File Title
1 Nivolumab produces lasting remissions in melanoma patients
2 UCLA study finds robotic-assisted prostate surgery offers better cancer control
3 New diagnostic, treatment approach for aggressive prostate cancer suggested by cholesterol-metabolism study
4 Surgery better than watchful waiting for younger prostate cancer patients
5 Exposure to BPA is widespread and linked to prostate cancer
6 Increased risk of prostate cancer in some men taking selenium and vitamin E supplements
7 Advanced prostate cancer risk could be identified by genetic screening
8 Selenium and vitamin E supplements 'increase prostate cancer risk'
9 Raw milk does not reduce lactose intolerance
10 Where you live in the US does not affect prevalence of allergies
11 In children, as one food allergy resolves, another may develop
12 Cases of food allergy 'have doubled in black children'
13 Making gluten-free crackers with hemp flour and decaffeinated green tea leaves
14 Oral immunotherapy with antibody-based medication could be used to treat multiple food allergies
15 Allergy and immune disorders can result from mutations in gene involved in sugar metabolism
16 Idiopathic anaphylaxis: The hidden allergy?
17 Pneumonia risk higher in people with sleep apnea
18 Human zit-causing bacterium now infecting vineyards
19 Diabetic foot ulcers healed, amputation prevented by tissue repair drug
20 Sunburns strike twice
21 New strategies for the treatment of psoriasis
22 New discovery solves problem of anti-inflammatory substance
23 Can adding spices and herbs to food reduce salt intake?
24 Diabetes researchers track cells' ability to regenerate
25 Potential new therapeutic target identified for controlling high blood sugar
26 New drug raises potential for cancer treatment revolution
27 UC Davis faculty drive efforts to improve CT safety
28 New approach makes cancer cells explode
29 Electrical engineers shrink plasma devices to resist radiation
30 New drug offers potential for chemo-free treatment for leukemia/lymphoma
31 Discovery of new pathway connected to type 2 diabetes
32 Stroke mortality increased by drinking alcohol several times a week
33 New player implicated in Alzheimer's and other dementias
34 Highly accurate noninvasive colorectal cancer screening tool
35 Strongest evidence yet of two distinct human cognitive systems
36 Cardiologists define new heart failure symptom: Shortness of breath while bending over
37 New lens design drastically improves kidney stone treatment
38 Researchers devise new, stretchable antenna for wearable health monitoring
39 New method is a thousand times more sensitive to performance-enhancing drugs
40 Building heart tissue that beats
41 Variations in eye structure and function may reveal features of early-stage Alzheimer's disease
42 Rice study: Simple changes to homework improved student learning
43 Nanopores control the inner ear's ability to select sounds
44 Sea anemone is genetically half animal, half plant
45 Sauder research shows why innovation takes a nosedive
46 Just a fifth of people with hearing problems wear a hearing aid
47 Dietary restriction and extended lifespan
48 Scientists slow development of cell-killing plaques in Alzheimer's disease
49 The soluble fiber in oats helps lower total and LDL cholesterol but the cardiovascular health benefits of oats goes beyond fiber
50 Detecting spoiled food without opening the container
51 Diabetes detection based on the science of deer hunting
52 Potential for better-tasting reduced-fat desserts, dressings, sauces
53 New method enables water to be purified by sunlight
54 Hope for safer, greener alternative to BPA
55 Sweetener from tequila plant may be ideal for diabetics--helps reduce blood sugar, weight
56 New nanoparticle that only attacks cervical cancer cells
57 Important mechanism discovered for muscle building
58 Young women most at risk least likely to be offered HPV jab
59 New cell line should accelerate embryonic stem cell research
60 In-car emotion detectors could make driving safer
61 Discovery of gene family that suppress prostate cancer
62 CU-Boulder develop Innovative solar-powered toilet
63 Scientists hope to develop an oral pain reliever derived from debilitating snail venom
64 Better sleep linked with higher omega-3 levels in new study
65 Self-assembling DNA cages could one day deliver drugs, or house tiny bioreactors or photonic devices
66 Movement kicks visual system into higher gear
67 More intensive radiotherapy is better than less for localised prostate cancer
68 More powerful cancer treatments with fewer side effects
69 Novel smartphone case measures key vital signs
70 Unsaturated fat prevents abdominal fat accumulation increases muscle mass
71 Medical devices with longer lasting nanoelectronics
72 New research to revolutionise healthcare through remote monitoring of patients
73 Cold chain barrier broken with revolutionary meningitis vaccine
74 Sound-sensing cells regenerated in the ears of mice with hearing damage
75 Discovery of circadian clock in the cochlea paves the way for medicine for people with hearing disabilities
76 Hearing impairment associated with depression in adults, especially women
77 Humans' memory of sound is weaker than for other stimuli
78 Social gaming site effective weight loss tool
79 How the internet is transforming our experience of being ill
80 Researchers use Lumosity to identify early cognitive impairment in cirrhosis patients
81 Four simultaneous interventions could lead to a 62% decrease in new HIV infections by 2040
82 Low-cost devices developed to turn smartphones into 'eye-phones'
83 Smartphone gamers decode half a year of Cancer Research UK's genetic data in one month
84 In South Africa harvested rainwater harbors pathogens
85 Livestock can produce food that is better for the people and the planet
86 Feeding plant extracts to sick pigs results in beneficial anti-inflammatory effects
87 Researchers enhance anti-cancer benefits, increase shelf life of broccoli
88 New clue may explain link between traffic pollution and heart risks
89 Study offers hope for patients with advanced cervical cancer
90 HPV vaccination 'provides significant cervical protection,' review finds
91 Structure of virus identified that could lead to hepatitis C vaccine
92 Fructose not responsible for increase in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
93 Pharma refuses to ensure access to lifesaving Hepatitis C treatment at global meeting
94 Strange infection identified that killed famed Milwaukee County Zoo orangutan
95 Curbing feline obesity by offering smaller more frequent meals
96 How cows could shed light on the mechanisms behind antibodies
97 Skulls reveal Mayans used spiked clubs
98 Continents grow by cuddling together
99 Wet La Nina years mask sea level rise
100 Brain gauges body's water needs
101 Exercise during youth builds strong bones for life
102 Violent video games linked to kids' aggression
103 Telescope captures view of gravitational waves
104 How astronomers saw gravitational waves from the Big Bang
105 All you need to know about gravitational waves
106 Experts hail the gravitational-wave revolution
107 Gravitational-wave finding causes 'spring cleaning' in physics
108 Brain-mapping projects to join forces
109 Neuroscience: Tuning the brain
110 Technology: The $1,000 genome
111 China's Moon rover awake but immobile
112 Human nose can detect 1 trillion odours
113 Mugshots built from DNA data
114 Canadian grizzly bears face expanded hunt
115 Biodegradable battery could melt inside the body
116 Face-blind people can learn to tell similar shapes apart
117 Electronic cigarettes 'don't aid quitting,' study says
118 Renewable energy: Back the renewables boom
119 Technology transfer: Industry-funded academic inventions boost innovation