chemical marker facilitates plastic recycling
11 Researching materials to optimize battery performance
12 Researchers develop new tool to check cells' 'batteries'
13 Expanding particles to engineer defects: Researchers find that adding an impurity can create order
14 Synthetic gene circuits pump up cell signals
15 Inspired by a music box, Stanford bioengineer creates $5 chemistry set (w/ video)
16 Targeting sperm protection in mosquitoes could help combat malaria
17 New light shed on key bacterial immune system
18 Running geese give insight into low oxygen tolerance
19 Researchers find blind fish use novel type of navigational aid
20 A complex cocktail: Alcohol, sex, and cute monogamous mammals
21 Calif. bill would end SeaWorld killer whale shows
22 Countries renew plan to protect mountain gorillas
23 Research reveals enzyme's helpful secrets
24 The long-fingered bat goes fishing
25 Improved access to integrated biodiversity data for science, practice, and policy
26 Genetic link holds key for sheep affliction
27 Looking to wheat's wild ancestors to combat an evolving threat
28 Where credit is due: How acknowledging expertise can help conservation efforts
29 Dairy scientist targets heat-resistant microbes
30 The ups and downs of getting grumpy bears to have sex
31 Novel plant biotechnology approach for sustainable production of pharmaceutical compounds
32 A new tiny species of crayfish from the swamps of coastal eastern Australia
33 New variant of cetacean morbillivirus identified in WA dolphins
34 Kinesin-5 structure opens cancer drug targets
35 Japan stem cell scientist readies to fight fabrication claim
36 Sponges that sponge off bacteria
37 Computer simulation shows adding trees to coffee growing land can increase yields
38 California bill that would end orca shows stalls
39 Sea otters can get the flu, too
40 Combating GMO 'fear-mongering' at America's Monsanto
41 Researcher dives into archaeology's next frontier
42 Perceptions of student ability, testing pressures hinder some science teachers
43 Hitler's wife Eva Braun may have had Jewish ancestry, DNA analysis finds
44 Abecedarian Project pioneer lauds new evidence supporting early educational interventions
45 Fargo 6th-graders mop up against college investors
46 Remedial courses fail bachelor's degree seekers, but boost those in associate's programs
47 Hi-tech innovation gauges science learning in preschoolers
48 Experience helps restaurant managers stick with local foods
49 Revealing strange fossils from the first carnival of animals on Earth
50 Ancient shrimp-like animals had 'modern' hearts and blood vessels
51 In blind test, soloists like new violins over old (Update)
52 From athletes to couch potatoes: Humans through 6,000 years of farming
53 Male identity evolves on TV dramas
54 Are Southern death-row inmates more polite?
55 Texas mulls adding Mexican-American studies course (Update)
56 Use celebrities wisely, Professor urges charities
57 Scientists disagree on responsible research
58 Are women in Iran who use Facebook less likely to wear a veil?
59 Beloved in antiquity, Greece's hot springs left untapped
60 Logo color affects consumer emotion toward brands, study finds
61 Humans, meet 'Your Inner Fish' on PBS science show
62 Understanding grandparent-grandchild 'investment'
63 Creativity and innovation need to talk more, study says
64 Location matters when it comes to deal-making, says new study
65 New method confirms humans and Neanderthals interbred
66 New study explains evolution of duplicate genes
67 New ammunition in the fight against type 2 diabetes
68 UK scientists make body parts in lab
69 Common diabetes treatment could extend hypoglycaemia
70 Researchers uncover new forms of blindness
71 Severe forms of congenital heart disease caused by variants of the NR2F2 gene
72 The science of gambling fallacies
73 Researchers explain how our immune system kills abnormal blood cells
74 Breakthrough therapy allows four paraplegic men to voluntarily move their legs
75 New epidemiology model combines multiple genomic data
76 Study shows computerized games can be used to improve children's grades in school
77 DNA modifications measured in blood signal related changes in the brain
78 Researchers find genetic trigger for RSV-induced infant hospitalizations
79 Intranasal ketamine confers rapid antidepressant effect in depression
80 Thinking about a majority-minority shift leads to more conservative views
81 Lipid levels during prenatal brain development impact autism
82 Aspirin advised for women at high risk for pregnancy complication (Update)
83 The surprising truth about obsessive-compulsive thinking
84 Glucosamine promotes longevity by mimicking a low-carb diet
85 Breast cancer cell subpopulation cooperation can spur tumor growth
86 Handheld device uses a blood sample to distinguish asthma from allergies
87 Just one season of hits in high school football may alter brain
88 Could daughter's cancer risk be affected by father's age at birth?
89 Blocking DNA repair mechanisms could improve radiation therapy for deadly brain cancer
90 What songbirds tell us about how we learn
91 Scientists reveal potential link between brain development and breast cancer gene
92 Experimental drug shows early promise for some cases of advanced melanoma
93 Poor neighborhoods create misfortune, ill health
94 Living organ regenerated for first time
95 Memory accuracy and strength can be manipulated during sleep
96 Koalas swap trees from day to night
97 Kamikaze moon probe to carry out risky manoeuvre
98 Leaves reveal ancient Queensland was warm
99 Birds in the trees benefit coffee crops
100 Sea fossil has oldest cardiovascular system
101 Indian mammals provide lessons in survival
102 US agency shifts approach to global poverty
103 Icy Enceladus hides a watery ocean
104 Transgenic trees make easy-chew wood for biofuels
105 Lunar dust mission still chasing mystery of 'horizon glow'
106 European Commission report urges legal reform to help scientists text-mine research papers
107 Star birth sparked at the Galaxy's edge
108 New origin seen for Earth's tectonic plates
109 Stress alters children's genomes
110 Fossil galaxy may be one of first ever formed
111 NIH stem-cell programme closes
112 Earth observation enters next phase
113 Western science severs ties with Russia
114 Dark matter may be destroying itself in Milky Way's core
115 Time running out for rarest primate
116 E-cigarettes affect cells
117 Biomarkers and ageing: The clock-watcher
118 Bacterial tricks for turning plants into zombies
119 Development: Mobilize citizens to track sustainability