File Title
1 Carbon nanotubes grow in combustion flames
2 Good vibrations: Using light-heated water to deliver drugs
3 Making the most of carbon nanotube-liquid crystal combos
4 'Nanobionics' aims to give plants super powers
5 Building better catalysts for splitting water
6 Tiny biomolecular tweezers studying force effect of cells
7 Structural insights into the inner workings of a viral nanomachine
8 Nanoparticles cause cancer cells to self-destruct
9 Scientists at SLAC's synchrotron observe 'breathing' layer during battery operation
10 Fighting cancer with lasers and nanoballoons that pop
11 Energy breakthrough uses sun to create solar energy materials
12 Nanotubes made from plants could allow delivery of DNA into cells, improve chemotherapy treatment
13 Inspired by moth eyeballs, chemists develop gold coating that dims glare
14 Color pixels made of nanowires offer new paradigm for digital cameras
15 Nanostructures half a DNA strand-wide show promise for efficient LEDs
16 Breakthrough synthesis method to speed commercialization of graphene
17 Self-assembled superlattices create molecular machines with 'hinges' and 'gears'
18 Amino acid fingerprints revealed in new study
19 Hybrid nanotube-graphene material promises to simplify manufacturing
20 Trees go high-tech: Process turns cellulose into energy storage devices
21 The role of magnetic nanoparticles in breast cancer treatment
22 Domain walls in nanowires cleverly set in motion
23 Scalable CVD process for making 2-D molybdenum diselenide
24 Gold nanorods attach to, kill bladder cancer cells
25 Graphene nanoribbons as electronic switches
26 Novel crystallography beamline takes delivery of in vacuum X-ray detector
27 The importance of neutrino research to physics
28 Quantum cryptography for mobile phones
29 Scientists probe the next generation of 2-D materials
30 NIST launches a new US time standard: NIST-F2 atomic clock
31 Quantum photon properties revealed in another particle--the plasmon
32 Researchers propose method for measuring gravitational impact on antimatter
33 Econophysics: Can antimoney prevent the next financial crisis?
34 Philosopher untangles Einstein senility controversy
35 'Unbreakable' security codes inspired by nature
36 Groundbreaking optical device could enhance optical information processing, computers
37 Laser researchers revolutionize aviation industry
38 Quantum melting
39 Tracking the transition of early-universe quark soup to matter as we know it
40 Organic solar cells more efficient with molecules face-to-face
41 Physicists create lightning in the race to develop quantum technology microchip
42 What does physics reveal about the sizes of sports fields?
43 Neutrons help visualising materials
44 First principles approach to creating new materials
45 Can you escape the force of gravity?
46 Future computers that are 'normally off': Spintronics-based technology may replace volatile memory
47 Is the power grid too big? Right-sizing the grid could reduce blackout risk
48 World's largest single crystal of gold verified at Los Alamos
49 Novel study uncovers the way coughs and sneezes stay airborne for long distances
50 Large Hadron Collider team announces beginning of restart
51 Hubble team finds monster "El Gordo" galaxy cluster bigger than thought
52 Fermi data tantalize with new clues to dark matter
53 Astronomers challenge Cosmological Model
54 Gravity measurements confirm subsurface ocean on Enceladus
55 Scientists begin Mars exploration in a deep mine
56 ESA successfully launches new monitoring satellite
57 Sentinel-1 opens its large radar antenna and solar wings
58 Image: Mars rover Curiosity scoping out next study area
59 NYC space auction includes lunar-dust covered item (Update)
60 ISOLDE sheds light on dying stars
61 SpaceX reschedules space station resupply launch
62 Video: Norwegian skydiver almost gets hit by falling meteor
63 Gas cloud's fate could reveal information on growth of supermassive black holes
64 NASA set to debut online software catalog April 10
65 Video: Sentinel-1 separation in space
66 Curiosity rover maneuvers around 'Kimberley' seeking potential red planet drill sites
67 The space station's small satellite launcher suite
68 New tool for galactic archaeology
69 Darwin meets Newton: Evolution and the mass of the galaxy
70 BOSS quasars track the expanding universe--most precise measurement yet
71 Image: Space launch system core stage model 'sounds' off for testing
72 Cassini captures familiar forms on Titan's dunes
73 Americas get front-row seat for lunar eclipse
74 Orbital physics is child's play with 'Super Planet Crash'
75 'Bright light' on Mars is just an image artifact
76 Video: Harvesting water from fog
77 As fast as their tiny 'bot' legs will carry them (w/ video)
78 How to turn three pings into results in the hunt for MH370
79 Startup creates underwater robotics with a human touch
80 Making elastic cloud computing a reality
81 BoJ chief doubts Bitcoin's future as a currency
82 Making technology more user-friendly
83 Wearable electronic skin delivers drugs and stores data
84 Lab uses 3-D printing to make historical artifact chess sets
85 US film studios sue Megaupload for piracy
86 Fujitsu develops data-transfer acceleration technology
87 Online finance should be the next concern, not spying bins
88 Researchers measure smartphone malware infection rates
89 Music service Rhapsody hits 1.7M paid subscribers
90 Student devises novel way to detect hackers
91 Open source gives new life to old Windows XP machines
92 High-tech items giving deaf-blind online access
93 GM to invest $449 million in two Detroit-area factories
94 German government okays wide reform of green power switch
95 StoreDot has plans for 30-second battery charge
96 Engineers design video game controller that can sense players' emotions (w/ video)
97 A new twist makes for better steel
98 Twitter profiles get Facebook-style revamp
99 Heartbleed bug find triggers OpenSSL security advisory
100 Intel lays off of 1,500 employees in Costa Rica
101 Europium complexes emit red light at record efficiency
102 Researchers identify how zinc regulates a key enzyme involved in cell death
103 Key chocolate ingredients could help prevent obesity, diabetes
104 The science of champagne fizz: How many bubbles are in your bubbly?
105 NIST's simple microfluidic devices now have valves
106 Tiny crystals to boost solar
107 Chemists settle debate about conversion of light
108 New field of "strain engineering" could open up areas of materials research
109 Radiation able to be securely stored in nontoxic molecule, study finds
110 A pocket-size ultrasonic nebulizer employing a novel nozzle improves inhalers